How to make a Simple Strawberry Daquiri

I am sure you all know how to make a strawberry daiquiri.  This is a very simple version for sun ripened fruit. Put on your favourite pinny, a big floppy straw hat and go out into the garden.   Pick all the sweet juicy strawberries you can see.  

In a blender  out on the verandah. Ice, strawberries, rum and lime. (My version is 2 shots of rum, a big handful of strawberries, a big handful of ice, 1/2 shot of lime juice).   Blend and pour.  These are the only glasses I have that are respectable. The Matriarch said she was not drinking daquiris out of a canning  jar.  Serve. Then sit and watch the hummingbird in the lilac without a sound whilst sipping. After a while,  I ask The Matriarch what she thinks. She says not enough ice and too much rum. Hmm. A clash of cultures.  Never mind.   I make another batch without using the shot glass, add more ice and a few glugs of the rum. Maybe she will not notice the rum if she gets more ice. Are we ever going to get to taste this, she comments with just a touch of thirst, as I photograph the second batch. She is endlessly patient with me and tries to cover her sighs with her hand.  She finally gets a taste of the second batch. Perfect she says. Then after another while of sitting and looking over the garden,  she says.  Now, I  bet you can’t do that again. Suffice to say that we did do it again! But that was the end of the photo session.

Good morning. The evening we spent on the verandah last night was simply perfect, especially with our Simple Strawberry Daquiris. Many recipes call for sugar or sugar water. I made up some of my vanilla infused sugar water but did not use it. The strawberries were beautifully sweet and tasty without.

Today has dawned already, the sky is clear, the air is still, the light is beautiful and the animals are all stood at their gates watching the kitchen door waiting patiently.  Except the pigs, they always sleep the latest.

Have a lovely day.


70 Comments on “How to make a Simple Strawberry Daquiri

  1. Yes, I am all about strawberry margaritas, daquiris. and the like these days. Anything to help use the abundance or those lovely read nibbles in my garden.

  2. Loved the remark about the photo session being finished at a “certain point” of the evening… 🙂

    sounds like a great drink, I’ve never had it, but we love mixed drinks with rum – and lime juice is always in our concoctions.

    Glad you had a great time…

  3. “… go out into the garden. Pick all the sweet juicy strawberries you can see.”
    That would leave me with just the rum. Probably not a good idea.

  4. Sounds delicious! Probably more of your Hot Toddy weather here though!!!

  5. Looks and sounds delicious. Love the photo of the strawberries in the basket. Have a lovely day.
    Regards Florence x

  6. Those strawberries look perfect. I was going to try this, but realized I probably don’t have a pinny. I even lack the floppy straw hat. (sigh) I am so uncultured. Or male, which is the same thing, really. Good morning!

    • Hmm, maybe we could borrow you a floppy hat from your mum and I think blokes look great in pinnys! You could try it!! c

  7. Looks gorgeous, Celi: and I love that you only have two glasses. We have about six, unmatching and different sizes….

    • Morning Kate!! all my crockery is different too but all white! I love buying just two of something. i don’t think i have ever bought a set in my life!! c

  8. Those look so good! I can’t wait to move and plant a huge garden next year. There will definitely be a lot of strawberries!

    Have a lovely day ~ April

    • I am looking forward to you developing a new property too, but you will be sad to leave the gorgeous little garden that you have! c

      • Yes, I love our yard. Don’t like all the neighbor’s breathing down our necks though! I don’t have vegetable gardens anymore…Tony and Brandon over sprayed them with fence spray so they were no longer organic. Grr… Men, such goofs sometimes. Anyway, now they are flower gardens. I’m ready to move on to the next chapter. Chickens and a HUGE organic garden (no where near a fence)!!

  9. I bet I’d love them without the rum! I have no head for likker but I adore strawberries in any shape or form. Shame the sun hasn’t seen fit to ripen ours yet. Lovely photographs.

  10. Sipping strawberry daiquiri, watching the sun slowly go down… It is a beautiful thought without a doubt 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

  11. You know, I may just indulge in this very thing this afternoon… Except I have gin instead of rum. Strawtini, anyone?

  12. Oh.. you’re just messing with me now… you know I’m a hopeless romantic, so you had me at the floppy hat and picking strawberries. Then you had to throw in the hummingbird and lilacs.. Love it!! xoxoxo

    • The hummingbird was extraordinary, so little and so close and she spent ages going from flowers to flower, we were so quiet watching her.. c

  13. Beautiful strawberries and daiquiris! I just read that Hemingway drank 16 a day, though I’m sure he wasn’t counting. Perhaps it took 16 to put him to sleep 😉

  14. Do you use white rum or dark rum? And is it fresh lime juice? Sounds yummy.

    I have jsut re-discovered rum… the dark sort. I dont like cola – but it very good with a ginger beer 🙂

    • this is made with white rum, and fresh lime juice.. hmm rum and ginger beer sounds VERY good!! must try that. c

  15. Absolutely inspirational! I can’t resist! Although, sadly I’m going to have to run out and buy strawberries. It’s warm here, but not that warm.

  16. This is exactly what I am gonna drink tonight, while relaxing from a busy week. So good!

  17. The last time I tried one of your drink recipes it was for Pieninis Krupnikas. It was amazing, although much more complicated than the strawberry daiquiri. But summertime is for relaxing, so I think I will try one immediately!

  18. What a delicious moment of savouring the fruits of all that hard work. The strawberries look so good, I can almost taste them.

  19. I love The Matriarch, and I love you! My kinda gals! Clink! Salud!

  20. Strawberry daquiris on the veranda with The Matriarch. Now that’s the way to spend a warm Spring late afternoon. The strawberries were just starting to make an appearance at the farmers market this week. I couldn’t take advantage this time. I’ll be heading to Michigan later in the week and I need to start emptying the fridge, not adding to it. Still, had I seen this recipe before I left for the market, things may have turned out differently … 🙂

  21. This looks delicious. And look at those fresh picked strawberries! Reminds me of when I was a kid. This sounds like a perfect way to spend an afternoon!

  22. Mmmmm. Thanks for sharing. I bet this would be stunning with raspberries. Or maybe even the frozen mix that lurks in my freezer for emergencies. And yes, I’d cheerfully drink it out a ‘canning’ jar. Wouldn’t I get more that way anyhow?! 😉

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  24. Hurray! Now I KNOW I’m a pig. I’d be a particularly happy pig with a good strawberry daiquiri in hand, no doubt, but the sleeping in late is key. 🙂

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