The Best Mother’s Day Gift is not a Toad

No, it is not a toad. Unless of course Mum loves toads or your Toad lives in a Hall. 

The best Mother’s Day present is probably not a skinny nosy chicken. Better to have a fat one, served with roasted rosemary potatoes and gravy scented with orange zest. 

The best Mother’s day present is not a  poopy barn pigeon either. Or even two of them.  Forget about a pigeon pie too. Too much cleaning up. 

It is not the policeman sheep with her disinterested  offspring on a muddy day.  Though they are kind of cute on any day. 

The Best Mother’s Day present may not be three peacocks in a row waiting to be released. because they have to wait just a little longer.  Though they are a close second I think. 

No, the best present for a mother, because  her five children are all grown and far away and cannot collect her wild flowers with broken stems and perfectly missing petals or pin abstract big brush paintings on the wall, or at age 11 busk with a didgereedoo outside the music store counting in the money until he has enough to buy her a favourite CD.

The best present  is a Cleaning Lady for the day from the Matriarch. Only another mother would understand the joy of a house-work-free day! Yesterday my house was scrubbed from one end to the other. Brilliant. In the afternoon I wrote for hours. Just worked with words.  I just sat in my summer office, with the windows open, in a lovely clean sweet smelling house and worked on the story!

I am telling you this now because when  word gets out these amazing women who clean will be all snapped up. So find her. Bring her home. Or buy an apron and a duster.  This is the best Mother’s Day present for someone like me.

Good morning. Today is dawning clear, sunny and soggy. We have mammoth puddles still covering the fields, which is wonderful for the frogs. Last night the air was full of frog and toad sounds. The half planted Frog Garden already has two big fat residents. Mary’s cat has taken to lying on the board walk of the Frog Garden with one arm sleepily dangled through the slats to the water below,  like a lazy fishing line with a claw hook.  It won’t work Puss. The frogs can see you!

Have a lovely day.


74 Comments on “The Best Mother’s Day Gift is not a Toad

  1. What I would have given for a gift like that when my three were small! I remember asking (for a birthday, I think) to have an entire day to myself, take the kids to your Mama, I need Thinking Time…
    No deal.
    One of the many reasons we didn’t stay married….
    I’m hoping for a Big Ol’ Porch Swing this year, but I’d take the toads, too!
    Enjoy your day, C! I’ve got one more before the rain comes back!

    • It looks like we have a few perfect days in a row, good gardening days, no wind and in the 70’s. JOY! a porch swing with your angel in the evening sounds dreamy! c

  2. What a wonderful treat. It is such a luxury to have your house cleaned for you and then to have a day of uninterrupted time. And it sounds like you made the most of it. Love the image of sheep – they are too cute! xx

    • They would NOT pose for us yesterday! but strung out behind their Mum they still look cute! morning charlie.. c

  3. Our monsoon is still here. I love your idea of the dos and don’ts of mothers day gifts. Definitely the best one is a day off. I am lucky enough (or unhealthy enough if you want to look at it that way) to have a once a week cleaner, and the feeling of relief at gazing round a clean house is one to cherish.

  4. Good morning Celi! Although wilf flowers, paintings and busking (?) we’re priceless ah the beauty of a clean house by someone else and the hours freed up to spend with words, Now that is beautiful!

    • I think so. It is a hard job – cleaning, and deserves to be well paid. Doing it for nothing is just a bore! c

  5. what a great present! we finally got some rain! gotta run….i am going to go dance naked in it!

  6. Love the whole thing, but the reference to Wind in the Willows won my heart early on.
    Who doesn’t love THAT Mr. Toad?

  7. Awesome! What a great gift! Nothing nicer than a spring-cleaned home to warm the cockles of your heart – even better when you had the whole day to do your writing.
    🙂 Mandy

    • It is a restful POV, looking back at the verandah, which reminds me i have to get the hammock out today and hang it up! c

  8. Love the pictures!
    I didn’t know that you have 5 children, that’s wonderful. How exciting to have the prospect of so many grandchildren!

    Your mother in law is a smart woman. 🙂

  9. Ah! A clean house–time for a cup of coffee and a leisurely stroll around the farm to snap pictures! Wonderful gift. The new peahens are beautiful and so regal!

  10. Now that is a great gift idea for a Mother’s Day gift! It sounds like you thoroughly enjoyed it, too. Great set of farmy pics, today. You’re too far inland for it but we had a thick fog last night and into this morning. Although the sky is still a bit hazy, the sun seems to be burning it off. I certainly hope so. Things are pretty soggy around here and a little sun wouldn’t hurt. Have a great day, Celi.

