A Mystery object – Can you Guess?

Here are some clues!


It is heavy.


And a little rusty but not where it matters.


It was for sale and now it’s not!


Getting warmer?


Now are you getting warmer?


Yes. A hay elevator.


I have never seen one before either.

It is old but beautiful. And even better it has a motor that RUNS!

Today we will position it in the barn and feed it with the last of the bales of hay that are hanging about. They will clatter effortlessly into the hay loft and everyone will smile.

Good morning. Our friend Daisy’s breeder found the hay elevator loitering at an auction and as she is also a member of The Fellowship of the Farmy and a good neighbour, she knew we needed one so she called me, Β got the OK, bid on it, settled on a good price, then she and her husband heaved it onto the bed of their hay rack and brought it over. Perfect.

Have a lovely day. I am off out to play with my new toy!

your friend, celi

49 Comments on “A Mystery object – Can you Guess?

  1. Oh Celi: congratulations and DO have fun! I had my fingers crossed the second I saw ‘mystery object’ come up just a moment ago! the third cut will be a joy now πŸ™‚ ! I’ll dare to ask a Q which could only come from an originally city gal: are you going to try and get some of the rust off or will the elevator stay OK the way it is awhile?

    • The rust is just extra prettiness, it will be stored inside from now on so it will be fine for years to come! It is very solid.. ni ni eha.. c

      • ‘Clatter Box’? I’m SO bad with names, but shall remember that πŸ™‚ ! ni-ni: 14 hours of work is enough for me . . .

  2. Yippee! (And yes, I did know what it was. πŸ™‚ ) But we actually had one at one point. The haying part of your life just became so much easier. Have a great day, Celi!

    • It is such a relief missie, putting bales up into the loft with the claw and a pulley, one by one was getting to be too hard and time consuming when there is just the two of us, and more often only the ONE of us! You all have a gorgeous day too.. c

  3. good for you! you got one! have you seen what sunnybrook farm did with his hay elevator? he’s on my sidebar. you might eventually use yours the same way some day. it’s an amazing project!

  4. Good morning Celi; YAAAAAAAAAAAA yup knew what it was from the first pic looked just like the one i used to have. is it a electric or gas? I couldn’t tell from the pics. be a blessing mike PS enjoy the labor saving devices.

    • It is electric and even has a thermal overload thingy, 3/4 horse power and a SWITCH (which is evidently not standard) .. it runs with a very satisfying clatter! c

  5. Fabulous … your next 170 bales will fly into the loft in a jiffy πŸ™‚ Don’t show the piggies they might take it over for a slide. Got to admit the pics had me stumped right up until the last one 😦 Enjoy your new toy . Laura

    • I have put in an order with a hay grower who grows pure alfalfa hay so i shall call him and tell him anytime! With those and our next cut we can start to relax.. yay! c

  6. Yay! What good news and how nice of your neighbor to come through for you! Your back and arms probably feel better just looking at it. Wishing “Bailey” a long and productive life on the Farmy. And may you have a wonderful day, Celi!

    • It makes such a gorgeous rattling sound that I thought I might call it The Clatter Box! morning john, another gorgeous chicago day for you?.. c

      • Yes it is, Celi. It’s the kind of morning I’ll be dreaming about in January. I went to the Evanston farmers market and it’s in full swing, every vendor is loaded with fresh produce. Perfection!

    • Charlotte is still in the rat house paddock, for now. And though we still have to heave the bales on and off the elevator it will make our life much easier.. c

  7. Brilliant! Although our muscles still need a work out at our age, they certainly do not need to be stretched to their limit do they! So glad you have some ‘help’ now. If only they could come up with a contraption to dig my potatoes out of wet clay sigh.
    Shelly is eating again (finally), even if it is only chicken and rice. Wont touch milk, her dry biscuits or anything else right now. Have ordered some probiotics to see if I can’t get her stomach (and good bacteria) back to normal. Not sure if I will put her back on the pills again.

    • I would be thinking the same thing. I have not taken anti biotics for over twenty five years now and i am sure that is one of the reasons i am so healthy. But when she is feeling better you can revisit it. At the moment she needs to eat and build up her immune system.. My potatoes were terrible this year, I have to dig up two plants just to get a meal! c

  8. How exciting to have a new ‘toy’ – hope it breaks the hay bale-heaving chore.
    You could always grease it’s joints with some oil or lubricant (if it clatters away too much).

    • they all clatter, a lovely sound! It will be greased and oiled in all the right places though, John is good about those things.. c

  9. Must be like a 50’s house wife getting a vaccum cleaner, as they say here in Aus, you won’t know yourself.

  10. I’m soooohappy for you! At last, a really useful machine, A Clatter Box. I hope you’ll take photos of it in use so us city folks will have a better idea of how it works.(Reminds me of that poem WHOSE IN CHARGE OF THE CLATTERING TRAIN.)

  11. Wonderful news Cinders…Clatter Box is beautiful…don’t you just love rusty old things? Like some of us? πŸ™‚ That clattering noise is probably music to your ears!!

  12. My old dad would have loved hearing about this find. He probably would have teared up over the news that the motor still works. I can hear his would-be-107-year-old-voice, “Of course it still works! They knew how to build things in those days!”

    His dad (originally from Iowa) was a blacksmith. Both Dad and I ended up with the gene that falls in love with a good fix to a pesky problem.

    Well done, Celi and astute farmy friend!

    • I know that the saying is They built things to Last. But they really DID build them to last whereas now they are built with an eye to selling the next model or frequent trips to the parts department.. this one will see us out though I hope.. c

  13. With apologies to Bing Crosby

    ‘Ah! Sweet mystery of life, at last Celi found thee
    Ah, she knows at last the secret of it all
    All the longing, seeking, striving, waiting, yearning
    The burning hopes the joy of watching bails fall…. into the hay loft!

  14. “Clatter Box”. I love it. Domestic noise is music to me, the thrum of the washing machine, the hum of the dishwasher (here in the city anyway), the zoom zoom of the vac… there’s an art to efficiency πŸ™‚

  15. Isn’t it wonderful when something you really need comes to you when you really need it? So happy for you, Celi!

  16. I would have never guessed it in a million years! lol How kind of your friend. I hope you have fun with your new hay elevator and hope it makes your job much easier πŸ™‚

  17. Congradulations! They make a huge racket, don’t they? And the new shiny ones with lovely coloured paint still make a huge racket. And two of them going simply compounds the noise. ; ) Ours cut out if we overloaded them. We figured out how many bales we could put on at a time, then didn’t put another one on until one fell off. Our bales were 30 to 40 pounds each but the ‘bought’ hay came 90 to 110 pounds a bale. We couldn’t put as many bales on the elevator with those ones! And no one was tossing them, not even the teenage boys! Oh, I do hope you get a Gig Fat Third Cut.

    • The third cut might be a heavy one too, and there are a hundred bought bales ordered plus the straw, so it will be getting a lot of work soon.. c

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