The draw: TonTon chose three winners for the Post Card Giveaway!

TonTon, stop posing.  You are supposed to be choosing a winner. Three winners actually to win a package of farmy postcards.  Pick a winner TonTon.

TonTon.  Each  folded comment has a name.  Now take a wee paper out of the Pom Pom Hattie and bring it to me.  Gimme TonTon.  TonTon Gimme

TonTon this has to work you are supposed to be choosing the winners. (sigh) Get my hattie TonTon, Where’s My Hattie!Gimme TonTon, Gimme.  No, the paper.  TonTon. Gimme paper.  You know what that means, we have been practicing.


Oh you brought my Hattie and dropped all the papers.  Well.  Hmm.  Good Boy.

Thank you for my Hattie.  Yes, I will put it on. No, we are not going outside now. Now Ton see where I am pointing.  Try and act like a clever dog. Gimme Paper. Gimme paper. Good Boy

Now gimme.  Good boy.  Winner Number One is annashortcakes. Fantastic! ! She has fish on her pages today Ton. Did she send you some as a bribe?

Now another one TONTON!  Oh he has it already.

No, that is for me…. no chewing on the family!  TonTon, gimme.  Wait,  let me see.  Oh this is Spree!! cooking spree you are winner Number TWO! Spree is making Sugar Snap Peas with Shitake Mushrooms for Valentines Day, so I am fairly sure there was no bribery there.  That is way too healthy. 

Now Number Three TonTon. Gimme paper.  TonTon gimme paper! 

TonTon you are supposed to lay it at my feet like a good dog, not eat it! But I suppose you brought it to my feet before you began to gnaw on the Third winner. Winner Number THREE is bridgesburning. Chris you WON!  Though I have to admit that your comment has been a bit chewed but that better than being eschewed I suppose!!

There now. Congratulations to the three winners. Email me with  your snail mail addresses and when the postcards come back from the printers I will send you your gorgeous bright packages of Farmy Postcards!

This morning has again dawned clear and cold. Not too bad, we are at 15F (-10C). You will not hear me complain about the cold. I am just so grateful for the mild winter so far.  I knew we had to pay for it sometime!!  It is winter after all.

I must tell you a funny thing that happened the other day. Quite by mistake after a certain tractor went through a certain gate and a certain tractor driver forgot to close the gate, the gate to the wee meadow that houses Queenie and Hairy was left open for the whole night. I only noticed it when I looked out the kitchen window the next morning preparing to go out to feed.  As I raced to the barn I saw  evidence of them wandering about the garden together, gazing down the lane, walking through the empty field and then returning themselves to their pen and obediently standing at their feeder waiting for their hay as I rushed in that morning.  Saying very loudly to me, in a sanctimonious tone” We were good. We went nowhere. We never ever would go through an open gate, because that would be bad!!  We are a good Flerd. Where’s breakfast!”

Good morning and congrats to you all for joining the fun!


ps. A Flerd is a cross between a flock and a herd.

pss. If I point and say Gimme, TonTon will pick up the first thing he sees and give it to me. I trained him to find paper by name all week in preparation for the draw with varying results. Before we go outside I say Gimme Hattie and he goes and finds my PomPom Hattie and brings it to me. Then I send him for gloves and usually he will bring a pair one after the other.  But straight gimme is whatever I am pointing to and it is not a game.   It is a very useful command when my hands are full. I can say Gimme, he will pick it up. Then Bring it and he will carry it and walk with me.  Of course all this is so that he can do the housework and I just walk about the house pointing!!

psss. I have a growing list of people who would like to buy postcards, so if you want your name pencilled in let me know in the comments anytime. Readers will get Mates Rates.  I have also been asked if a few of the images can be sold as prints. I can certainly discuss that, so send me a message. 


102 Comments on “The draw: TonTon chose three winners for the Post Card Giveaway!

  1. What a great cliffhanger photostory! Your flerd is cleverer than TonTon. I would love to buy the postcards. How do I pay? I will email my snail mail address to you.

