Hairy MacLairy gets some Piggy Kisses

Hairy MacLairy the ram makes some unusual friendships. 

But this must be the strangest of them so far.

Sheila were you over there kissing that ram? No Miss C is was not me. It was Charlotte. She’s smelly can I bite her?

I only want to kiss you Miss C.  Why don’t you come closer so I can nibble, I mean, kiss you. I don’t kiss sheep. I am a nice piggie. 

Charlotte is the one.

Queenie arrives at the fence on her tip toes. This heifer is getting so wide she sways as she walks. You want me to sort it out? I can you know, says Queenie. I can head butt her for you.

No, thank you Queenie honey. That is such a sweet offer but I think I can manage.

April asked how big The plonkers were getting. That big. They have a tunnel to the outside field where there is more shade in the afternoon. Half the time there is a Plonker  asleep in the tunnel!

The temperatures rose to 100F (38C) again yesterday with dreadful humidity. So once again I hosed down animals and refreshed water throughout the day. Mama’s lambs were so stonkered by the heat that they just lay about sleeping in the shade, with the occasional sortie out for food and water. Forgetting completely that they had been separated from their mother. Mama is more upset by her restricted diet than anything now. She ate her small serving of dry grass hay with very bad grace. Last night all was quiet.

Tomorrow I will have been blogging for a year. So I shall be constructing a special post for July 4th. If all goes well.. sometimes the farmy happenings do get in the way. There is a change coming you see.  I have a job for you.

One of my reasons for blogging was to train myself to write every day. I had intended to do this for a year then swap the blog writing time into book writing time, using the blog as a resource for a book of stories in chronological order describing a year on the farmy.  Taking it down and taking it apart. Operating on it as though it were a dry thing. In the beginning I saw the blog as a collection of words and pictures.  All that changed because of you.

This journal has become a resource in more ways than the obvious. I now have a pool of good friends with international  advice and incredible support in this often solitary venture. And I cannot bear to lose you.

To close the blog and scuttle back under my rock with all my loot now seems callous and unusually cruel, because I know you are there now.  You are my smiling baby and I cannot take my eyes off you. You have become part of the farmy. My companions. Your own personalities and knowledge have been woven into my work. And I love to form my words and create the images and make  notes throughout the days knowing I will share these with you upon the next dawn.  As Bill said, it is easier to write when you are writing for a person, for a reader. (If you have a moment check out Bill’s page, he put the sweetest childrens story up yesterday, for you to read to the littlees!)

And I have hundreds of you readers. So I am very lucky to be able to write to you. Some of you cannot comment or advise.  And there are a precious number of you who comment almost every day, or once a week, or once a month and sometimes only once and you are the most vocal of the Companions of the Farmy.  All of you have become part of the fabric of the Farmy. I could never have seen that coming.

Good Morning. Of course I will keep my Farmy Door Open for a long time yet. I don’t think there was ever a question. However to achieve the next objective AND to blog daily, I need your  help to compile the first book of Farm Chapters.   We will be needing a working title. There will be 12 chapters.

So from tomorrow, I shall give you the link to ‘What happened on the Farmy on this Date A Year Ago.’ (There must be a more concise way to say that.)  This takes both you and I back to look and choose.  (Though in the beginning I did not blog every day so it will not be too arduous). I believe there is even a WordPress programme with which we can turn the best of the blog into a book.  Though I also want to be able to print it. (I love books)  There is a lot for me to learn. Each page we choose will have to have work. Usually I get it all written in an hour in the morning. So the book version will be screeds better. And lately I am not writing so well. I will have to pull my socks up!

What a journey we are about to embark on. But first I need to get out there and milk my cow!

I will be back in a couple of hours to see what you think.  By then I will be armed with coffee and breakfast and ready to begin the writing work.


123 Comments on “Hairy MacLairy gets some Piggy Kisses

  1. Early congrats on a whole year! Keep on blogging, you would be too missed if you ever dared go. Don’t make us send one of the piggies after you! 🙂

  2. morning, C! Those piggy kisses made me smile early this morning.

