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Do you see it? That little full-to-the-brim milk tongue. 


Meet Camera Houses’s new friend. An early Christmas and birthday gift all rolled into one from Our John and his mother, The Matriarch.  This is a Fujifilm X30. And marvellous. And no it is not my birthday or Christmas.  


The wind is howling outside. It howled all yesterday too by the afternoon it was gale force and is holding. 


lots and lots of mud


Everything got very busy yesterday. It was overcast and cool as expected but there was no wind so it was a perfect temperature for gardening. I did not get in to reply to your comments but I did read them, I so enjoy the… Continue Reading “Sizes”

Slow Learner

That Cat is a slow learner though he was safe in yesterdays cold. The ice was thick. No quick dip for him.  Sheila has got her eye on me. These cats have their eye on something. We had a morning of sunshine! And there was… Continue Reading “Slow Learner”

Moldy Oldies

Frozen. All day yesterday my world sat like a large silent hesitant animal, softly freezing into place. Shiny and undecided. Waiting. Everything was crunchy with ice. I am leaving these gloves on the clothesline for the whole winter. I am not sure what the experiment is… Continue Reading “Moldy Oldies”

Wanted: Guest Writers

At around 4 pm Victoria and I were in the truck on the way back from the West Farm and feeling numb from frozen faces and I looked up at the temperature gauge above the rear vision mirror and it said 7F/ -13. A bit… Continue Reading “Wanted: Guest Writers”

Little Pig in the House

This little piggy stopped eating and stopped getting out of bed. He was hunched and lethargic.  The others would push and pull eating at the food and by lunchtime he would just stand still while they jostled him this way and that. Just like the… Continue Reading “Little Pig in the House”

The Ring-Master

Sheila. Showing you her performing cows.  She literally has them running rings around her. They obey her every bark. Not a lot of news from yesterday unless you want to call weather news. Which I would rather not but that is all I have.… Continue Reading “The Ring-Master”