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Two days worth of images. Enjoy!


Rain and Sunshine likewise to a little person, the hot summer rain no impediment. No problem. No bother.   His legs podgy and step to siding.  Nappies making cowboys of them all. Stumbling away from the words jersey and shoes. Arms alight for balance. Unbalance… Continue Reading “TODDLE”


Replenish is a delicious word. It brings to my mind the drinking of tall glasses of clear water then imagining the cells of my body absorbing the fluid and plumping up, all fat and smooth and shiny and replenished.

The city and the girl

I grew up on a beach in New Zealand and I live on a farm in Illinois. But I love the city. I LOVED New York City even if I was only there for 24 hours.   Loved it. I hope you have a… Continue Reading “The city and the girl”


During the months that I travel my worldly possessions shrink to the size of a small carry on bag and an even smaller bag on my shoulder. I have never been one to own a lot of clothing or shoes or jewellery so choosing what I… Continue Reading “Less”

One Last Look

One last look about. It does not look like a gale is blowing does it. But it was. At one point I had trouble actually walking forwards into the wind. Mr Flowers. I leave this morning, very early, for California. I will be feeding… Continue Reading “One Last Look”

Back on the farm.

I am home again. And like every time I come home  to the farm I am haunted by this little nursery rhyme. To Market, to Market To market, to market to buy a fat pig; Home again, home again, jiggety-jig. To market, to market,… Continue Reading “Back on the farm.”

Walking the feet in Milan

With just under sixteen thousand footsteps we saw a lot of Milan. I took many photographs but only a few passed the final cut.  But these few describe my day beautifully, I think. I took some of Il Duomo which sits in the very… Continue Reading “Walking the feet in Milan”

The Milan SMILE

Smiles come in all languages.  A face has a language of its own independent of its words.  My Italian is not so good anymore and it was never so good in the first place so I have replaced words with lots of nods and pointings… Continue Reading “The Milan SMILE”

So, you’re going to Italy …

Hello, everyone. Celi asked me for some helpful tips for her upcoming holiday and I was very happy to oblige. I’ve since learned from a very reliable little bird that MILAN is the destination for our friend. With that tweet in mind, I’ve included not just travel details… Continue Reading “So, you’re going to Italy …”