Yesterday, when my new second-hand shelves arrived in three random boxes ready for me to put the shelves together without directions and with pieces missing, I thought how this would be a fun game to play on a Reality TV show.  The player is handed a box with no labels and no instructions and not only must she work out what it is but she must build it against the clock.  Without access to utube of course!


Well, it was fun and now my shower has a beautiful big sturdy metal restaurant shelf unit in it. It is a breeze to wash the sprouts now.   The laugh is that I kind of underestimated how much space I need to shower my body. We will see how that goes this morning.   I will be like a Riverdance performer under the hot shower.

The shelf is on wheels so when the weather does warm up it will roll outside but in the meantime, I will shower standing straight up and down in my tiny corner – I am fairly sure washing my hair will be out of the question!  Makes me smile just thinking about it. Come on summer!!

I pulled some sprouts out for piggie mealtimes yesterday – not quite ready of course  – but  I am not known for my patience. The sprouts smelled delicious and were well sprouted and mixing them into a bucket with boiled eggs and grains was deeply satisfying.  The pigs gobbled up their meal without comment but I know that some live food in there will be so much better for their bellies.

When Poppy finally does have her babies these greens will help her produce some excellent milk.

I am very pleased with this set up and very pleased to be growing food for my animals again.


Does the Wendy House look like it is listing to Port a little?

Hmm, do you remember the Toad Garden?  It is in the background of the image above to the right of the Wendy House (the Wendy house is the woodshed). John has these fanciful ideas and spends days working on them then often abandons them almost finished. They are usually really good ideas too.   (Though his latest is to grow fish in the basement – I am spending no time encouraging him.) At least the Toad Garden cost nothing but labour. For the toad garden he dug a really deep hole, lined it with plastic then rocks then built a garden above it with a long open water pathway in the middle covered in a boardwalk . The underwater pond (that was to water the plants) was fed with guttering from the Wendy House.

So there is potential for a pond there if I took the rotting board walk off and cleaned all the rotting plant material out.

The theory was great but it did not work as a garden.  The plant’s roots were too wet. There are poles in place all around it for the plastic house he was going to build over it.  And weeds have turned into trees for shade now.  The waterway is full of frogs in the summer with toads wandering through the damp vegetation hence the name Toad Garden. Anyway as I am looking at this picture this morning I am thinking that might be a nice first home for my growing ducks.  They would have weeds and a strange pond.  I could clean out the pond, hook up the guttering again,  put an electric poultry fence around the area to keep the birds in and Boo OUT.   I just need to find a house for twenty ducks. Maybe the calf hut?

It might work? And turn an eye sore into a productive area.

I will look at the space later and see how much work it needs to get it in order. The ducklings (and layer chicks) arrive in the second week of April so first I need to clean up the turkey house and get it ready for the chicks.  They will be in nursery mode for a while.  I have quite a bit of work to do before they arrive anyway.

I can’t believe this cold is hanging on –  I will have to decide whether or not to raise the little chicks in the outside turkey house when they arrive.  Normally this is the chick raising area but it is so cold. I am fairly sure I do not want to start these flocks in the HOUSE!  My bathroom is getting a bit FULL. But this cold is hanging on. And the ambient heating tables the baby birds sleep under need it to be warm to work.

Well, this is a nice easy problem anyway. And like the sprouts in my shower – very short term. Everything will eventually go outside – the warm must come.



Maple Tree Flowers.


I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi

WEATHER:  Still in this cold cloudy weather pattern but a high of 49F/9C will be nice.

Friday 03/30 0% / 0 in
Generally cloudy. High 49FF/9C. Winds NW at 5 to 10 mph.

Friday Night 03/30 20% / 0 in
Partly cloudy skies. Slight chance of a rain shower. Low 34F/1C. Winds SSW at 10 to 20 mph.

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38 Comments on “REALITY

  1. The Toad Pond sounds ideal for the ducks. A fair bit of work, but you’ll only have to do it once. Crossing my fingers *hard* that it warms up for you soon.

  2. You did a good job on those shelves regardless. I did wonder if the sprouts would grow in your basement, as you previously mentioned it can be a bit damp. The ducks will love anywhere that they can splash and make a mess – they must have some strange relationship to pigs…

    • He has a bad record with ducks so I will have to be vigilant – though he is also afraid of electric fences – really scared of them so that is a good thing.

      • Will he run circles around the fencing, or just lay himself down and glare at the ducks? I can’t wait for photos of this. And a very happy Easter to you, c.