    I think it’s wonderful that you now have a record of everything that happened, looking back and reflecting on the year, but also a very supportive community of not only friends, but also a readymade market test group of readers! 🙂 Well done on your (almost) anniversary!

    • We are a community Ksenia, that is exactly the word. An overused word out there in the wide world but it the one for us! c

  3. Don’t confuse ‘not writing as much’ with ‘not writing as well’. Your workload increased exponetially with the milking and the arrival of all the pigs; the shorter posts are a given. But the Celie Voice still shines through…
    How long til the plonkers wind up in the freezer?

    • All the fresh food is just starting to come out of the gardens and into their buckets so the big pigs will be around for while yet.. c

  4. Morning Celi. Adorable photos. Looking forward to taking a step back in time with you. Enjoy your breakfast. Have a lovely day.
    Regards Florence x

  5. my kids call me marmy so i am sure if i were you, the book would be marmy on the farmy….groan!!! there are few blogs i read that i enjoy as much as yours. i feel as though i know every step on the farm and each individual animal. i have wanted a small farm for most of my life and i feel as though i have a virtual one now. the moment i read the title of this morning’s post, i had a huge smile just sitting here in my kitchen! blog on dear sweet woman!

  6. Morning, c! I also find titles difficult. I’ve just rewritten and tweaked an old piece that I wrote last year, and I still can’t put a suitable title to it. I’ll look forward to this endeavour we’re about to stumble into!

  7. Morning Miss C, congratulations on a wonderful farmy year! Look at Hairy and his delightful girls.
    I will miss your post before I go to bed each night; it’s been a splendid year.

  8. I was hoping for the book! But the blog goes with my coffee each morning…

      • Still, I have thought your blog would be a wonderful book. Sort of a Year in Provence-ish. Can’t wait to see what’s next!

  9. Lovely piggysheepycowykissespictures! Please don’t stop blogging, Celie. You make my day, every day. Congrats on the year. And the followers – isn’t it a wonderful way to make friends?

    I achieved 60 thousand visits yesterday. And that feels pretty good, too. If you find out how to turn a WP blog into a book, do let us know: I’d love to do that with my poems, and I’ve put my novella into a new fiction page that I would prefer to be paper!

    • 60 thousand visits that is fantastic. i think that together we can find some pretty good ways to turn the Best of a Blog into a book. Sometimes I think what to leave OUT may be the toughest part! I also prefer paper, i plant a lot of trees to make up for it!! c

      • I’ve looked around a bit.. I’m sure you’ve heard of website? Apparently it can funnel your blog posts into a book. Mine didn’t work, though, maybe I have too many photos and word formats? I think it can be done manually, which is likely better beause I’d want to pick and choose the posts I use…. I just haven’t had the time to work on it.

        c.. it’s been so lovely to have met you and I’ve thoroughly enjoyed your blog, I look forward to reminiscing with you as we look back through this past year… best of luck with the next “chapter” of your life… xo Smidge

        • Thank you .. i shall check out the site.. lots of learn.Only very few of my pages would get into a book and they will all be edited and finished properly. At least with a book i will be able to use more words!! c

      • So do we, and we let dozens of self-sewn trees survive or replant (these are called volunteers) I will look at that blurb site.

  10. Well first of all, I need to tell you that I am thankful that you are not closing down shop with your blog! I look forward to it every single day and it’s the first one I look for. I would be so sad without knowing what’s happening on the farmy and not being a part of your day! 🙂 I think a book is a fantastic idea!

    The Plonkers ARE big! Charlotte and Sheila don’t look quite as big next to Hairy Maclairy. Are you sure he was head butting…maybe he was loving those kisses and just nuzzling. Ha!

    Have a lovely day. We are celebrating my son’s birthday early today and then are headed out to camp for a few days.