  11. Ohhhhh that would be heavenly!!! What a gift. I almost didn’t put my blog up today because it showed how dirty my house is… 😉

    • I zapped over to look at your dirty house and found a remarkably clean lamb in the kitchen!! c

  12. Oh, what I wouldn’t do for a cleaning lady on occasion. So glad you got one and then spent much of your day writing. Wonderful. My brother and his wife hired a cleaning lady to come to my mom’s house twice a month. It is one of the best gifts ever for an 80-year-old woman, especially when most of us six children lives hours away.

    • It is so simple and works all round. Your mum got a clean house, some one dropping in on a schedule plus the cleaner gets employment.. a great idea.. c

  13. I am happy you had a change of pace and a little extra time to spend doing what you do so well. Enjoy!

  14. Actually, my mom would love the toad, the chicken, or the policeman sheep. Not sure about the peacock, he’d compete for attention too much.

    • Coltrane does not like to be left quietly on the corner and toads are only loud in the evening! I think I would like your Mum..c

  15. You are so right about a top to bottom (house) cleaner. I’d love that for Mother’s Day, next year in March since we celebrate ours at a different time of the year in the UK. Oh, and may I please have one of those froggies to eat all the mozzies that are breeding in our wet weather, please?

    • I will pop one in a box for you, we have plenty!! In fact i have to be careful not to step on them in the grass! c

  16. True words! Once in a while it is nice to have all that invisible work that you do recognized and lifted away. I like the sound of a frog garden. My number one son is an avid frog hunter- happily, they are too quick for him!

  17. My mother would love having the house cleaned for a Mother’s Day gift, especially because it is a big, old, decrepit house. But she is very particular about how things are done.

    • It would take the heavy work out of it though, the shelves, and walls and doors, she can always pop about with the duster and do a touch up afterwards. Maybe one day! c

  18. Absolute heaven would have been a groom to clean out the barn too. Mama is so slim and the lambies so grown up. Best MIL and you deserve the treat. Laura

    • Actually i think the barn is cleaner and tidier than the house as a rule, i like it out there!! c

      • don’t doubt that ….. but then you would have had time to read and write:) Laura

  19. Reblogged this on One Unschooling Mom and commented:
    I always love C’s posts, but this one is especially delish, and with Mother’s Day just around the corner I’m sure some of you might need some instruction on the matter 😉

  20. So happy your Mother’s Day is one that’s bringing you joy for more than a fleeting moment 😉

  21. I’ll be sure to remember these tips for mothers day 😉 – I think we were planning brekkie in bed 😀
    And a cleaning lady? Nice touch! 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  22. I LOVE toads!! Seriously!! Agreed on the chicken 😉 Envious of the peacocks! My neighbors would throw a hissy fit if I brought some home, though I love their “mey-OR” cry! And were I near to you, I would happily exchange some of your good cooking for cleaning your house – I’m a little strange that way, in that I actually love that, as well 😉

  23. When the kids asked me what I wanted for Mother’s Day would you believe I actually told them a cleaning lady for the day. 🙂 The kids looked at me like I was nuts. Like you said, only something another mother would understand.

    • WEll I hope they passed on the word Kristy and you do get a few hours of cleaning.. it is brilliant.. c

  24. For Mother’s Day I would like a window cleaner.
    You sure made the most of your day, how wonderful. Love, love you animal pics.

  25. Great Gift Idea! My parents now are RVers, so less mess to pick up – ha! I wonder if someone would come and clean an RV – interesting. Have a Great Day:)

    • Does the RV cleaner have to chase them down from town to town though. that would be an amusing job!! c

  26. The gift of time; what could be more wonderful? A cleaning lady gee you the freedom to write and be free to do whatever you wanted to do. What could be better than that?

    Happy Mother’s Day!

  27. Oh yes! This is the best mother’s day present of all. How wonderful to have that free time just to write. I’m sure having your house cleaned was excellent for inspiration.

  28. How right you are! A perfect gift for any mother. I do adore your writing. Hope you and the farmy enjoy a wonderful day!

  29. Now that IS indeed a great Mother’s Day gift! And I know we’re all looking forward to your book – though I also understand how long the writing/editing process takes! THere is nothing like the gift of uninterrupted writing time.

  30. Stumbled on to your post here while looking for a Mother’s Day gift for Mom (of course), she just turned 82 and I know she will love your idea! Thanks so much and Happy Mother’s Day to you and all the sweet Mums out there!!! ; ) Paul in CA

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