Who Left the Gate Open?

Now,  what is wrong with this picture?

Exactly. Hairy MaClairy in with Mama.  Pretending he is not really there! Way too early for that carry on Hairy!

The onions have statted lifting themselves so they are being hung out to dry.  Onions have done very well this year.

So have my Easter Chickens. They still hang together in a gaggling flock. 

In the evening they all come out and do a wonderful job of cleaning up the pigs eating area.

Mama is back where she belongs and look at that lamb. There is always one who will stand IN the feeder. 

Daisy looking restful.

Good morning. The weather is back up in the three digits again. But we are managing.  The fields with good shade do not have much grass left, so I am feeding hay to the animals in where it is cool.  I have a few Heat Wave smoothie popsicles  in the freezer that i eat with my nuts and raisins before I go out to work at three in the afternoon.  I am usually only out for about three hours at a stretch.

I made the most beautiful Tomato and Saffron tart yesterday. Home made Pastry, then a layer of freshly made tomato sauce, then a layer of savory custard  kissed by saffron. Itwas divine.  There was a lovely shot of it cooling, all gloriously golden yellow from the eggs, with the fresh bread on the rack way behind it. Perfect light.  The crunchiness of the pastry sharp in contrast. All very pretty on my black kitchen counter. Mouthwatering. But I deleted the originals before checking to make sure I had saved the edited one, which of course I hadn’t and poof it is gone.  It is a recipe Elaine found for me, using produce from the garden, everything except the flour was from the Kitchens Garden.  And the saffron that Tanya sent from Spain.

Good morning.  Thank goodness I am not a food blog! Isn’t it so wonderfully satisfying to cook from the garden.

Thank you for your wonderful comments and information yesterday. You are awesome teachers. And I have so much to learn. We all need to keep being vigilant about what is being sprayed, what is happening in our fields and what we are putting in our bodies.   Be careful.  There are very few restrictions anymore.

And either we choose to be a part of the problem or a part of the solution. Albeit a tiny tiny part. I think that often people say to themselves “That is not my problem, I can’t do anything abut that”.   And This is why they call it Global Warming instead of  Pollution.  The term Global Warming is nefarious and  is presented to us so that it appears to be on an inexorable course and we cannot make it better. We are powerless they say. But it is a political football.  Actually I believe that there are two issues here. One is the changing weather patterns.   But the greater part of the problem is Pollution.  Pollution is a word we don’t hear anymore. Because it is a personal word. Personal Pollution. A farmer and his spray. Me and my rubbish bin. What we put in the shopping trolley at the supermarket. We CAN do something about our own personal contribution to polluting our air, water and soil.  We can. We can choose not to buy anything that has a Genetically Modified ingredient or has been sprayed. WE can cut down on plastic packaging. We can choose to buy from a company that tries its best to mitigate its impact on the air, soil or water.  There are tons of things we can do.

And like one of you said yesterday, we need to make sure we are informed.  We are powerful, we can take back control of our own food. Little chook steps. OK stepping down from my soap box.

And thank you Sara for your help when I went into a panic about Minty having a lesion in the corner of her mouth which turned out to be a scratch from eating hard dry grass, that has developed a wee infection. We thought it may be a virus called Sore Mouth. Such an old condition with that old fashioned name.  Sore Mouth is contagious though and I have a closed flock. Plus no-one else is presenting with it. So we will see. If you want to see a shot of the area on her mouth for your information, let me know. I will email it to you.

The sheep are getting a bit run down from the endless heat and drying up pasture so it is not surprising that the bottle fed baby, who has the least defenses, would be the one to catch something.   So they are having the special feed with garlic, cider vinegar and flax seed oil every day, for a few weeks, instead of once a week.

Have a lovely day.  You are such a great bunch to have visiting. I do love our letters in the morning! OK Off to work for me!