    • We will have to think about international payments, I send bank cheques..Do you know anything about etsy? they have paypal i think, i will investigate! c

  2. Wahooooo! Ton Ton, good good dog! Want more sugar snap peas? Here ya go buddy! All ya want! gooooood booy! yessss!
    C, I’m thrilled! 😉 what a good and beautiful morning this is starting out to be! And we loved seeing Ton Ton do his smart dog thing! Thanks so much, Celi!
    Can hardly wait for the mail!

    • I had no idea that TonTon loved his greens so much!! Congratulations Ani, And yes it is a good and beautiful morning! c

    • Being told he is a Good Boy is TonTons treat. Poor darling was trained without actual treats! But he has a good time.. c

  3. What a fun post to brighten up the day. I was with TonTon all the way. Congrats to the lucky winners. Pencil me in for some post cards.
    Regards Florence x

  4. That was such fun…honestly, I was really excited reading this! Congrats to the lucky winners and yes please to postcards (in fact when you do get it sorted Florence and I can have ours sent to one address and then we´ll sort it out as we live close to each other). Clever TonTon…and clever Flerd. My you have intelligent beasties on the farmy 🙂

    • Excellent, when I saw Florence pop in I thought that maybe you two could work together. What a great idea! and good morning tanya!! c

  5. You and TonTon have made my day!!! I am so pleased! Thank you so much. I will message you my snail mail soon. Have a wonderful Sunday on the Farmy!

    • Congratulations and I am thrilled, (your pages are lovely and were on my list to highlight next weekend too, but here you are already!!) We will have a great sunday and I hope you all do too! c

  6. Wonderful! Congratulations to the winners, but most of all to TonTon for fetching and carrying and picking, and being so photogenic.
    And oh we FINALLY got to see the infamous pom-pom hattie.
    My day is complete 🙂

    • Yes the PomPom Hattie is certainly something to see. It used to have a PomPom on top too but Daisy would not leave it alone so I had to cut it off.. John has made me swear not to wear it off the property but it is so warm!! morning Claire! c

    • Tons of fun Diane. How is the training going with your dogs and the pig.. I am so looking forward to training a pig.. c

  7. I reblogged this post, but you probably already know this, because I wanted my friends to see how lovely and talented your TonTon is! This was a fun post, and I don’t even mind that I wasn’t a winner. 😉 ~ Lynda

  8. Hilarious!! I’d love a set of your cards. And you have inspred me to actually print off some f my pictures. 45 currently at the shop, waiting to be collected. I probably won’t get there until Tuesday though! I’m working on the other side of the county tomorrow….

    • Fantastic, I am All for printing your pics. Too often they languish in our computers getting pushed further and further back. c

  9. Love that dog!!! So well trained and so happy to please! Good training, C. Congratulations to the winners of the postcards.

  10. Congrats to all the winners. Great job TonTon. I’d be very interested in purchasing set of the postcards.

  11. “Shake a paw, Ton Ton” what a good boy doing all that training!! c I laughed my head off this morning.. I love the ones with Ton Ton shaking his head like crazy.. I was sure you were going to tell me he swallowed the third.. Congratulations to all!

  12. Cecilia — Please list me among the eager prospective postcard purchasers! – Carmen

    • Morning carmen, Of course i shall add you to the list.. how exciting to see you out here in cyber space! and I see you caught a bit of celi language there too!! (laughter) have a great sunday! c

  13. Oh man, Border Collies are les creme de la creme! They are so intelligent. I would love to have another one so much, but they need work to do. It’s almost abusive to have a B. Collie where there is nothing to herd or work at. I remember watching, at a New Zealand sheep ranch, the little guys running on the backs of hundreds of sheep to get to the other side of the flock.

    Congrats to the winners and to you, Celi, for being so creative and generous with your gifts.

