Flying – the literal kind.

I am flying again. More and more my life is reflecting that girl in the red coat with a string attached to a balloon.

Next is my favorite shot from San Antonio. Do the river walk at midnight!

Today I am off to Calgary. Eldest Son is taking me camping. I told him if I did not see a moose I wanted my money back.

I love flying. I love traveling. I love the beginning, middle and end of every journey. I do! I can write and read and disappear down into smelly humanity. But you all know that. And you probably know I do not particularly like camping but – am well.

I saw a man in the plane today reading a library book. You know the ones with the thick plastic covers. I thought I might have to kiss him. How grounded. To have a library book. For a library book one must have a local library. Which means he has a home. A person with a library must have a home.

On my first flight there were no dogs and no babies. I love dogs and babies but there is room to be grateful for their absence on the plane sometimes.

The food choices in Terminal B in Dallas Fort Worth airport are limited.

So I drank wine! You know when I first came to the US I thought this Friday’s restaurant ( Thank God It’s Friday or TGIF or Fridays – their branding is fluid) .. was only open on Friday!! I just could not get my head around it.

Have a gorgeous day/night! Evening. Morning!

The Fellowship is SO International!

And here is Third Son out fishing! Off the coast of Mexico. Yesterday! Apropos of nothing – except that incredible laughing smile! The Kiwi and the Sea.

It does not matter how long we are inland, when we get to the sea we just HOWL!!

Love Cecilia

21 Comments on “Flying – the literal kind.

  1. You picked a very hot time to visit Texas. I agree that if you ever visit San Antonio, the Riverwalk is a must. Hope you had a good time visiting my neck of the woods.

  2. I’m traveling right now and, guess what, I brought a library book. I read on the plane and read some this afternoon as I relaxed at our bed and breakfast.

  3. You seem to be implying that all of the travelling is not only because you love to travel but because you have no home base. I sincerely hope that isn’t true, though many of us have different definitions of ‘home’, of course. We in the Fellowship have followed your blog for many years and care so much about what is going on with your life. We want to know that you’re okay. You appeared to be so invested in the farmy, the successful vacation rental, the hosting of WWoofers, all of it. Sending nothing but good thoughts and that you do get to see a moose, but not too close up!

  4. I hope all your future flying is calm, quiet, noise and smell-free, and the only clouds on the horizon are the fluffy white ones you fly above. Also, do tell us about eating those beautiful mahi mahi. My favourite way to cook it is gently pan fried with garlic butter, green beans, mushrooms and baby potatoes with a honey mustard dressing. 😛

    • I grew up eating fish – in fact my dad was paid in fish sometimes. But I am a hopeless cooker of fish. For me I just pan fry it in butter and call it good! Mack grills it on the barbie. Garlic butter sounds perfect!

  5. I like flying too, just not everything that goes with it…security, queueing, airplane food.

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