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Polishing the beams and Growing Cabbages in the Window

If you thought the other day was murky and mucky! Well I spoke too soon. Yesterday drizzled and snowed flurried on and off and the murk deepened. And the skunk is back. We have not seen her but we can smell her, not on… Continue Reading “Polishing the beams and Growing Cabbages in the Window”

The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!

The gardens this year have largely been a disappointment. Crops like the potatoes, cucumbers, zuchinni, butternuts, pumpkins, and beans have either refused to fruit or  curled up and died due to that extreme heatwave we had.  But the aubergine, beetroot and capsicum all in… Continue Reading “The Kitchen’s Garden Garden!”

Life in the Fast, oops I mean SLOW, lane!

Early spring is a period of waiting. I make my little seed pots from the seed catalogues. We sow the seeds and wait for the seeds to sprout.  We watch the weather each day and wait for it to be warm enough for all… Continue Reading “Life in the Fast, oops I mean SLOW, lane!”