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Eight and Nine

Catching up. Poppy’s nine are weaned. The fat little savages. The little piglet with the ripped hoof has become un-findable – she is running just as fast as all the rest and doing fine so I have stopped worrying about her. They are all… Continue Reading “Eight and Nine”

Have you noticed …

… That most of the time my images have nothing to do with what I write.  Do you think this is because often we are watching what we are watching but thinking of other things at the same time? Multi tasking in the thinking… Continue Reading “Have you noticed …”

Is this your hat?

Boo the Savage is the great returner of found objects. The Verandah is a litter of interesting finds, like a little boys pockets but with a canine influence. I forgot to tell you yesterday that Queenie (who would not look at you for a… Continue Reading “Is this your hat?”

Happy Talk Farmy Days

Happy talk, keep talking happy talk, Talk about things you’d like to do, You gotta have a dream,  if you don’t have a dream, How you gonna have a dream come true? Do you remember South Pacific?  When we were very young my Mum… Continue Reading “Happy Talk Farmy Days”

Polishing the beams and Growing Cabbages in the Window

If you thought the other day was murky and mucky! Well I spoke too soon. Yesterday drizzled and snowed flurried on and off and the murk deepened. And the skunk is back. We have not seen her but we can smell her, not on… Continue Reading “Polishing the beams and Growing Cabbages in the Window”

The Pigs Are in the Vegetable Garden!

But thats ok. I left the gate open for them. Queenie is not amused, but in all honesty Queenie is very seldom amused. She is a solemn cow. Have you ever looked up and realised your day is almost gone and you have not… Continue Reading “The Pigs Are in the Vegetable Garden!”