    ~ April

    • he literally stood there while they nuzzled and nibbled at his head.. I think he has done this often as there was no hesitation on either side.. so cute.. so naughty, c

  11. This line should get a prize: “But first I need to get out there and milk my cow!” I wish I could use it sometime, but everyone would think I was nuts as there is no cow. Congratulations on the undertaking of your book. We will support you no matter how you decide to book-write/blog. I would miss this, but dreams are not to be set aside…I look forward to seeing the blog posts, I hadn’t yet read…it will be fun. Now I’m gonna reread your last post on making yogurt. I am determined to do this, even though my life is urban schmurban. All the best…

    • Let me know how your yoghurt works out, it is too good to miss out on esp if you like greek unsweetened yoghurt! c

    • I just looked at paperchase and we are onto something there and the challenge with print, is finding the ORIGINALS of all my images! I am the worlds worst filer! And as you can imagine most of the photos are hand held!! c

  12. It’s lovely how all your farmy friends are forming their own friendships. 38C if very hot for Kiwi. Congrats on your first year blogoversary and I’m so pleased you’re going to stay with us. Looking forward to all that is to come in the day, weeks, months and years ahead xx

  13. Hmmm, my comment seems to have vaporised. It’s lovely to see your farmy friends making their own friendships. 38C is very hot for a Kiwi. We didn’t have temps that hot this year in our coldest summer on record. Congrats on your first year anniversary and may there be many more to come xx

    • Look up.. i think that is you.. and you are right.. i did not grow up with heat like this! We would have closed the school and all gone home days ago!! c

  14. That could be your book title – First I need to milk my Cow. Being that Daisy is the Mother Ship to the whole Farmy and your first chore every morning. I would miss this blog terribly, being my favourite and the only one I have commented on – not being a Blogger myself.

    Didn’t I read somewhere in my travels that WordPress print a book of the first year of blogs anyway – how would this be affected by you switching over to .com recently? Laura

    • Hmm, i must do a search on that, it would be good to have the lot in print for a reference..when putting together the good book c

  15. Goodness you set yourself some tasks Cecilia! I would LOVE to see your efforts in print because you can’t beat books. Maybe a children’s book too about the Farmy, with loads of lovely pictures. One that I could buy for our twinnies! However, should you ever give up on the blog, what would I do at lunchtime?

    • I will not give up on the blog unless you all do! And I am seriously working on a children’s book for all the grand children.. That one will be a pleasure to put together! But i had better get a wriggle on.. all these babies are growing fast! c

  16. What a feat; you have managed to attract thousands of readers in ONE YEAR???

    Your numbers speak for themselves. Obviously the answer is that you should consider running for President of the United States, blogging all the way into the White House. I think you have much more interesting things to say than any politician out there.

    Now, what was the question?

    • Oh no, not thousands, hundreds a day.. not thousands – that would be somewhat overwhelming! I am still nice and cosy small.. just like my wee farmy.. where would i fit thousands of you anyway!! My barn is not that big! c

  17. Ah, how to do it all…and still get your cow milked ;-). Please don’t stop blogging. I look forward to your “good morning” every day.

  18. Celi, your blog has become a must-read for me every morning. Yours is such a different world, and I enjoy my little peek into it. Congratulations on a year! That’s quite an accomplishment, and I’m sure there have been days when it wasn’t easy to fit the writing in. But you’ve done it. I look forward to the next chapter (or chapters)!

    • Morning Gerry, I get up VERY early to write and if i have not got enough done the night before I get up even earlier. i have to be done by 6 am to milk and feed out so it is a solid tight schedule.. c

  19. First, thanks for the mention. Second, I have always assumed, from the first time I read your blog, that this is a book. Heck, with a bit of a twist, it’s a movie. As is, you would make a beautiful reality TV show. They would even give you a permanent Tall Teenager, all full of angst and drama. Perhaps a former Mennonite or Amish folk.

    • I have a mennonite already!! Awesome.. Johns brother, he has the beard and the braces, the black suit and everything, he is a dairy farmer too (but in Missouri) and just as quiet and gentle as John! I could do with a permanent tall teen, doing the waters again is another hours work a day! c

      • actually, technically,W and I are Mennonite. D used to be – grew up one, I mean.

        • Oh excellent, then I have three already!! There is a photo of your grandmother,(great grandmother?) on the bookcase, I dusted it yesterday and she looks like a pillar of the church. c

              • Your grandmothers apple pies!? Hmm, I wonder if there is an old cookbook anywhere from that time.. that could be some interesting reading.. c

                • Dad’s been working for years on recovering it. He actually came up with a fairly good pie about 10 years ago, believe it or not. He’d probably remember at least a hint. Except, he’s a bit unclear on using, say, lard that’s not rancid and that sort of thing. I think the trick was sour cream.

