Kupa finds his voice

Yesterday morning I did half the chores then drove in the cooking oil car to the village, picked up my Mother-in-Law (The Matriarch)  and drove her to a bigger town to catch the bus to Chicago for the weekend at 7.30am. Before I left I fed everyone who needed feeding and at the very last I took  Kupa his feed and replenished his water bowl with rain water from my enamel jug . He tocked tocked quietly as he moved his body for me.

Mama was quiet so off we went. The whole trip took an hour and a half.

The first thing we did when we got back was run into the house to turn the coffee machine on, then went back out into the field to look at Mama.  By now I had The Matriarchs dog with me too. So all four of us (two dogs, one sheep and I) were stood in The Corridor Paddock, resting on one foot, heads to the side in the early morning sun,  staring at Mama, who stared back, when we heard this enormous fog horn honk from the barn.

All four of our heads snapped towards the barn doors. Then in a moment of pure comedy the dogs looked at each other, then they both looked at Mama. Who clearly said to the enquiring stares. Not me! I only ever do silent ones. 

Then this big booming honk was heard again from the barn and both dogs and I looked at each other with the AHA moment.  This was a peacock calling.

Kupa wanted OUT! Right now.  Honk! We all turned and ambled towards the barn, Mama was only allowed as far as the gate, so she had to stick her head right through the bars to watch us process into the back of the barn.  Two cats and a rooster were sitting on separate barn gates watching the peacock. And there he was, pacing in his pen, his tail held stiffly above the straw like heavy tissue, his head up, literally bristling with annoyance.  The term high dudgeon came to mind. I was making him late. His gate was still shut.  I opened his little door and without further ado he swished past, like a very proper matron in hooped skirts, turning slightly so as not to touch  dirty urchins on the street, past me, past the dogs, past the cats, past the rooster, past the sheep’s head and out into the sun. Thank you very much he did not say.

Good morning.  It is another fine and glorious still morning.  Mama looked like she was thinking about lambing yesterday and I even went so far as to thaw the colostrum that I have waiting in the freezer. But then after pacing and carrying on, she lay back down, tucked her feet in tidily and went back to sleep.

She came to meet me every time I checked her in the night. So she is still all in one piece.  And I have put the lambing bag back in the corner.  I have decided that TonTon can carry his own torch and I will carry another one on our midnight jaunts.  He never lights the right places!!

This morning TonTon and I will zoom to the Retirement Home for a visit with The Old Codger. Mama’s Minders are all on high alert.  Then back to work!

Have a lovely day.


PS As it is still a little cool this morning and we have a busy day ahead I thought I might have this for breakfast!..

68 Comments on “Kupa finds his voice

  1. He he, good morning Celi and Kupa! Now the farmy has heard Kupa I’m now waiting for John to hear him.
    The tulips are just stunning, such rich velveteen colours, I need to plant more and then more again

    • I agree claire, we cannot have too many tulips and these are my favourites, I have heaps this colour.. c

  2. Oh how exciting that Kupa has found his voice even though he seems to be a bit stroppy about it! I am crossing fingers that we get a baby lamb post this weekend.
    The flowers in your garden are exquisite!
    Good morning!
    🙂 Mandy

    • I am crossing fingers too, she is bigger than ever before and definitely has much more milk than last time so it all looks positive.. c

    • I had to laugh, after I had posted this morning, I opened the kitchen doors and started to talk to the cats as I put my boots on and there he was again, honking at me from his enclosure, he must recognised my voice! How cool! c

  3. Morning! Beautiful photos. Enjoyed my visit to the farm. Hope you enjoyed your breakfast. It looks delicious. tfs.
    Have a lovely weekend.
    Regards Florence x

  4. Good morning! I only wish I could hear what the other animals were thinking about Kupa. That dialogue I think, would be very funny to hear! Sounds like Mama is getting closer. Hopefully she’ll deliver at a respectable hour so you’re not out there in the middle of the night!

    Have a wonderful day ~ April

    • morning April, yes a night time delivery could be tricky! but maybe she will be a good girl and just pop out TWO nice fat lambs just after lunch when it is warm and organised. c

  5. Good morning, C. Good morning, farmy. I must take some photos of my tulips before they’re finished. Thanks for reminding me.

    • Morning Misky! tulips are so photgenic esp when they are just slightly past their best i always think.. too much perfection otherwise.. c

  6. I can´t believe how much you get done before I´m even up – I need to learn from you! Beautiful photos, those tulips are wonderful.

