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The Chopping Block got the Chop

I would have taken a shot of the chopping block but it was chopped and in the fire before I knew it, last night. So, all this years firewood is gone. From now on we will have chilly starts. And early to bed evenings.… Continue Reading “The Chopping Block got the Chop”

Hairy MacLairy gets all Kissy Kissy

Farmy work never ends. Hairy loves children. He likes to Kiss them. When we were walking we stopped to listen to the rustle of the dried winter grasses and investigated tracks in the snow, and peeped into empty nests and ran up and down… Continue Reading “Hairy MacLairy gets all Kissy Kissy”

When flawed is just perfect..

And  imperfect is exactly right. Yesterday was one of those delicious days when nothing much happened. I went about my work. Not too energetically. Alone on the farm again.  The quiet is getting quieter. The road is still blocked by construction from both directions,… Continue Reading “When flawed is just perfect..”

We got rain!

The storm rolled in with a primordial presence.   That created a zing of excitement and terror  TonTon literally hid for the entire afternoon. I mean he hid but had to have me in sight too. Such a confused dog. But there were puddles… Continue Reading “We got rain!”

Frost is only called Jack in the autumn

In the autumn, frost is fun, it is a herald and a wee bit exciting. In the Spring the frost can bring frozen tears to your eyes.  When I was writing to you yesterday morning I saw this through the window.And thought oh how… Continue Reading “Frost is only called Jack in the autumn”