                  • Huh. well that IS something we can work on.. I shall ask him tomorrow.. what a great tip.. thank you,, this could keep us busy for days and he will EAT every attempt!

  20. I’m a newish reader, but am happy to hear that you are going to stick around and continue writing. I enjoy the pictures and descriptions of your days. Did you really write every day for the whole year? That’s great! Good luck with the book compilation.

  21. Dearest Celi, I know that I can be a bit demanding, but I DO hope that you’ll be including the stories of your life in the Farmy Book. If this cannot be done (although you’ve done it fabulously in your posts), then I hope a memoir is also in order. Although two books might just seem a bit overwhelming! No matter what you decide, we are all here waiting patiently and also here to help you whenever you may need it. xo Oh, I love your new green grapes header…so cool and lovely!

    • A BIT demanding! But you are on the right track. Actually there are three books in here. I was always good at juggling. (Actually i wasn’t but i could have been if I had practised) Anyway there is the farmy book, the short stories from home book and the childrens book. certainly overwhelming. c

  22. Goodness, I so look forward to reading your blog every morning! The pictures of your farm, the animals, and all that you do just makes me want to come visit … but, alas, I can only pay a visit through your blog! A title for your book: “Day Trippin’ on the Farmy” comes to mind! LOL Love you and all you show us every day!!

  23. We have really grown to love your posts each day! You have such a talent for writing and for your photography! Congrats on 1 year! Jim and Mary

    • Morning jim and Mary, wish you were down the road, I would get you to build one of your lovely pergolas out the front for my next planting of grapes! c

  24. The first image just won the current “cutest” award in my book. Well, you cannot stop blogging, that’s for sure. Even though I’m not the first to read and comment usually, it’s hard to get through my day without my smile from the farmy, or the stories, or your great recipes. Celi for President, I rather like that, but then for sure you wouldn’t have time for a book or a farm. I look forward to the beginning of this new adventure, am so happy you are out here, and congrats one day early on a year. I think I can safely speak for everyone who reads your blog when I say you fill our days with simpler, gentler and kinder thoughts and show us our hearts each and every day. We thank you for that. 🙂

    • That is so kind of you, I will keep blogging of course, otherwise i would lose you and that would be terrible for me and the farmy!

  25. Congrats on the one-year of blogging! I for one am happy to have discovered your slice of the blogosphere. I truly look forward to reading your posts and getting a glimpse of the daily life on the farmy. It always puts a smile on my face…takes me out of my head and into another world. I love it. And while I hope you continue blogging for many, many years to come, if you did write a book, I’d stand in line to buy it. 🙂

  26. Check out Blurb. I have used it to create books from my blog. You can import and then organize, re-write, etc. I’ve been happy with results.

  27. That first photo … aw, so cute! And Queenie looks like she’s smiling in that photo. I love the old fashioned chapter titles that start In which so and so happens (but not extremes like in Swiss Family Robinson) and I think you should combine that with the format of Flanders and Swann’s song January brings the … Congratulations on blogging for a year! You have incredible discipline to be able to have posted everyday and have all your photos ready to go. I’ll buy your book as soon as you say when. And although I don’t make any sense myself, I’ll offer up my proofing services too. 😉

    • well thank you, I will certainly need some help in that depratment. Everyone needs another clear eye cast over their work. c

  28. Love your blog. Where do you come up with all the animals names? We always named our animals too and, of course, they could talk….just like yours to.

  29. I have grown very attached to you and the farmy. I feel like I have a connection with you and have enjoyed getting to know you. I also find that I feel like I am going to a very comfortable gathering
    of friends to chat and share every morning so I’d miss all of my new friends, should the blog change shape. The animals …wellllll……I am sure they would thrive without me, as you are an amazing caretaker. Its just that I have a soft spot for each one and would wonder how they are doing. And then there’s the old codger….and the bees..and I might worry about the hay baler.
    Ok , I’d be a mess by fall.

