Some Weekend blog reading While We Wait

It has dawned fine, clear and very cold. The little bit of snow from yesterday has been blow  all about until it is a mere dusting this morning and when I opened up the barn  everyone was standing about giving me mournful looks. I shut all the doors last night because of the wind.  Now it is calm and two of my big doors are frozen shut.. oops. No-one is impressed.  One thing I really hate is animals in the dark so when it has warmed up a little  bit,  I shall go out with tools and get those doors open.

Anyway here are a few old blogs and new blogs for you have a wee look at,  that is if you get to have a sit down this weekend.

Miserably my little car that runs on recycled cooking oil from a local restaurant, has had a nervous breakdown and we have to drive to town in the Red Truck  (God help me) and pick up a part.  So while I am away I shall leave you to browse. Fancy having to go off the property two days running. OUTRAGEOUS!

Tea & Cookies. Delightful, bright and talented Tara. She has a knack this girl for gathering. I think she gathers people and images and food just beautifully. She does not blog all the time and  she has a curious mixture of infectious calm and gorgeously wrapped information. Her pages are sanguine and gentle and good.

emmy cooks, is new to my pages and has made a spinach pasta, that I cannot resist sharing with you!

Simply Recipes was literally the first food blog I had ever encountered and subscribed to. Though I think by now she has surpassed the humble blog label.    When I decided to settle in The States (five years ago now),  I had to relearn a number of ingredients, many of my recipes did not transfer well at all and as you know I do not eat processed foods.  So many of the recipes I encountered called for mushroom soup, mayo, crispy onion things, Yellow cheese or Cool Whip and etc.  (Shudder) Well, it soon became obvious that I would have to grow my own ingredients and find some new meal ideas. So I searched and searched for a well rounded food blog that used  fresh, simple and available ingredients, that was easy to navigate and had a good Search Ability so I could begin to study good American Food. The first one I found was Elise. And I still visit weekly.

Foodie in Berlin.  Suzy, can only be described as an International Girl.  She has taken me to many, many restaurants all over the world. She cooks or eats or  trolls me through markets and cafes with an educated eye.  She and her two year old navigate the world in which she lives with ease.  Her pages are lovely.

Roger from Camerahols/Food, Photography & France will probably get cranky with me for doing this.  I suspect he does not really like to be singled out. But his pages are delightfully succinct, informative and challenging. And I peer into his pictures closely because his professional photographers eye is well worth the study. He lives on the coast in France now, and though his touch with images is startling, even esoteric sometimes, his touch with food is down to earth, accessible and eatable. And His writing is full of taste.

As a wee heads up. On Monday/Tuesday (depending on which end of the world you are living at).  Jessica Baverstock will be publishing an interview with me  on her blog.   I shall give you the link when it comes up.  Here is a preview of one of the photographs that you will see on her pages. My NoteBook!  

Of course tomorrow morning at dawn we will have The Draw to see who wins The Farmy Postcards.  Have a lovely, lovely day, dress warm. I was talking to my GodMother in NZ last night and she said you need to dress warm there too!!

Good Morning


47 Comments on “Some Weekend blog reading While We Wait

    • I agree completely.. his work is superb, and he is allows his personality to stamp about in the pages too.. I like that! c

  1. Oh, dear.. you sent me away to those other lovely blogs and I almost forgot to stop back in to say hello:) I hope you made it to town and back in one piece and got those doors open! xo Smidge

    • Yes i am back, the animals are out in the cold sunshine and i am back in my warm cosy loft!! Thank you for dropping back in hon.. c

  2. I am now in Bagni di Lucca and it is freezing!!! We have a freezing wind blowing in from Siberia and I am not going outside. I wish it would snow, anything but this wind. Luckily I have some lovely blogs to read.

    • Gosh i hope your wind blows itself out soon, I remember the ice in the siberian blows.. nasty.. fingers crossed it will come out nice soon! c

  3. I could not stop scrolling down Roger’s blog to look at the next picture, then the next one, and the next one…it is 8:21 AM and I am now lolling around in my bed waiting for someone to bring me a Mont Blanc dessert….

    • His photos are gorgeous aren’t they and the food quite divine, sounds to me like bed is the perfect place to await your Mont Blanc! c

  4. Thanks for showing us some new blogs, I´m off to do some visiting in a moment. And as for your poor old car, do hope it soons recovers from it´s nervous crisis! Ooh the anticipation, hope TonTon is impartial, but if he´s anything like a Spanish Mayor, I´m happy to bung him a bag of bones if it helps him make the “right” choices 😉

  5. Lovely links. Thanks.
    Cold and bright here today too. Minus 5c on my car thermometer just coming back from the shops.

    • They have. I like Elise’s pages because she makes it easy for me to go back and find something, it is a well put together site.. c

  6. Your notebook is so organized…I’m jealous. And you wrap your flowers in newspaper that’s adorable. Can I just move in with you for a few months and learn to plant and feed things?

  7. I can feel a drum roll coming on 🙂
    and that has to be 1 very neat notebook, I’m much messier than you – arrows everywhere, circles, crossing out, scribbles, a phone number!

  8. Roger’s blog, much like yours, is a joy to read, the new posts of which I eagerly await. You described it to a “T”. Once I get caught up here, I’ll be off to check out your reading list. Thanks for pointing me in their direction, Celi.

    • You are welcome john, though i do remember you saying i would not get snow!! well the weather monster thought otherwise!! (laughter) c

  9. Only just sitting down! I really like the page in your notebook totally filled with your writing, hopefully the interview will let us know of you do a lot of writing in longhand?

    • i do begin in longhand.. i do all the blocking that way, but when the dialogue starts i have to have a keyboard!! c

  10. Your blog is always so interesting. You run a car on oil from a shop? Your doors are frozen solid? It’s such an intriguing life you live. Thanks for the recommendations on the blogs – I’ll look forward to hopping across and discovering them. I’ve heard that in NZ they’ve had the worst summer – cold and blowy. Not much better here in Sydney! That’s very exciting about the interview. Looking forward to you posting the link.

  11. Anything we could be doing to help out while you are off doing other-world chores? I could be blowing some hot air into the barn.

    • Oh i could definitely do with some warm air being blown into the barn! They all slow down when it is cold!! Excellent thought! c

  12. So glad you enjoyed the pasta! I hope I didn’t scare people off with today’s diversion into the world of theme candy. Tomorrow it will be back to real food as usual! Hope things warmed up for you today.

  13. Of course your car runs on cooking oil! Ha! You are something else! Quite amazing. I sit down to read at the end of my day, so I get quite a charge out of your “good mornings” when it is 9:30 pm here, but I am starting to really look forward to hearing from you…I may have to think about starting my day with a note from Celi. Lovely to have some new “reads” to keep my company. Debra

    • Morning Debra, I am a morning girl you see so Good Morning is my favourite salutation! Love that you are out there and reading and writing! c

  14. Thank you, it was so enjoyable to read this post. I am looking forward now your interview. Have a nice day, with my love, nia

  15. Cool, you also draw blocks around your writing – I even do it with my shopping list. Oh no, 2 days, you poor dear – hope you had a stiff tot to calm your nerves when you got back home.
    🙂 Mandy

  16. Aww, thanks so much, Celi. You are incredibly kind, and I LOVE your notebook. Work of beauty, that. I’m also feeling a bit jealous of your farm. How lovely. I shall be back!

    PS. Sanguine and gentle and good? Please tell me I can add that to my CV 🙂

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