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Shift your focus

For a few minutes I would like you to think like a little balloon and I will trail you along on my walk through London yesterday, with old friends. We began in Angel (an area I was very familiar with) and through St John –… Continue Reading “Shift your focus”

Letter from the Outer Hebrides

Introducing Jonathon.  He and Denise live in the Outer Hebrides. In their own words: (nicked from their blog). We live and work from our home at the southern tip of the Isle of South Uist in the Outer Hebrides – an archipelego at the… Continue Reading “Letter from the Outer Hebrides”

Home Again

I got sick.  And you know me I so seldom get sick that when I do I am FELLED.  The nights are so long in Canmore this time of year. And there is only a tiny bit of sun in the morning before it… Continue Reading “Home Again”

Bye Bye

Well, it looks like the actual book list is going to be a work in progress for a few days as yesterday AND the day before became very busy on the farm what with one thing and another and I did not get around… Continue Reading “Bye Bye”

Home again, Home again …

Jiggidy Jig.  I am home.  Back on the farmy. The sun has risen to a cloudy day. It looks like rain and warm.  42F (9C) .  I can hear the calls of the red winged blackbird outside the window. This is the bird that… Continue Reading “Home again, Home again …”

Australia: The Grampians

I am posting this from a little restaurant in the heart of the Grampians. We are on our way out after two days of tramping and climbing. Filthy, sunkissed and happy. And working fast because I am almost out of battery and forgot my… Continue Reading “Australia: The Grampians”

Little Gatherings

Melbourne turned on a lovely day for us yesterday. My cousin arrived then we journeyed into the city in Melbourne and had a lovely lunch with a few members of The Fellowship, (Kate, Ella Dee and Ardyz, – delightful ladies – thank you so much for inviting me to… Continue Reading “Little Gatherings”

Australia: Melbourne. Again.

Yesterday after a somewhat harrowing journey with the added interest of a flight that took off over two hours late,  I finally arrived back in Melbourne. After greetings, a few of us walked to a grand little pub called Lincoln for a beautiful small plate dinner… Continue Reading “Australia: Melbourne. Again.”

Wellington, The Pause

I am in Wellington, New Zealand for a very fast family visit.  Just two and a half  more days then I am flung back into the void. You have been here (Wellington) with me before and there are a lot of family things needing my attention in… Continue Reading “Wellington, The Pause”

bus, train, tram, lunch

Yesterday Fede and I climbed on a bus in Apollo Bay and it carried us to Geelong.  It was a windy road along a series of beautiful beaches.  But a windy road in a bus. Enough said. Then we ran, laughing with relief at being… Continue Reading “bus, train, tram, lunch”