Longing for evening

Yesterday was just a little day.  A nice peaceful Sunday.

Milking the cow while TonTon watched from his usual  place.  Telling Sheila she knows that John does not like her to play in the traffic and get back in the barn right now it is time for your dinner. Watching the chickens drink the last of the milk. Did you say Thank You to the cats for leaving you some?  They are stood in front of the thirty bales I bought yesterday to add to the forty we baled ourselves the day before, and the hundred we had loaded into the barn a few weeks ago before the price goes up to 6.5o a bale. My usual price is 3.50 a bale. My straw man is very kind  to me. I reorganised one side of the loft to accomodate them.  My arms are tired.

Every time I went onto the verandah I tasted the concord grapes..

Just One,  to see if they are ready to eat. Almost ready.

But all that busy little day yesterday… I was longing to get back to here. Longing for the evening.  Just this once, I went to bed early. Before the sunset even.

Good morning. It is delightfully cool this morning. Today’s sun is just beginning to colour the sky. Daisy is gently lowing from the rat house paddock. I began to add the newly baled hay to her feed and her milk production has risen again. She will jog to the barn now for her milking because that is where the good hay is. Cupboard love. A wonderful thing. Though frankly a cow laden with milk and jogging across the field is not a pretty sight.

There is a long list of things to do today.  No going to bed early tonight!!

Have a lovely day.


On this day a year ago.. basil pesto.

Though over at Tales of Ambrosia – here – there is a far superior recipe and method for pesto.

56 Comments on “Longing for evening

  1. Despite your constant busyness, I always sink into your blog as if I am sinking into a wonderful bath (we don’t have a bath). I love everything about your blog!

    • How do you manage without a bath, maybe you could build one out side and bathe with the birds!! under the stars! c

      • I do have a shower – I mean I do wash! Ah your idea of a bath outside is rather lovely except it is a little cold and rainy at the moment!

  2. Wonderful photos! Glad you got to bed early 🙂 And thank you for your well wishes. We are doing great so far…

  3. What a lovely day on the farm and how perfect to have that early night and long rest. I’m sure it was long overdue xx

  4. Moving bales is hard labour – definitely a good reason for an early night to recharge. Enjoy your day. We have a civic holiday today, so I’m going to have a tomato sauce making day.

  5. Did you manage to get your camera fixed? Loving the grapes – I could just reach out and pick a few (the squirrels used to get mine in London – guaranteed, every year they’d scarf the lot). And for some reason I’m surprised to see how green the hay is.

    • That camera is working but only when it feels like it, I think the next problem is going to be the battery.. Alfalfa hay is quite green isn’t it..not for too long though.. cat

  6. Isn’t it so wonderful to wake up to coolness? Busy day here also. Picking and putting up beans and corn and making jelly and pickles. (When will I pack?) Well, putting up that food is as important as packing at this point. I guess it falls under the same thing as “Making hay while the sun shines!” Have a wonderful day on the farmy.

    • Morning Lynda.. I love to read books and see books and own books, I am greedy like that.. that is the little bookcase of books waiting for a re read … the big bookcase is already a room, I need more shelves is my constant lament!! c

      • Same here! I plan to build a floor to ceiling book wall in the living room this winter. It will improve the wall, and the room, immensely! 😉

  7. And I see you are reading a book by Barbara Kingsolver! Is it Animal, Vegetable, Miracle? Your blog often reminds me of that one.

    • Morning Mary no it is Animal Dreams, but I MUST get ‘Animal, Vegetable, Miracle’. That will be next! c

  8. Good morning, Celi. Are those red Concord grapes? The only ones I’ve seen have been distinctly blue. I slept through the night last night (first time in about a month — ahem). All is well. Have a lovely day.

