New Back Door Step Pictures from around the world

Today we have a few more shots of what you see from your Back Door step. If you have just arrived check out the others here and here and here. The response to this challenge has been great and we have not finished yet either!

Kristy from Family Food Adventures has a view from her back door that is all children, wonderful.


Bill works on the land in New Hamphire.  He has that beautiful open aspect that we all think of when we think of rural America.bill2

Our Roger Stowell. An Englishman  and his beautiful wife living in France. He runs schools for people who want to learn more about food photography by the way. Frankly I just want to go and lie by the pool. And eat the food!


The Colonialist is  a writer and composer who lives beside the Indian Ocean and that is all I know, other than he does have a very quirky and delightful sense of humour in the Comments Lounge!colonialist

Below you will find the view from the back door of the house that my Senior Son Sam shares with his beautiful lady Jo. You may remember him as the son with the cat on his head when I was in New Zealand last.  He has brought a new point of view to our back door wanderings. Instead of looking across he has looked up.  It is almost winter there now and the trees are losing their leaves. _-sam

Below the tree is wild mint.  He and Jo have only just bought this house so I am as interested as you are in the view from his back door. How funny is life!

sorry gnat  is a woman of curious brilliance  who has a pipe line into a side of the world I don’t often see.  And this is what she sees when she steps out the door.


Sarah from Yorkshire was worried that her garden was not as gorgeous as some of the others. Your garden is beautiful Sarah, as all gardens are. I have always said that gardeners are artists with a canvas that is their artist twin. No I have not said that right. I mean that our gardens have minds of their own. If we can work in harmony with our location then it is not so much taming our surroundings as our surroundings taming us.


Giovanna from Blue Jellybeans sent me the picture  belowof her garden in Madrid, Spain Her father made this for her daughter when her daughter was born 12 years ago.What a tremendous gift to be able to see from your back door.


Eva Taylor. Wonderful food with a wonderful European influence from a very gentle and cool lady. This shot is from the back door of her cottage. In fact there is only one door but it works for me.


Jomegat had snow the night before last! This was the view from his back door. He is in New Hampshire.  If I were lost in the forest this is the man who would be able to find me. But SNOW in May!


Betsy from Bits and Breadcrumbs! Such a cool tranquil spot, somewhere close to  Georgia, I think. betsy

Anne who lives a life in mud splattered boots on a gorgeous working farm in Essex, UK.  Beautiful.


Good morning I had more back yards  loaded but then they magically disappeared when my internet connection unconnected which it does a few times each hour. Everything takes so long out here. But it is almost time to get up and go to feed and milk  so I shall return to this wonderful project in a few days and reload them all then.

The rain kept coming down on and off yesterday but it was calm so we still had  lunch on the verandah for Memorial Day. The other day Kupa had taken himself back in with the peahens so I went to let them out in the afternoon so we could watch them while we were sitting outside. They wandered about in a very well behaved fashion and eventually put themselves back in the Peacock Penthouse at bedtime. When I climbed up into the Gods to shut their door I found two perfect peahen eggs laid on the floor at the door. No nest just left at the door. They are big. I shall take a photo for you today. I took one and dated it and popped it under my broody hen. The other I left where it was. Do you think she is going to nest, right there in the doorway. It seems odd. They have some hidden nest-like places in the pen. Whoever is laying will lay four or five before she starts to sit on them so we have time to work out what we do next.

Isn’t that exciting?

Have a lovely day. More rain coming here but it is forecast to heat up so that will be interesting.

your friend celi




62 Comments on “New Back Door Step Pictures from around the world

    • it is a treasure isn’t it and such a special thing to show us well.. I do like Giovanna.. morning natalia.. c

    • morning misky! I am coming across to read poetry with you today.. looks like it will be a rainy day and your words will be just the thing.. c

    • And just now I found more, in a chooks nest that was hidden in the penthouse, so i have taken the hens eggs out and either the chicken or the peahen will sit on something. hopefully.. c

  1. oh finally some peahen eggs! i was wondering if that would happen. they might be next to the door to show them off to you? i am sure they know you wanted some 😉

  2. They are all lovely!
    I see you featured my front … er, back … view, but left out my back … er, front one!

  3. I love all the fellowships back door / porch views – such beauty!
    Oh are we going to get baby “peas” soon – yippeee.
    Have a lovely day C.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. reading your post and looking at all these beautiful gardens does my heart good… it brightens my day and makes me feel very happy…thank you Celi but also thank you to all the Fellowship who have sent in their pictures…wonderful , crazy, fantastic love it!

  5. Oh! Eggs! Sometimes with reptiles, they’ll lay the eggs in an obvious place if they are infertile. It’s like they just know. I hope you hatch something lovely!

    • this is interesting as there are another two in a nest.. oh dear, now i am not sure which ones i put under the chicken, maybe I should put them all under her. Hmm.. c

  6. sarah’s garden is wonderful. there is no such thing as a bad garden. i agree with you c! garden’s are a reflection of the gardener. we all have different tastes but i just love seeing everyone’s view! this has been a great adventure. we are finally getting rain!!!

  7. How funny that the peahens lay their eggs all over the place and won’t sit on them until they are done! I don’t know that I’ve ever seen a peahen chick so it will be interesting. Loving these back door shots and thanks for showing mine. That Indian Ocean view is sweet…I could wake up to that and be happy. Have a great day!

