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Why Comments are the Life Blood of A Blog

Your blog post is the beginning of a conversation. It is a long letter written with care. So the most wonderful compliment we can get is a letter in return – in the form of a comment. This is why we have the comments… Continue Reading “Why Comments are the Life Blood of A Blog”


If I were writing a script I would have people talking in the feed store about the Extreme weather that was coming in last night.  The man at the gas station making a comment.  I would have the lead come home and unload her… Continue Reading “Advection”

Where do you write?

Tima begged to come in from the field yesterday so last night she had the barn corridors to sleep in. It rained all day yesterday.  And was cold and blowey. (Is that a word?)  And by dinner time she had had quite enough of… Continue Reading “Where do you write?”

Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions

Today I shall return to one of my favourite weekend posts. Introductions.  There is so much to see in the blog world. The sheer strength of us as a collective is awesome. So here a few of the pages that I visited and particularly… Continue Reading “Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions”

Weekend Reading: an eclectic mix.

We are such an eclectic mixture of peoples all of us. You and I.  Such a wonderful bunch. Some of us are photographers, readers, writers, observers, cooks, chefs, Mamas, Papas, some of you are lovers OF photographers, or writers, cooks,  chefs, words, living, sharing,… Continue Reading “Weekend Reading: an eclectic mix.”

Dog Cuddles and your Weekend Reading

Our trip to the old folks home was a wild success. Although apprehensive, the moment we were through the two big sliding doors Ton’s nose hit the floor and he smelt his way right down the corridor to the lift. We had to have… Continue Reading “Dog Cuddles and your Weekend Reading”

Some Weekend blog reading While We Wait

It has dawned fine, clear and very cold. The little bit of snow from yesterday has been blow  all about until it is a mere dusting this morning and when I opened up the barn  everyone was standing about giving me mournful looks. I… Continue Reading “Some Weekend blog reading While We Wait”

May I introduce you to a few people I have read with this week

I am hoping to do something new with my Sundays, though as you know my plans have a bad habit of going array. But I want to Introduce you all to some of the new readers  and commenters of these pages and some new… Continue Reading “May I introduce you to a few people I have read with this week”