Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions

Today I shall return to one of my favourite weekend posts. Introductions.  There is so much to see in the blog world. The sheer strength of us as a collective is awesome. So here a few of the pages that I visited and particularly enjoyed this week.

To sandwich Mimo between my wee peacock pages with these ordinary images is an anachronism.  Mimo is one of the most evocative photographers to visit these pages.  Her work elevates the spirit, it is full of love and soul and a searching empathy.  I am not exaggerating. For sheer beauty and gutsy images Mimo is an extraordinary talent. It drives me crazy when people say, oh you must have a very good camera.  Mimo could create an image that would break your heart using  a matchbox with a hole in it.

Now here is a newish blogger to my pages.  I think a few of you know her already. Choc chip uru from go Bake Yourself.  She  is witty, delightful and informed.  She loves chocolate, though I will not hold it against her because she also loves to bake. She lives in Aussie,  makes a mean pavlova and exudes a refreshing joy  in her work. I am looking forward to knowing her better.

Now, Lois is a lady who writes a blog that  I am incredibly proud to follow. Lois is fighting Leukemia with so much  spirit and punch. She endlessly astounds me.  Illness is part of the cycle of living, it hits many families but Lois is facing more than most and she meets every twist in her recovery with incredible clarity, transparency and optimism.  I wish she were closer so that TonTon and I could visit. Because she is getting better!! 

Rantings of an Amateur Chef is a clever fellow with a refreshing earthy approach to his food. He likes to eat and he likes to cook!  What else is there! And he is determined that his family eats well. Well what more can I say. His food is Good to eat!  And I am thrilled to have found him. 

Now, we all know sawson and her incredible, exotic food but if you missed this post please have a look. It is for Greek Yoghurt. It is so simple.  I make a lot of yoghurt, I eat it every day and all my animals eat yoghurt on Wednesdays (it is Stomach Health Day on Wednesday) , they may pucker, they may moan, they may turn their heads  but they all eat that yoghurt on Wednesdays and  with Sawson’s recipe if I start it on the Monday I can make enough foreveryone by Wednesday!  And it works! Plus it is rich, thick and tasty. 

I am sending Love, love to my friend Viv  the poet, who is recovering as fast as possible from a mishap. Get well Viv!

Now I know there are piles of you who love the Other Celia, but really, check out this chocolate easter egg.. sublime!  Celia has spectacular taste and her chocolate (and I am not a chocolate fan as you know) is a feast for the eyes.

And now for a Thank You. The other day I was talking about gathering a wee bunch of farm animals and taking them to the old folks home. I was saying how I wanted animals they could hold and touch. Much like they have held and touched their own loved ones all their lives, their babies, their children, their husbands and wives, their mothers and friends,  their dogs and cats, their birds.  In a retirement home Touch has Gone. Many of the old people TonTon and I visit have been farmers,  they have handled animals every day of their lives. They love to hear the stories from the farmy.  They love to tickle their gnarled hands into the Ton’s fluffy ruff as they talk. So with the encouragement of my blog crew (you guys) I plan to stuff as many baby farm animals into my cooking oil car as I can and take them TO the older people who are in the retirement homes. So they can watch them grow. When the animals  get bigger there is the stock trailer.

Jess who has been reading along with me for almost a year now, was excited by the idea,  she called out in her comment and said “I have the perfect llama for you. Her name is Breezy. She is so sweet and so gentle and perfect. I want to give her to you for your project”.   A llama. What an amazing thought.

So in high excitement we exchanged addresses and ran for the maps and to our absolute dismay we discovered that we live too far away from each other. Vermont and Illinois includes a lot of roundtrip miles.  Too far for such a beautiful animal. Too far to drive with a stock trailer.  Too long for busy farmers to be away from their properties. We have had to concede that Jess’ most magnificent offer will not work. The world is not a small place it is big.

But I want to publicly thank Jess, the mother of the llamas. For being so impulsive, so wild, so beautiful  and so loving and so incredibly kind. For wanting to give me such a valuable and much loved animal, hoping  that TonTon and I  could walk her through the front doors of the retirement home and seeing the wide wide smiles and reaching hands of the lovely people who live there.  But sometimes dreams do not come true. And sometimes that just has to be OK.  But Jess honey, that was a wonderful dream.   You are so special.   I hope that one day we can meet and I can thank you properly.   But for now Thank you truly for being such a good, generous person.

Good morning. Easter Sunday here. But someone forgot to give the animals the day off.  So Ton and I had better get busy.

Take good care today. Have a  lovely day.