        • It will be interesting to see. He was an opportunist killer I think – he only killed escapees – probably trying to put them back IN. But he was a pup and now he is much older so we will see.

  3. Many people use aquaponics to grow vegetables year round (the water the fish are in is cycled through the plants roots), and grow talapia at the same time. 😊

    • Yes – sounds interesting and expensive and kind of high maintenance to me. Luckily i have a garden and a glasshouse to grow my vegetables in. Much more natural. Though a feed of fish every now and then would be nice!

  4. I’m impressed you put the shelves together with missing pieces and no directions. I can see the wheels turning in your brain. A great idea forthcoming. 🙂

  5. Could you hang a shower curtain liner over the sprouts rack for showering, then remove it for the rest of the day? That might give you more room to maneuver without exposing the seeds to suds, etc.

  6. Talk about making lemonade out of lemons! You are the master! Make misery a game!

    I bought that exact shelf for my potted flowers—and draped my old wedding veil over them to protect from squirrels. Bad plan. Veil too heavy. Bought rotten egg-smelling spray to ward off squirrels instead.

  7. I wondered what ever became of the toad garden. I agree it would be an excellent space for ducks. Although that pond will get gross fast and ducks need a lot of water. I have a big kiddie pool that has to be changed every 3-4 days. Not fun but great for the garden.
    I started my ducks in the bathroom then moved them to a shed. I kept an electric mattress pad under their plastic box with a lid partially over it for warmth. Worked well. They need warmth until their insulating feathers come in…around 3 months?
    I have that same shelf in a box in the garage. I’ve been waiting for the man to put it together but I think I will have to bite the bullet and do it myself.

    • Three months! I have heat lights and etc from raising chicks in the turkey house so we will muddle through – The electric mat is a good idea but i thought you were not meant to cover them? The mat was OK under plastic? Interesting and very useful info.

      • Yeah raising them took forever. Waiting for them to start laying was agony. They grew so fast physically I had to get them out of my bathroom and like your area march is really cold, so I used what I had…a long plastic box with lid and heated mattress pad. The pad was kept under half the box so they could get away if too hot and the lid was askew with a towel over the gap so they had ventilation without a cold draft. The tub had wood chips and a chick feeder and chick waterer. I only let them bathe in a separate tub then dried them off which they hated but oh well. I did a ton of reading on backyard chickens which helped and they all survived. They cool thing is once grown they handle cold weather like it’s nothing.

  8. I think I might have lost my sense of humour on a few flatpack constructions, now I pay a little extra to have consructed prior to delivery or on site. My Chinese isn’t fluent you see 🙂 The pond will work as long as the plastic liner hasn’t been breached/torn. Does Boo not jump over electric fences? Laura

    • Oh – Ton will go UNDER electric fences but if Boo sees me going over one or even around an electric fence he will go back and sit by the truck. I can not even call him BY an electric fence. He refuses to budge. Very handy. I hope. c

  9. Meant to ask, did you not use hulled sunflower seeds? Your sprouts look very grand indeed! Laura

  10. I might try bean sprouts soon, they’re for some reason hard to find and always slimy from the stores. Time to take a page from your book…but not in the shower =)
    Happy Spring (FINALLY) and holiday week

  11. In one of those rare folk who enjoys putting furniture together…usually with instructions though! Love the idea of you sharing your shower with the sprouts…fantastic 😁

  12. Knowing the size of the average shower recess and looking at that proud structure of finished shelves and happily sprouting seeds I am still surprised that you also fit into the area and that at least some of the hot, soapy water does not bless the trays also, shower curtain twixt you or not !!! Boiled eggs, grains and sprouts: truly a gourmet restaurant for the animals . . . wish they understood their luck . . . .

    • Though this is a bigger shower than usual – I designed it for washing dogs – I am very grateful i can shimmy past the shelves and get a hot drenching with no problems. c

  13. Metro Wire shelving! Back in the 1980’s I worked for an agent who sold the product to hospitals, nursing homes, restaurants, supermarkets, etc.; was before it was available retail to the general public. I still have some in my house and it’s like new after all these years. You’ll have it forever. We are warming up here and each day goes up over freezing but nights are still dipping below, which is kind of disappointing. Spring is definitely slow to arrive this year. Hope you’ve had a good day. — Mame 🙃

  14. My hubby sounds just like yours. Many things in the house are half fixed. So I have become an expert with the hammer and the glue gun. I love the idea of a duck pont! But I’m not so sure I would like sharing my shower with the sprouts though. You made me laugh!

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