  9. The picture of the grapes is lovely – such a contrast with the thoughts of hay and heat!
    Aching arms is an understatement after getting in the hay (how do those women on the farm with little kids manage?)
    Farmers go to bed early for a reason!
    Hope the animals all mind their manners and behave and you have a great week

    • Morning Mouse. I have often wondered how one milks and cow and throws around hay with little ones. Do they have a pen for toddlers as well as a pen for the cow? Thank goodness I do not have babies to manage at the same time.. c

  10. You’re so much smarter than me…I had a chance to go to bed at 8:30 last night, and didn’t take it.
    Have a wonderful day…stop by the Corner if you have time, to see Angel with her new friends, the goats 😀

  11. A lovely sigh of a day. Good for you. I love your little roosting…er, resting place.

  12. I’d love to pop up and buy some of that hay Celi. It’s going for almost $9.00 a bale here! Unreal! The good news is the weather report says it will only be in the 90s this week instead of the 100s as it has been the last few weeks, so we can look forward to being a lot cooler! 🙂 xo

  13. Hay here is going for $10 a bale. Horrible prices for the buyer. We sold our rained on hay to two friends of Terry’s that raise a couple of cows to eat each year. Since it was rained on he only charged them $3 a bale…they were grateful and we were delighted they were grateful.

    Third cutting of hay should be in about two to three weeks, but one never knows, it just depends on the weather and how things grow.

    After third cutting of hay we will start the pinto bean harvest…fall is fast coming. All the farmers in our area are saying we are extremely early this year for everything by about three weeks. Makes me wonder….what is the winter going to bring?


    • Oh no, that would be too awful .. I am rather counting on a long late summer to actually get some food out of the gardens, it has been too hot until now.. plus we all need some grass growth in the fields.. 10 dollars a bale is criminal.. hope you get your third cut.. we are done I think.. we were going to go back and do another cut on the grass but it is not growing.. ah well.. every year is different! c

  14. Love this. I took a housework hiatus this weekend because I’m a fool, and now I’m slammed with to-do things in a most unpleasant way. Thanks for this breath of peace, c. It’s always lovely to visit here.

  15. Glad to read that you got some much-needed rest, Celi. Despite your warning, I’d enjoy watching Daisy jog to her milking. What a sight! And those grapes look fantastic! Only when you have vines can you see just how much grapes sweeten over time. It’s one thing to read about it but something totally different to actually taste the difference.

  16. I love that shot of TonTon with his ball at the gate! Priceless. 🙂

  17. It is so rare, but on occasion I manage to get into bed very early, with a book, and just luxuriate until I fall asleep! I think you are certainly most deserving of such a time, and I hope it happens often…in between the times it is impossible! 🙂 The grapes are gorgeous! And now I’ll potter over to the basil pesto…my basil is abundant! oxo Debra

  18. hi celi! glad to hear you are a bit cool. we had tons of rain but it is still hot and even more humid! joyce

  19. What beautiful grapes…and coolness, ah yes, I remember coolness! We don’t have that here for a while yet, but something to look forward to. I laughed out loud at the picture in my mind of Daisy laden with milk and jogging along in the field! Hope your day is a good one, Celi.

  20. Mm, concord grapes. Fresh and warm from the vine, how cool that you can grow them that far north. Get your rest, don’t push yourself too hard. 🙂

  21. A good rest, a full barn, fresh milk and a cool morning. Sounds well deserved! I have a feeling you could do with two Sundays in each week.

  22. I adore reading your post Celia. And, I adore reading the comments. It seems to me you are the glue that holds this company of fellow bloggers together. No mean feat in this electronic world. Virginia

  23. Good evening, Celi . . . You sound so contented and at peace: methinks that is one of the reasons so many come visiting you – not many places in this world one is almost guaranteed to get the feeling of relaxation oneself . . sleep well, the bed looks very comfortable 🙂 !

  24. I’m glad you were able to turn in early, your room looks so inviting. Picturing the cow, full of milk, jogging. I look like that when I jog, therefore I have given it up. 😉

  25. Good for you, Celi, getting to bed early. I did the same myself yesterday. Did me a world of good. 🙂

  26. Love the picture of the bedroom with the sun streaming in. Looks inviting and cozy. I should go to bed early one of these days!

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