  7. I never knew that peacocks were such characters – or maybe it’s just Kupa! What does the Matriarch’s wee dog think of the latest addition to the farmy?

  8. A peacock’s voice is quite startling, isn’t it? A few years ago, while on a Sunday afternoon drive in the country, my husband and I happened upon a peacock perched on a barn door. Of course, I had to snap a few photos from a distance. When the peacock’s fog horn sounded, I nearly dropped my camera. Good to hear that Kupa feels comfortable enough now to communicate his needs.

    • I know! I am waiting for the screaming baby call and the foghorn is so incongruous! and insistent! morning Audrey.. c

  9. The Roosters are going to have to have a meeting ….. Tulips and Kupa are beautiful foils for each other. So pleased to see the Bees out and collecting pollen again. Is Mama going to take us all to the 150 day limit huh??. Laura

  10. When I was a young boy, Dad had a friend who owned a farm and on that farm he had a few peacocks. (That last sentence needs a couple E – EYE – E – EYE – OHs.) A peacock’s call isn’t something one forgets — ever. Nevertheless, it means that Kupa is settling in and that’s a good thing. Have a nice visit with your friends, Celi, and a great day!

  11. Glad to know Kupa is right at home now. I know he’ll be a happy bird on your farm. Look forward to all his beautiful pictures!

  12. uh oh….i think tat was not just kupa saying…feed me. i think it was kupa’s first announcement that he is king of the farmy! i have known a lot of peacocks in my day and they like to be the boss!!!

  13. I laughed so hard at your new foghorn signal. No way you’ll forget that fella! Your breakfast looks wonderful. Love those colorful flowers!

  14. Your blog is enchanting; luv the photos; luv the names of the animals, luv the exchange of glances; delightful, larky, wonderful

  15. How wonderful that Kupa is making his voice heard in your beautiful garden – love his growing confidence 😀
    As for your tulips they are stunning – such a rich colour with silky texture 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  16. Kupa has definitely found his voice again lol. I love this story. I can see there is never a dull moment on this amazing farm 🙂

    • Oops, that posted too early. I really, really hope Mama lambs this weekend. I feel for her in a big way, but there you are sleeping with one ear open, Celi!

      • honey i am getting tired but not as tired as this sheep, tonight with great regret, i have locked the poor girl into the maternity pen in the barn, she is getting too big to walk about, her back legs are not taking it anymore.. and also when i pop in and out in the dark, i will know exactly where she is.. c

  17. Tis the season for tulips and I’ve taken some brilliant images myself..though SG is no the type of site to display them on. 🙂 Have a great weekend Cecilia!

    • H aha ah oh i don’t know, some of those soccor hooligans liked roses!!.. surely you could do tulips! i want to see them.. c

  18. Mornin’ Celi.
    You made me laugh with your ‘exchange of glances”! You’ve only had Kupa two minutes and already he has attitude – I think he’s settled in.
    The tulips are a gorgeous colour, very pretty. Hope the weekend is eventful for Mama – we are all waiting . . .

  19. Haha! I can see Kupa totally acclimated to the farmy… that’s great! But, oh Mama!! She’s playing hard to get… or hard to bear 😉

  20. I know just what sound Kupa made, and I can just imagine how it startled the other animals! They’d undoubtedly not heard that cry before…it’s a haunting sound until you get used to it! He’s obviously quite at home…he is a lucky boy! Even rain water for his drink. Fingers crossed that Mama delivers this weekend! I could just picture rushing from one appointment to the next with one eye continually towards her corner! 🙂 Debra

  21. I love how your writing really draws the reader in.. I could just picture everyone looking around, wondering what that noise was:) Kupa is a pretty special bird.. such colors.. truly magnificent!! xoxo

    • No you are not being gullible.. we are lucky that john has a workshop set up to refine cooking oil into gas for a diesel motor, so in the summer I toodle about for free!.. morning roger.. c

  22. LOL! Poor Mama! I’ve been there too – pacing, pacing thinking this was it and nope….false alarm yet again. 🙂 Oh and that Kupa! I just love looking at those pictures. He’s just so beautiful!!!!

  23. That looks like my kinda breakfast! Such a graceful sound for such a beautiful and regal bird. Hehe, I love how you described your comic moment, I could see it all happening. Thank you. 🙂

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