    • They do need to work, their brains and bodies need to be busy all the time or they get in trouble! I can just imagine Ton running across the top of Mama to get to the other side!! ha ha ha c

  14. (Talking softly)
    I waited for Max to fall asleep before commenting. Lately, he’s grown a little touchy about TonTon, though not so touchy as to emulate TonTon’s behaviour or at least try to improve himself. Anyway congrats to the winners and tell TonTon that he may want to beef up on his “nose touching” abilities. Vanna White won’t be on “Wheel of Fortune” forever. He can just as easily run up and down the board, touching the squares that are lit up, as Vanna can. In fact, he’ll save them a fortune in wardrobe costs.

    • I put the idea to Ton and he said he will only do it if he gets the wardrobe and makeup! He is going to practice the hells too I think (sigh) c

  15. TonTon is one smart dog, although not smart enough to draw my name. Sigh.

    Now I am off to download photos of flowers and bald eagles and an ice sculpture. It’s been quite a day for me here in Minnesota.

  16. I’m about to have a talk with my chihauhaus about helping out around here more, possibly TonTon could have a chat with them too. They really do need to participate and not just sit around being cute! Congrats to the winners and fine job by TonTon!

  17. Perhaps what you *really* need to do about the print inquiries is open a Zazzle shop. I’m looking into it myself right now. So many people would *love* to have some of your beautiful images, and they wouldn’t have to wait entirely until the multitudinous books you need to do are ready and published. Just a thought, my sweet.

    Meanwhile, I think TonTon did a bang-up job in his paper-bringing. Such a winsome lad, and so talented and well trained. He makes me happy every time I see him!

  18. I loved this post – I love all your animal stories – and your beautiful pictures. Now if I can get motivated I should get my two goldens to do more than just lie about looking cute and dropping fur everywhere in the house. Thank you for a good laugh.

  19. Wonderful! And what lucky ducks to receive your beautiful art on a postcards. Which post (date) has all of the pictures that you are printing on the post cards? I am decorating my new “office” (my son’s old room…) and would love to look through your photos and pay for a print to beautify the office! 🙂

    • I will shortly be posting the finals, in the next few days probably. but if there was an image that rung a bell with you let me know and i will look at it and see if it is good enough to print, how wonderful to have your own office! There is a great freedom in decorating for yourself! c

  20. TonTon becomes the star of the show! With all this praise how will you keep him from getting a big head?! I agree TonTon is smart but he had to have a good teacher too! Congratulations to the winners and a captivating draw.
    I was in Joliet for a few hours this afternoon…an emergency water heater replacement at a friends rental.

  21. TonTon is wonderful! What a fabulous dog to begin with, then your pictures are just delightful. I’m going to have to get caught up to even know what the postcards are, but I’m a curious sort…I’ll find out! Congratulations to all the winners! And I must find a way to insert the word “flerd’ into my vocabulary. It is just one great word! Debra

    • We have mini flerds in both sides this morning, they get on as long as there are two feeding stations, no-one is good at sharing! c

  22. What a great post!! I love it! And I love that dog! GIMME GIMME! I want a dog just like that one! Gimme that dog! Can you let TonTon be the prize for next giveaway?? Thought not.

  23. Lol!! Ah Ton Ton, you did well. 🙂 And Celi, -10 sounds unbearable. I wish sunlight was something I could post to you!

    Congratulations to your lucky winners too!

  24. What a beautiful project you created and did! You are amazing as always dear Cecilia. But first of all I want to congrat to these lucky winners. 🙂 Tonton you are amazing… How amazing team you are together with dear Cecilia… You both fascinated me. Thank you, Thank you for all these happenings that you shared, how nice to be here, to feel all these activities and watch your photographs… Blessing and Happiness, with my love, nia

  25. I try gimme with the dogs – and they roll over! Patch can jump over the fence into the BIG garden, and if we are not looking she will jump back but if she thinks we can see her she cries at the scullery door to be let back in 🙂

  26. Dear Cecilia, Please add me to the list of people who would like to buy postcards. I’m assuming you will post the winning collection here at some point so that we can see it.

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