88 Comments on “Who Left the Gate Open?

  1. I must have had a sixth sense it was going to be hot today, I sent you my favourite hot weather sorbetto. I hope the tart lived up to expectations. And yes Hairy is the odd one out in the photo.e

    • oo sorbetto sounds like it will be an instant hit! I look forward to making that.. maybe this time i won’t lose the picture!! c

  2. I see I have plenty to catch up on – all the animal and farmy carry-ons and now sparying. Poluution is the right word Celi, but I do love that you use a British clipped voice to get your message across! So what’s your next plan, and how do you deal with neighbours that spray crap?!

    • Just deal with it i guess. Communication is the key ! morning claire, welcome back from your travels! c

  3. Beautiful post in every way – I feel inspired to embark on some new projects on this farm but not yet. I love your phrase ‘little chook steps’ – that says it all!

  4. Sending a big ‘hi’ all the way from Australia [Southern Highlands of NSW, if you still can place it!]. Just wanted to say a ‘thank you’ for getting on that soapbox and using that word ‘pollution’ which most people do not want to hear! Have quietly been reading and thoroughly enjoying your blog for just awhile. Know Daisy by now and soon will be on ‘talking terms’ with the others! Well, your temps are in the 40s and we barely make the teens, so ‘enjoy’ 🙂 !

    • MORNING AUSTRALIA! (Hope you heard me!) and welcome to the Lounge of Comments. and thank you for using the word pollution too. Lets make it a dirty word again!! Get it out there. c

  5. Amen to the word Pollution! If everyone worked on cleaning up their own little corner, we could get it done…
    Hope you get some relief soon…I know you have a date planned for the pigs, but what about the Murphies? Lots of folks around here are taking their animals early, because of the expense of hay and water…

    • By using the term Global Warming the politicians puff themselves up and say don’t worry about it little people, this problem is much too big for you -WE will fix it for you.. just elect US! What? Um NO. I can get busy in my own little corner thank you very much.. c

  6. Must have been hot on that soapbox – we were all there! Naughty sheepy boys 🙂

  7. It all looks so calm and tranquil, although iI know the reality is different! The tart sounds amazing and feling very inspired and want to make one for myself! Stay cool celi – you may have to reclaim the pigs´paddling pool 😉

    • Are you home yet? i can email the recipe to you if you like, it sounds complicated but really it is quite simple.. c

  8. Great pictures but I’m sad to miss the tart. I’m going to give it a go following your plan and hopefully a picture will appear. It sounds delicious. This afternoon I shall be out in the fields photographing my neighbour testing out his 1960’s Claas combine harvester pulled by his refurbished 1968 Nuffield tractor. As the tractor is British he thought it proper that I should take the pictures.

    • Very right and proper. Well I DO hope that you are going to show us those tractor shots, how fantastic. If you like I can email you the recipe for the tart. It really is much simpler than described in the book. It is lovely cold too i just had some for brekky.. c

  9. The Easter chickens are very pretty, I love their reddish brown coloring. It’s almost as if they are posing for you! Daisy is pretty in the sunset and your tart sounds like it was divine! I’ve done that with pictures too and it is so frustrating!

    Hope you have a lovely day and try to stay cool out there! We are creeping back up into the 90’s but we’ve been having a little storm every evening, which has been very nice.

    ~ April

    • there is nowhere that is cool now, even the pool is like a luke warm bath.. I find myself working later and later in the evening when it freshens slightly.. how i wish we had your little evening storms.. have a lovely day april..

    • Thats right, you are too.. make sure to point me to that page when you blog the milling! fantastic.. c

  10. Saffron from Spain.. please make the tart again, my mouth is watering:D I hope the weather breaks and you have some lovely rain! My daughter enjoyed your little farmy animals this morning and it cheered her up considerably!! xoxo Smidge

  11. You’re absolutely right. The whole global warming thing (or Global Warning as one of MY old codgers used to say!) has slithered its way into our vocabulary replacing none-P.C. pollution. As far as I see it, climate change has been around for millions of years, it’s part of the earth’s evolution. But POLLUTION, which makes matters worse, is definitely our fault. Supermarkets are way up there on the main culprits’ list in my opinion, some worse than others and I feel that it’s up to us to put them under pressure to make changes.
    P.S.Yesterday I gave you & Daisy a mention on my blog but it was a bit late in the day when I commented on your post, so you may have missed it. It would give a whole new meaning to ‘Driving Miss Daisy’!

