The Barn at Rest.

Earlier today I wrote  a totally different post for you. But it was being difficult. It did not reflect how I feel today. So I took the camera to the barn. The day shifts out of gear in the barn.  Stepping out of the high summer heat. The clamour quietens. It has five big doors and they are all wide open yet it still retains this nebulous dusky air.   The barn has secrets. Enough words.


Love c


6 Comments on “The Barn at Rest.

  1. Beautiful photos! Very uplifting and sad at the same time.
    I just scrolled down your posts and …yeah, I love the photos of tomatoes and basil – I could live on tomatoes and basil alone 🙂
    Amalfian coast was our absolutely favorite part of out visit to Italy. And I have always wanted to move to New Zealand.

    • yeah that barn has had sad but now it is having baby lambs and calves and one big fat dairy cow (we hope) and is waking up from its long slumber.

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