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Are All Mountains Blue?

Funny how colours are associated with emotions. Blue when we are sad and feeling blue. Red when we are mad. Green when we are jealous. “The green eyed monster.” I heard they have pink jail cells for individuals who need to calm down. Though… Continue Reading “Are All Mountains Blue?”

Shades of black and white

Cold up here. -26C/-16F  yesterday morning. I did not go outside all day and I don’t even feel guilty. These photos were taken through the window of the slow moving shuttle as we crept up the mountain to Canmore on Christmas Eve. I hope… Continue Reading “Shades of black and white”

Going UP

I am in Canmore, up from Calgary. In Alberta, Canada.  The drive up the mountain in the gathering dusk yesterday afternoon was beautiful.  We are far North and the nights are longer here I think. Today we are going to the ski resort that… Continue Reading “Going UP”

The Hills are Alive

I don’t think it is the mountains intention to make us feel small. The mountain just sits within his height and watches. I think it is us little humans who see our smallness … reflected in a mountains unrelenting gaze. A reminder for us.… Continue Reading “The Hills are Alive”

Climbing Trees won’t save you from Black Bears

Because Black Bears are excellent climbers. However it is always worth a crack Trev. If you see a grizzly throw yourself at his feet and assume a star shape so he can’t roll you over. How this is useful I am not entirely sure… Continue Reading “Climbing Trees won’t save you from Black Bears”