Sunday Brunch – cooking in your pajamas

Bad bugs eating my vines.  Pesticide Free is such a Chore sometimes . I am whining about the threat to my wine….. Japanese Beetles but there is a way to deter them. I will tell you about that next time. For now Sunday Brunch:

Breakfast Potato Cakes.  (for two and a half).. I am usually one and a half when it comes to these. This is really my daughters recipe and I have not asked her permission so HUSH! But I told you I would do breakfast.!

Grate two potatoes, finely chop one small onion, add a sprinkle of salt,  wrap in an old thin tea towel and wring all the water out of it. Give it all you got! Get as much moisture out as you can.  Empty  the potato and onion mixture into a bowl. Sops adds finely sliced bacon  now too but you can choose.

Add one egg,  tblsp finely chopped fresh herbs of choice (I use parsley or thyme or basil or coriander).  Pepper.  I am big on pepper less on salt.

Mix. So simple I can’t bear it!!

Heat cast iron skillet, or electric frypan. When it is HOT add a tablespoon of butter. Melt. Place a  good spoonful of the mixture at a time into the pan, making about 6 little potato cakes.  Now, turn your heat low and let them cook. No poking, no turning. Do not harrass the potato cake! When you can see the sides crinkling up and browning (about 5 minutes).  Carefully flip each one over, press gently with your egg slice to flatten slightly and cook the other side for another 5 minutes.  Take your time, keep the heat on  medium-low and let the cake really cook and get nice a crispy.   Both onions and potatoes need to be well cooked.  About 10 minutes should do it.

Serve hot, hot. With fresh parsley  or chopped chives tucked in.

Tonight we had these potato cakes for dinner ( I added cilantro and lime)  with freshly picked beans in a red curry sauce. This is why the photo is so rubbish, we were desperate to eat them while they were hot!

YUM! let me know how they turn out.


One Comment on “Sunday Brunch – cooking in your pajamas

  1. Guess what! I tried the potato cake recipe and it came out GREAT!!!! Thanks to you!!!! And I’ve got a tough audience, as my husband is a fantastic cook. He said, “These potato cakes are great!” So I feel very proud of myself. Having not cooked (as he did all the cooking) or cleaned anything for 12 years (we always had a maid) I feel like I’m starting from scratch in all areas. So, I’m loving your recipes and doing exactly what you say, step by step. Thanks again!!!

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