66 Comments on “Kupa goes for a walk with the weekend blog introductions

  1. Happy Easter, C

    You brought tears to my eyes. Have a blessed day.

    ps ( I have not completely given up on the idea, I have been planning) 🙂

    • He was so cute, he tentatively crept through the barn, looked about outside then hurried back in and hung out in there all day.. i kept catching glimpses of his tail moving through doorways.. c

  2. Hm, you could get the llama transferred between farmy type bloggers across all those States? 😉 And I thought you made a very wise point when you said that it doesn’t matter what the camera is, a good photographer can still make a good image. Too many pro photographers forget that simple truth as they clasp their oversized, overpriced machinery to themselves as a badge of talent. 🙂

    • Wouldn’t that be a wonderful image, a chain of hands moving the animals through the states to the old folks.. in fact that should be a documentary!! it would be an award winner especially if it was a group of bloggers who never met each other who moved the animals along..c

  3. Kupa’s a brave one. It won’t be long before he’s struttin’ around like he owns the place. How kind was that offer of Jess? It really is too bad geography got in the way so wonderful a gift. Who knows/ There still may be a llama in your future. (I’d bet on it.)

    Wishing You, Celi, and Your John, a great day and wonderful Easter!

  4. I dunno…I have retired racing greyhounds and I can tell you those dogs get carried all over the country to new homes. They create an underground railroad of sorts…where each person pledges to drive a certain number of miles from point A to B to meet the next volunteer. Might be worth a post on facebook to see if anybody is interested in helping that happen with your llama.

    When the fires devastated Texas last summer, Facebook was a lifesaver for many animals. I cannot tell you how many posts came across my page with things like, “20 horses in danger near Grand Saline (or wherever) we need to move them…please repost” and response after response of “I have a trailer that will hold 4 and I can be there in two hours…” These were strangers–just friends of friends of friends of friends…. but people came together in amazing ways.

    Obviously yours isn’t a life or death thing, but a mention of the problem and your plans for the llama and ask folks to pass it along…you never know. You may find someone going a similar route with one horse in a two horse trailer who’d be willing to add a passenger. Life is weird…

    • Wow, Melissa what a wonderful thought, though really that would be up to Jess. I am sure she is reading! But wow again about those people helping with animals in the fires, FB sure can be an amazing networking tool.. c

  5. You and your animals are going to be a breath of fresh air for the old folks and I’m sure you’ll be rewarded with some big smiles! Looks to me like Kupa’s in search of those minions to order around!

    • Ha ha that is probably what he is thinking, are they hiding here? hmm,, maybe over here! Yoo hoo.. minions!! come out come out wherever you are, my glass is empty! c

  6. lots of lovely stuff here today, to get my teeth into!
    The llama project sounds exciting, but maybe there will be closer ones?

    • Yes maybe there will be. Maybe Jess even knows a breeder around here somewhere but we will see! I just loved the offer, that meant screeds! c

  7. hi celia! thanks for all the new blogs to check out! the other celia link did not work for me though. kupa sure looks like he is becoming comfy on the farmy. have a wonderful easter! joyce

  8. Thanks Cecilia for recommending the other websites. I am looking forward to dropping in for a visit. Have a great day and lovely story and photos as usual. Take care, BAM

  9. I think that llama will get to you somehow…maybe someone will gift him a flight?! WIshing you, John and all the animals a happy and peaceful Easter…

  10. What a wonderful thing to do, taking your animals to the residence; I’m sure everyone was very grateful. There was a lady in my mom’s nursing home that brought her dog in once a week.

    • hi Eva, when TonTon and I walk the corridors we are stopped at every other step with people wanting get a hold of that dog and he is amazing with everyone.. c

  11. Sometimes dreams take longer to come true, that’s all, you’ll get your llama 🙂
    I enjoyed a lot your post. I’m happy Kupa is getting use to the farmy. And already pay a visit to some of your friends.
    Happy Easter!

  12. Celi, A timid peacock is a wise peacock methinks. Kupa will be stunning when all those budding tail feathers grow in! ~ Lynda

  13. Happy Easter, Celi. Thanks for your kind words. I love the photos of Kupa checking out his territory – I think he’s going to love his new family. How could he not?

  14. Kupa is so elegant and looks like he is taking baby steps towards settling into the farmy life. I am looking forward to checking out your compelling sounding folks here…am a recent follower of Sawson. What a wonderful idea to take more animals to the old folks…and what a big heart it took to think of that. And then here comes another truly big heart in the form of Jess to offer the llama. I wish I could help with the hands across the states idea, but am way out of the way…and I don’t think llamas would be allowed in our hood. Your llama will come, though, and I’ll bet it will be soon. Happy Easter to you and yours, Cecila!