    • OH thank you.. i shall zoom over to Ireland immediately! Skye? is that right. I don’t want my time machine to put me down in the wrong place! c

      • No, it’s the northwest of Scotland but maybe you could visit relations in Ireland en route!! Perhaps the installation of a Sat. Nav. in your time machine might help!!!

        • Oops sorry, I think I do need a sat nav in the time machine.. OK put the kettle on I shall be there yesterday!! So sorry my geography is rubbish!

          • That’s O.K. Skye’s a very wee place after all. Illinois is much bigger but I’m still guilty of thinking that it’s ‘somewhere in the middle’ of the U.S.!!!

  12. I totally agree Celi, we can all make changes ourselves that will help to heal and strengthen our planet. There are also many organizations online that are fighting the power/political/corporations that we can also become a part of and support. Thank you for your messages like this one, they are great reminders of what WE CAN do. xo

  13. hi celi! no rain here yet either and hot hot hot. they are saying we will be 76 degrees on friday. i’ll believe that when i see it. try to stay cool!

    • Mercy you are having a rough summer.. I hope you get your 76. they said today that we were going Down to 99.. oh joy I thought! c

  14. That last shot of Daisy and the setting sun makes me really long for the prairie. Oh, how I miss those sunsets on the southwestern Minnesota prairie. Thank you for that gift this morning.

    • You are most welcome audrey, with all this hazy hot weather we have the most beautiful beginnings and endings to our days! c

  15. Oh if I had a nickle for every lost photo… ouch! But the ones you shared this week are great as usual, and I can almost smell/taste that tart from your description. Mmmmm!!

  16. i agree, pollution has had a great influence on our land and air. each of us living on our own corners, need to do our job to clean up. we all need to voice our thoughts to our manufactures of foods that we eat. say no to chemicals, and yes to God’s growing ways

  17. Good morning Miss C, and all ewe other farmies! Such manners! Pshaw! Footies in ewer food. One would think ewe’re raised in a barn! Raining and chilly here. I missed lunch – how did that happen?!

    • In NZ they say youze fullas. You could quite easily take your play on words and say ‘Shut the door ewes fullas,. what are ya!?.. were ewes born in a barn?’ ha ha ha you are price less! c

      • Funny that because one of my grandmothers used to say ‘youze’, and she was from Idaho. Oh yes, and she pronounced roof as ‘ruff’. And then there was ‘crick’ …and ……. so on. We blamed it all on her false teeth.

  18. Morning C,
    Hopefully this new wave of heat passes quickly and quietly away…
    I pulled many onions from the garden this week to make your caramelized crock pot onions. My husband loved them. he had what was left warmed over his chop last night.
    Daisy’s photo is lovey and soothing.
    We had a bit of rain last night, so weed pulling will be easier today.
    Stay cool and slow.

  19. The tart sounds wonderful – I can imagine it well, even without photos – and happy to see that all the ewes and everyone are doing well 🙂

  20. Oh, yes, there are things we can do — and often, in my case, it begins with checking my own attitude and taking the garbage out of my mind. See today’s post on “The Wanting Mind,” — up in a half an hour, I should think, or sooner.

  21. Your post’s title gave me a scare. I thought Charlotte had run off. Glad it was just your resident Lothario saying hi. Thank goodness there was no Barry White playing in the background.
    Our temps dropped overnight and the sky is threatening rain but nothing has happened yet. I hope your temps drop, too, and if we aren’t going to get the rain, let it come to you.
    Have a great day, Celi.

