Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies Today

Damn. Thought it might have rained. Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies today.  That is how we like it. 
Thank you for dropping in. I am getting more and more readers every day and I love that you are all popping in each day.    My intention is to write daily for one whole year.  Except on the days that I don’t.  And then I won’t. But mostly I will write and load images for you every day.  And I am loving this Blogg thing.  It sharpens the mind. You readers are my motor.  Driving me along.  Just for the record NZ and US are neck and neck for the top spot of the most readers.  With UK, Turkey and Aussie galloping up behind in that order.  I am VERY impressed.  Oops, Canada though is winning at the wrong end. After a year we can create a forum  and you can help me decide what we do next.
I will be in tomorrow but Friday and Saturday (Sat and Sun in NZ)  I am jumping on the train and taking the cameras to Chicago.  ( I love trains. You get to see the backyards of a country on a train).   I know, just as I discuss writing every day I take a few days OFF! Fickle thy name is woman.  I will wander the dirty streets a bit and do some farmers markets.  If all goes well I will be bringing back  images from the Big City ( I love the city)  and hopefully a few tasty ideas from the markets.
 But before I leave, you and I will tour the whole block and make sure everyone is settled in and ready for Our John to take over for a few days.  And on Sunday after my city sojourn, I will don my bee hat and give The Silent One the camera and we will have a look inside those hives.  I might even steal a frame or two of honey if there is any there yet.
Now in this hot weather don’t forget to get a bottle of cider vinegar, put in a clove of garlic,  and a chilli.  Pour a tiny slug in all the water containers every day until it is gone.  Especially chickens, sheep and cows.  It helps move parasites off the stomach walls. When Daisy sees me coming with the cider vinegar bottle she rushes over and tries to drink it OUT of the BOTTLE!  I could do with a drop as well!!.
Have fun. See you tomorrow

2 Comments on “Nothing much happening out here in the Boonies Today

  1. Hi Cecilia! I can’t wait to see inside the beehive! I’m trying to figure out how the beehive operation works, and how I should begin our bee raising, in the most economical way we can. Any advice on that will be greatly appreciated! I think I’m going to be in charge of the bees!
    Oh, one quick question, is the vinegar/garlic/chili recipe okay for the chicks, duckling, goslings and kittens? And, exactly how much is a ting slug? Thanks so much! I just love reading your blog!!! And another big thanks to Chrissy for leading me to you!

    • Yes it is fine for young fowl. I would call a slug for them about a tablespoon in their full water container. More of a trace really. Bees: I have added on the side of the blog the two suppliers I use. I buy kitset supers now, but initially I bought the full hive to begin just so i could see what it looked like really. Though it is expensive. I am wary of other beekeepers old stuff because of disease and residual pesticides as we are raising ours organically. Dave Burns from Honey Lane can send you bees and an Italian queen in the late spring. He told me he ships them all over the country. He has a whole set of written information on his website.. Classes really. They are good to read. I love that you are still reading my wee blog.. it helps clarify what we are about. And wonderful that you have been with me since the beginning. It is all growing so fast. c

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