  15. Oh, I can feel the excitement building. I love seeing animals with the freedom they want…and the home close by that says, “Safe!”

    Happy Easter Sunday to all the sweeteners on the Farmy! Let joy be rampant, Kupa.

  16. Thank you so much for the shout out Cecilia. I am really glad you like the greek yogurt.
    I can’t wait to explore all the wonderful blogs you introduced us to.

    P.S. Thank you for telling us about Jess’s offer and kindness, it feels good to know that there are still so many warm and kind and adventurous people out there

    • I am never making yoghurt the old way again! And yes, it is wonderful to know that there are people like jess around! c

  17. I’m sorry to bring this up on Easter, but we got a call from TonTon this morning and he’s beside himself. Until last week he was pretty happy being the photogenic camera hog. All shiny, smiley and agile. But he’s worried about this new bird and all that colorful plumage. So throw him a bone will you? His exact words were: Have her throw me a bone.

    • I threw him a bone already! He is having you on. Never trust a jealous dog! Alright but just one more!! morning greg honey c

  18. It is such a beautiful thought to take your beautiful animals to the retirement home – it would have made their day wonderfully 🙂
    I look forward to meeting all your animals, just like the delightful inquisitive Krupa 😉
    Also thank you for the wonderful shout out – I too absolutely love your posts with such a style of writing that it makes me feel warm and comfortable 😀
    It is a pleasure to meet you my friend

    Happy Easter!
    Choc Chip Uru

  19. Celi, you are so kind, thank you! I also wanted to tell you – I think I’m in love with your peacock! He is SO incredibly beautiful – I will forever understand exactly what the term “peacock blue” means from now on. If I could, I would swathe myself in yards of that colour. And Jess, you are a kind and generous soul, bless you. x

    • It is the most glorious colour isn.t. We keep seeing him pop his head out the door and he is like a neon light! wonderful! c

  20. Kupa is so handsome and dignified as he ventures out into the world. I love your idea of taking animals to the old folks’ home – something tactile for people who lived through touch. This is a great vision. My new book is about ageing, and I’ll be interested to hear how this initiative goes.

    • Oh I wish you could come. Already TonTon spends a full hour of the time wer are there laying his head every so gently into and multitude of laps.. it is so lovely to see them stroke and talk to him.. especially as he is indiscriminate he just loves everyone! Imagine when we have lambs and chickens too .. c

  21. I believe you will one day have your llama, I really do! What a generous offer from Jess, but geography is a big factor in making this happen–at least for now. I also enjoyed a little background with reminding me that many of the old folks you visit have come from lives filled with farm animals and daily routines and responsibilities similar to what you describe for us. It must be hard for them to be so distant from the land they’ve loved and cared for. The attention you share with them touches my heart, Celi. Debra

    • What makes me sad Debra is no matter how hard the staff try and they really do, but the people seem to lose track of the weather and the seasons. And weather is paramount to all of us all the time. So I thought if i take in baby animals and then they see them grow.. It might help with the seasons thing. \But not the weather, i am still working on the weather thing! You know i really wish i had my own Old Folks home! A farmy olds folks home. Then we would be rocking! c

  22. Had no idea you were in Illinois! Too cool. We’re in Chicago, but I have family in central Illinois (where I grew up for a bit) in a small town and the family has farm land in Southern Illinois. Mike, the kids and I went down to visit my Grandpa’s land this past summer. We toyed with the idea of a farm…I don’t see it happening though. 😉 Love the pics of Kupa and looking forward to checking out some of these blogs. Happy Easter!

    • well when you come down and visit family pop in .. we are very central.. email me if you want to.. it would be fun! celi

  23. Loving the photos of Kupa’s first foray. Some great blogs you mentioned there Celi, but for some reason (and it could well be me!) the link to the lovely Llamas isn’t working…… Claire

  24. What gorgeous pictures of Kupa! Love the one where he’s peeking around the corner. And are those pink or orange feathers I see?

  25. The goodness I read of on your blog reaffirms my belief in a basic goodness that still exists among the people of this country.

    The visits to the rest home with those animals, the offer of a llama from a stranger…

    No need to say more.

  26. Would you look at Kupa – soon he will be ruling the roost. Jess is an angel, what a pity about the (I believe) temporary being unable to get your llama to you – soon though, I just know it.
    🙂 Mandy

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