  8. Three cheers for pea-eggs, which I bet are a lot bigger than chucky eggs. I loved that garden in Yorkshire with the chucks on the lawn. In fact I loved them all, specially going back to my beloved Indian Ocean with Colonialist.
    Thank you for hosting this wonderful sharing of views. I have gathered in too many more blogs to follow properly.

  9. I just love this idea and how it further connects the blogging world, by letting us have a look off the back porches of others. Love the variety.

    Thanks for including ours. We are actually in southern Virginia, not New Hampshire. If this week’s weather forecast turns out to be accurate, I will be wishing I was!

    • Bill where abouts are you? I am in Bedford and expecting highs in the 90’s tomorrow and Thursday. After the cold weekend it will seem strange!

      • opps sorry bill, working too late and too tired, it is jomegat who is in new hampshire i think! Virginia, well it is beautiful. c

        • Yes, I’m in New Hampshire. The forecast is calling for temperatures in the 90’s Thursday and Friday – less than a week after our surprise snow storm!

      • We’re in Pittsylvania County, between Danville and South Boston. The weather this Spring has been the strangest I can remember.

        • I was going to say, I’m in southern Virginia, too, but it doesn’t look like that! We’re on the eastern side. You have a lovely view.

  10. Baby “peas”…yay! I can’t wait! I remember seeing a peahen many yrs. ago in Florida at one of those corny, Trader Vic places…actually it was a really fun place…because it was so corny…anyway, she was plopped down on the ground as we were sipping our silly, Trader Vic cocktails…unbrellas and all….and all of a sudden all these little baby peas started popping out from under her and through her feathers and I will never forget what a happy sight that was! Then off the little family went on their way! 🙂
    PS. I read Zia Lea’s lovely comment from yesterday….we have the same middle name! Lea…of course, we’re both Italian! 🙂

  11. How exciting that we might be seeing little peachicks.. Are pea eggs bigger than chucky eggs? (!)I loved that garden in Yorkshire with the chuckies on the lawn., Colonialist took me back to my favourite place and I’ve gathered in more blogs to follow from this magnificent series.

    Enjoy your day.

  12. My comments keep disappearing. Try No.3: I’ll keep it brief: Magnificent series, lots more blogs to follow. Congratulations to the soon to be proud father Kupa!

  13. Oh, Trader Vic’s. There was one downtown Chicago in the Palmer House. No live animals though. Can’t wait to see the eggs….and of course the peas.
    I tried to send an embedded alley shot. Hope you got it, Celi.

  14. Thank you for your lovely words Celi, I’m flattered. I’m really loving this series, thank you for including me. Beautiful photos, it’s nice to see the landscape of all the bloggers who follow you.

  15. Our heat is gone…leaving us for you. Today we are a cool 70* with lots of clouds. I can’t tell if I’m happy about it or not. I guess it is what it is. We are supposed to have thunderstorms this afternoon, night and tomorrow…Fuzzy will be horribly distressed. He will sleep in the bedroom if we have them…if not he prefers outside. Thunder doesn’t mind thunder…just frigid temps.

    Lovely about the eggs…I have never seen baby peacocks so this will be a first for me.


  16. More gorgeous back yards, Celi! What a grand idea it is to find our what everyone sees when they look out of the window!

  17. Thanks for featuring my garden, and for being so kind about it! Still think the other gardens look much more interesting… and really enjoying the chance to see views from all around the world.

  18. I love seeing all these views from readers around the world. They reflect the joy of blogging so perfectly. And now you have peahen eggs. That is so exciting. I’ve never seen a little peahen/cock and am longing to find out how they look, and how the baby peacocks grow their tails. (Unless they are already grown and folded up inside the egg – my imagination is having fun with this).

    • Wouldn’t that be just the sweetest thing with their tails all carefully folded like a butterfly. Male and female pea fowl look just the same for quite some time. Though what they look like in the beginning i have no idea! Lets hope we can hatch one.. c

  19. This has been so fun C! There are so many beautiful places in the world. It’s so much fun to see so many different perspectives of backyard spaces. I love it! And two peahen eggs!!! So exciting! Can’t wait to see how this will unfold. 🙂

  20. What a wonderful collection! I have always ben intrigued by the spaces other people live in, and I have enjoyed looking at their world from the back door.

  21. Oh what fun and joy again: love each back garden in its own way, but envy Kristy’s children their beautiful playhouse, am glad to see Roger’s backyard at last and can’t believe the fantastic colour of the Indian Ocean which the Colonialist sees – haven’t we travelled 🙂 ! And will there be more babies: have never seen a peachick – do hope some hatch and survive . . . and good night to you, lovely busy lady . . .

  22. What fun all the back porches are… I long to live behind most of them…
    I’m a little confused… are we counting chickens or pea-hens here???/
    And are any of them likely to hatch into peacocks????

  23. More great photos. That pool in France was calling my name! Sarah’s garden is so lush and green, I could look at that for a very long time.

  24. The peahen-egg news is exciting… they figured it out… all in good time 🙂
    Another round of gorgeous back doorstep views – there’s no place like home, and the Commenters Lounge has some beauties 🙂

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