Are All Mountains Blue?

Funny how colours are associated with emotions.

Blue when we are sad and feeling blue.

The mountains from Canmore

Red when we are mad.

This is an old, old photo. With red in it. Did you ever see that series ‘The Peaky Blinders? We were certainly feeling peaky after this fancy dress blinder!

Green when we are jealous. “The green eyed monster.”

A butterfly from the butterfly house at Fresno Zoo

I heard they have pink jail cells for individuals who need to calm down. Though I do not find pink a restful colour.

I have often wondered out loud what the world would be like if our farts were coloured. And this fart colour was different for everyone. Usually this thought surfaces when I am in the supermarket and in the presence of children who will howl with laughter at the naughtiness of such a thought.

I am in Canmore. With eldest son and his working dog.


And what about orange or yellow or lilac (my least favourite colour by the way) or brown. Are these colours without emotion?

So what colour describes you today?

I think I would be a deep Jaguar green. Not the envious green, more of a ‘deep in thought’ green. It is thundering in the mountains today.


19 Comments on “Are All Mountains Blue?

  1. It’s the ultra violet which makes the mountains blue …and when it’s snowy in photographs, it’s reciprocity failure.
    I have to confess that Sundays often make me feel blue – it’s the thought of going to school tomorrow – 42 years later!

  2. I am all the colours… except yellow. I can’t do yellow. I know it’s beloved by all and is the colour of sunshine, etc, but I will not entertain it. It smells bad, it tastes bad, it itches. And yes, I have synaesthesia, so your post resonates more than you know. All the colours have sounds and smells.

  3. I was surrounded by color today. A deep sea blue, a cream, a leaning to yellow tan, and lots of brown. My son and DIL are prepping their new house for move in soon. The brown covers the entire basement- wood paneling that has seen better days. I don’t know what feeling the color evoked but I’m glad they will be removing all of it! At almost 7, my granddaughter would laugh uproariously at your colored fart musings. I would like a soft aqua I think.

  4. I think I’m on the red spectrum — I blew out my throat at a rehearsal today because I couldn’t be heard over a large, loud band. But I’m sad, too (blue) , so maybe I’m a solid violet today (I love lilac, by the way, and don’t have much use for yellow, orange, brown or most pinks).

    • No talking for you today! When I used to sing I used to have to be silent right up to warm up- when I was only allowed to him!! Your lilac sounds lovely really.

  5. It’s the Three Sisters in Canmore! We saw them 8 years ago when we stayed at a BnB in town. What a beautiful area of the world.

  6. I had to look up where you were. Blues can be very sad but a color of trust. I studied color for well over a year and there are tones and values of colors I don’t like. I’ll take a coral over pink any day. Yellows are hard but we need a little. It helps me feel a bit brighter but if my energy is lagging, I use aqua/teal around me to pump my energy back up. Warm berry purples suit me better than blue purples. My house is a cooked salmon color with brown everything else. I bought a very light aqua couch and my son painted the tool chest I’m using for a kitchen island a brighter sea aqua/green. It perks up the whole place and every one that visits is in love with it. It makes them happy too. My fart are probably gray because if I fart, I haven’t been eating properly. I loved the children’s book, “Everybody Farts”. It made me laugh. Have a wonderful time with eldest son. Beautiful dog.

  7. We have done our new house in very neutral tones – light grey walls, black carpet, white ceiling and curtains and cabinetry. I need very calm neutral ‘grounded’ colours to feel relaxed, I can’t relax around bright colours. My mother is the opposite. She thinks our house is impossibly boring! I prefer to bring in interest with different textures and patterns than colours.

    • Me too! I find bold bright colours loud. I need neutrals with some soft blue. I love when I go to other peoples homes and they are all artsy with bold colours and bright art on the walls. I can’t though, too much for me.

  8. I’m definitely a blue person
    of different shades, like all the shades of the ocean. Somedays light soft blue and other days dark moody blue. I find blue calming.

  9. Orange and yellow are my happy colors. My craft/office is painted these two colors. Today – I am grey, very blah.

  10. I don’t feel colours… but I tend to like blues and greens so that would be ok for farts I guess. And I do go for a quite a bit of plain old Henry Ford black… it grounds me. I love this post’s pics…

  11. Those are some beautiful mountains! And a very cute pupper!
    I’m with you – lilac is insipid! And I work in paint, so love most colours … brown would be my least fave tho. Or in decorating – red. It infuriates me to see a red wall, or red tiles 😬😬

  12. I love everyone’s colors! I myself usually feel like a sage green with a shot of orange (kind of like a pumpkin plant). I need bright colors, reds, yellows and oranges around me, but I don’t dress with a lot of color. I am learning to appreciate lilacs and lavenders more as I grow into old age, not sure why. I find a deep eggplant color very pleasing these days, too.

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