    • Imagine a pig running off.. they go so fast.. Our temperature did not drop one bit last night, the old codger told me that it was 115 outside his kitchen windows at dinner time,, and hot again today.. hopefully soon though.. c

      • THe rain never came and although we’re a bit cooler, our temp still reached 95˚. We’re supposed to get some rain tonight and the “path” stretches as far south as the farmy. More rain is called for tomorrow. Fingers crossed!

  22. I just love the photo of Daisy peaceful in the field! It’s beautiful! I thought you might find it interesting that I have started following the weather (through the paper) in your part of the state…You have provided such a visual connection in which I picture your animals with the harsh heat and diminishing hay. I also picture you cooking these wonderful dishes in the heat, Celi, and I don’t think I even need the photo. I can see it! 🙂 Thank you for your “soap box” and please don’t stop! You can keep the dialogue alive from the perspective of someone who lives so close to the land. It is a growing concern and I’m doing what I can in my circle…I think some of my friends and family think I’m a bit extreme in my concerns. You help remind me that I’m not! 🙂 Sending a cooling breeze your way…Debra

    • They may think we are extreme but at lest they are thinking, such a battle for the land going on! c

  23. Those lambs can barely be called lambs anymore, they’ve grown so much! Your onions look fantastic. Hope Minty feels better soon and doesn’t get too poorly or feels the need to share it with the others. You can get software to retrieve files from computers and memory cards if you accidently delete something important, I found this out the hard way. Several times. 🙂

  24. So sorry about the heat there. We are still having a very wet and chilly summer here! Beautiful photographs, as always. The light. The light! And shame on Hairy, though he’s only doing what nature intended 😉

  25. Such a mix of challenges and good things. The tart sounds fabulous, and I could see it vividly through your word pictures. What you are doing on your farm is brave and beautiful, and my day is cheered up from reading of your adventures.

  26. Hairy MaClairy has that hangdog ‘I didn’t mean to” look. I admired the words of your soap box topic – I’ve been cobbling together a post that touches upon similar – you say what I mean so well, I will link it 🙂

  27. I always enjoy your pictures and commentary. And the occasional kick in the seat to be prudent in our own actions. 🙂

  28. Thanks for your message in this post about the reality of pollution. On a lighter note, and please take this in a complimentary way, because that is how it is sincerely intended… Your “Daisy looking restful.” photo is not only beautiful, but the only sunrise photo I have ever seen, in which the sun is rising over the rear end of a cow, which is a genuinely unique perspective. 🙂

  29. Tee hee hee. Hairy. That made me giggle this evening. Your tart sounds delicious! And I do love that you cook from your own garden. Thought of you this week as we were out driving around in the IL countryside. 🙂

  30. Morning, Celi. Your tarte sounded delicious. I’ve just harvested my first round of heirloom tomatoes and am going to try my hand at waterbath canning. Wish me luck because my apple tarte adventure was a roaring disaster.
    I do wish that calling pollution pollution would help to sell a solution and a change in human behavior. But I suspect that it goes much deeper than semantics…and to deep-seeded behaviors of gluttony, greed and sloth. But like you said, I can affect my own behavior, blog about it and try to sell it in person when the opportunity presents itself. I often run smack-dab into a big, stubborn wall of resistance and prejudice to anything that smacks of Sustainability/ Green/ Eco-friendly/ Treehugger/ Hippy. In this For Profit World selling common sense and decency has been a bit of a challenge…but then, no one said it would be easy. Right? Baby steps or crook steps – 3 steps forward, 2 steps back? 😉

  31. You are right – there’s always one animal that has to jump into the middle of the food! It’s funny.
    Oh, and yes, you are also right about each taking little steps concerning a problem – if everyone just took one little step it would make a huge difference.

  32. “There is always one who will stand IN the feeder. ” – Well, they are used to stand on the grass when eating.

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