    Thank you for opening your door and inviting us all in. Please don’t let us stay beyond our


    and that Hairy….just needs a massage and will stoop to pig slobber if need be. I am certified to massage horses…hmmmmmmm …

    • You could never out stay you welcome nanster. The blog won’t change its shape, there is way too much to do yet. I will put the retrospective link right at the bottom after the days events so you can look if you want to. .. and comment there if you want to.. otherwise.. business as usual.. and i will be writing the book in the afternoons. So DO NOT DESPAIR! l. i should have made that clear! thank you for pointing that out! c

  30. Celi, so glad to hear you will keep blogging as I just got here and enjoy your farmy stories very much. I’m a new arrival just a couple of weeks old. It would be a sad world to not read what you are doing! Love the piggy kisses! adorable..

  31. I’ll cheer you on in any way you most want encouragement, Celi! You do have a book here, there is no doubt in my mind. It will be so interesting to see how you proceed, and I don’t think you’ll completely abandon us…you will see our sad little faces looking at you through the farmy fence if you do that…but maybe you can find a new balance between all efforts. Whatever you do, we’ll be there to wish you well!! Love the photos today. They are quite remarkable! Debra

    • I am not changing the blog debra honey, the gate is still open every day. format the same, animals, gardens and food all the same. But as well as that we are going to begin to gather in the book! You can help me by telling me what works! c

  32. Ooooo exciting times Celi! I think I can grasp what you plan to do, but only think – we take a looksy back at your post and then what…. comment, choose the best bits? Maybe I need some coffee!
    And you do realise I’ve been holding off on the dreadful pig jokes like “bringing home your bacon” for WEEKS. And well today I’ve obviously cracked.
    Hope it cools down a wee bit for you, we’re off for a breezy stroll, when is it ever not breezy by the English seaside …..

  33. There now, you are exactly right.. when you have an extra moment you can click on the link at the end of each days post and go to a past post and have a laugh, most are NOT book material. other than that we will continue farming! after all that is what i do! and yes I can see why you almost cracked today.. i have trouble not saying “Catch a gander at those hams!” as they walk past! That would be terribly bad form. c

  34. Tales from the Farmy 😉 I love your idea! And love the piggy kisses. Our hound dog kiss horses, cows and/or whatever else she meets across the fence! The little cattle dog just bounces in excitement and the lab wiggles.

  35. I was just thinking, today as I clicked on the link to your blog from the email notification, that I’ve become quite fond of reading the daily post (in the evening for me, time difference!). I didn’t read every day at first, for a while actually, as I didn’t quite have time to go back and catch up. But once Kupa came along I felt as though I’d been around for the start of something, and I wanted to see what happens next! I don’t comment much, because I get shell-shock when all the comments posted after mine show up in my inbox on top of the 80-something I get a day from other blogs, and my own of course. And I’m pretty terrible about remembering to come back and see if you’ve said hi in return! Which you always do, and that just another reason we all keep coming back 🙂
    I’m looking forward to reading past posts as new posts, and if I can help at all I’ll do so! My talent lies more in proof-reading than animal husbandry, however.

    • I am sure half your shell shock is from reading my work if proof reading is the name of your game. i work so fast that my tenses and puntuation and grammar go all over the place. I am glad you feel at home now and come often. Your inbox sounds very busy. I am glad to see you when you comment but do not feel you should. I am just glad that you are out here with us and still reading!! c

  36. I look forward to reading your blog daily and finding out how “our” farmy friends are doing…….
    You are a gifted writer. Thank you for sharing. I look forward to more adventures on the farmy.
    Love GMom

  37. That Hairy is such a charmer! Look at him acting so suave and the Girls just eating him up — quite literally, unfortunately!
    Congrats on your anniversary and it is so good to hear that you’re moving towards your book(s). I want to place my order for one of each of the books you pen. I thought it best to order now and beat the rush.
    You’ve certainly got my support, Celi, and I think I speak for many when I wish you, “Good luck!”

  38. Hi Celi! I am so glad to hear that you will be turning this into a book. I was hoping you would! But I foresee it being published by something even better than It will definitely be of interest to many people!

    Congratulations on a fantastic year on the farmy and excellent writing. I look forward to hearing more but will completely understand your need to focus on the book more and of course just the living part of your life on the farmy if you need to! All the very best. You are such an inspiration. Ho

    • Good morning. i am going to do my level best to blog AND write. They kind of feed each other so i am sure it will not disturb my focus or anything.. c

  39. Morning C, I wish you would not go! Your posts are refreshing and beautiful!
    And maybe cut back on posts is the way to go, after all we would miss you way too much!
    But your workload and family is understandable 🙂

    Choc Chip Uru

    • I will let you know when there is something to see, some of the early ones are a wee bit embarrassing! c

  40. I recently found you blog and love it! Look forward to seeing this all in a book. Do hope you keep blogging!

  41. I panicked for a moment there thinking that you were going to stop blogging. And then when I read that you want to compile your best posts into a book, I was elated. I have thought for a long, long time that you need to do this. The potential market for such a book is huge given the current back to basics trend. You have a gift for writing and photography, storytelling and connecting. So glad you are moving toward publication of a book.

    • I will need help, but i will not stop blogging, after all this is where my support team lives!! and Audrey i will be very interested to see which of the pages you think have potential c

  42. As you know from a previous comment from me I had already been casting my eye from time to time over the farmy’s back catalogue as I recently came in about the same time as Kupa and the pea hens and was curious about the earlier times. Your to idea link back to past posts and collaborate with your entourage to create a book/s is very clever. I agree also you have the voice, characters and images to for children’s books. You’ve done so well, it’s a natural progression to take it further 🙂

    • Morning EllaDee.. I love working with a team so it seems natural to me to work with the team who has developed around the farm blog. As you know there is a lot of talent in this group.. c

  43. I first came upon your blog while reading a comment section at Collie Farm . You had linked a story you had written for Michelle to read. It was the story about the night you were out in the field listening to packs of coyotes. Sitting there in your gum boots and nightie with your dog. I felt that I was right there with you, with the hairs on my neck straight up! It was a fantastic story, well written, and it drew me into reading your blog daily. You are a wonderful writer and I hope that your book cones to be. I will certainly read it. Good Luck, Faith.

    • How absolutely wonderful. thank you for reading. yes i agree that the coyote story has the potential to be in the book.. we must have another look at it! c

  44. Well, the farmy is definitely not an orthodox place (Hairy McC and pigs, whatever next?). How awe-inspiring that you have posted every day for a year! Please don’t go away, but do consider cutting back and posting just 2-3 times a week, or even weekly I know, from balancing writing books with blogging and doing a seasons newsletter, that I have to pull back my energies for book production. This is now time for sustainability, and as a farmer, you know all about that!
    Meanwhile, I’m sending you abundant rain from NZ. Check out this link and have a good rain-bath:

    • Not orthodox NO!! There is a lot of afternoon time that i can gather up for writing if i am clever. i would hate to give up the dawn post. We all love them so and it centers me. Tho some days they will be shorter.. now i am off to look at your rain! c

  45. I only recently found your blog and am so glad I won’t have to lose it! One of my favorites. I am always looking forward to reading it.

  46. I’m glad you’ve been able to pursue your dream of writing a book. And look at all the fun you’ve had in the meantime! Congrats on a year, and blessings on your project!

  47. You’ve taught me a great deal about farming…without the backaches, flies/gnats/skeeters and sweating. You were so kind to show me the wonder and humor and love of it all…I’m glad to hear that you’ll be sharing that magic with a larger audience. They will love it. Congratulations, and break a leg (reference to your theatre background, not that I actually want you to break a leg 😉

  48. aw shucks I love the photos of the piggie kissing the sheep. I’ve never seen anything like that before. 🙂

  49. Lovely photos celi and the commnets here must have made you feel very warm and loved! You know we would all miss you, but I see that this is not going to happen (i.e. you´re not going to stop blogging), Three books – that´s a lot of work, but I think you have even more than that in you…you will be a runaway success and we´ll all be so thrilled to have shared a little in your story. Exciting times ahead!

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