The farmy from the air..

I have been wondering how to show you the layout of the farmy.  There is so much going on and every field has a name.  This must be a little confusing for you.


Hairy in The Yards, he head butted me yesterday, so he got the Karate Kid high kick, a solid tap with the heel of my foot that moves a 300 pound ram out of the way quite smartly. My fault. Never turn your back on a horny ram! He is beginning to smell rammy and although he has Mama as company now, he was wanting to get through to Minty, Meadow and Tilly. But they need a different ram, (and Tilly needs no ram at all) certainly not their father – I have not solved that problem quite yet.


I was shifting Hairy so I could bring the girls past on our way through Pat’s gate out to the Salad Bar field.


Egoli the pigeon killer.


To the East of the barn is the pig pen, they have a gate out to the North.  I was moving the cows past so they were locked in for a few minutes.


Not for long though.



Daisy and Queenie out in the Dairy Mistress Field. My two pregnant girls in the Dairy Mistress Field.


Now here is the rather shoddy aerial picture taken in the spring. It is so rubbish it has been sitting on the floor in the study .. forgotton


It gives you a rough idea though.  The Coupe roof was not even on when this was shot. That is why it is White.  Now it is dark grey.  You can see where the corn is coming up out to the left  (South)and left top of the screen.  Top right of the screen is the Rat house.   Mid right is the barn. To the right of the barn (North) you see a corner of Daisy’s Field, and below that is the Dairy Mistress Field and at the bottom of the screen (left of center) is a corner of the Hay Makers Field. Above the barn where the three big mulberry trees stand is the yards. And to the North of the barn is a slim area of green that is the Pigs garden.  The shots of the pigs yesterday was taken in Daisy’s field.  They walk out of their pen, through their garden and into Daisy’s paddock.

Now if you have time look back to the Rat House. In the North side of the Rat house is the Big Chook House with run.  Below it is the Salad Bar Field. (full of chicory!) Above it (the west side) is the Rat House Paddock where Charlotte is now. And to the North of the Rat House is the Corridor Paddock (with the round piece of concrete) where Sheila lives. Above the round piece of concrete is The Middle Paddock where the Ark is today, and out to the North of that (and way out of the shot)  is Pat’s Paddock.

All the vegetable gardens run down the South side of the property.

Good morning. This shot was taken in the spring by a man in a plane, trying to make a living.  He came to the door to sell this dreadful print when Boo was younger. I was not home. As John answered the door, Boo decided to hold the young man’ s  hand (with his teeth).  John felt so bad he bought the rather dreadful skew-wiff print. But it will either give you some idea of the layout and Smallness of the Farmy, or you will look at it and be more confused than before.  I really must draw a layout map for you. 

I have tried to find us on google earth but like google maps it keeps telling me we do not exist.  Luckily the Post Office knows where we live! Because the army can never find us. When they were recruiting  John’s son,  each new officer had to call us for directions as they always got  lost!

Have a lovely day.

your friend, celi


46 Comments on “The farmy from the air..

  1. Good Morning, Miss C: I am a good student, I am too 🙂 ! The [admittedly rather poor but SO informative] farmy layout has been printed out, and, as soon as this member of the Fellowship has had a sleep all the fields and other landmarks will be carefully filled in !! In 24 hours I’ll be ready for a test 😀 !! Jokes aside, had no idea you had to do THAT much walking during a working day!

      • What a super idea Eha, to print the map and fill in the details!!! I will do that too!!! Thanks for this map Celi!!! I’m always wondering where in the heck everything is and you are when you are going every which way on the farmy!

        • [laughing] 2 pm – all your info down around the photo – think I’ve got my paddocks right 😀 ! Now to learn them off so I can say – ‘oh, yes . . . ‘!!!!! Hope you are sleeping well!!!!

  2. This is great in helping us to visualize. I am curious, though, about the fact that so few trees exist on the farm. Yes, I know, that coming from someone who knows the prairie. But on the Minnesota prairie where I grew up, each farm site is sheltered by a grove of trees on at least one or two sides.

    • It is strange isn’t it. Six years ago the rows were planted practically up to the front door too, This was a farm cottage not a homestead so I am sure they were not given land for leisure. And as the fields spread so the trees were torn down. When John first got here 16 years ago there were the mulberries by the barn and Five trees by the house and they were all dutch elm. But nothing else at all, Barren. The dutch elm trees are all rotting here, he has had two fall down already and the last three big ones you see are hollow on the inside, most of their limbs have already fallen. However we have planted many, many trees and soon our Groves will be big and shady! c

  3. love the tale of Boo holding man’s hand..lovingly of course ! It is so amusing that all areas have a name but it does sound good

    • There are fairies too, they hang out in the apple trees.. waiting to alight onto the heads of dogs and using their ears as reins, they gallop about the farm, at night evidently.. c

  4. Good morning Celi; it is very simple !! First you go to type in your zip for weather. Second go to the new weather map interactive. third you can zoom in and out then follow your road that goes to the FARMY simple. Fourth once you have found the farmy then you can zoom in and out just to get the farmy on the web page then print be a blessing mike

      • Up to eight years older, which is a shame as this was not a farm then. But i will try them again and see if they have updated the boonies recently.. Thank you Mike!

  5. I think it is magic you don’t exist according to Google or the Army – what a combination! Interestingly google earth came from a piece of software originally used by the army……. spot the connection!
    Yes please draw me a map

    • Yes, the irony has not escaped me. i told them that maybe they should go to the gas station and BUY a paper map! c

  6. Very informative. I’m directionally-challenged, so I stopped trying to keep them straight a long time ago 😉
    Naughty Sheila made an appearance in the bedtime story Angel made up to tell Grandad last night – “And then the Piggie ate ALL the tomatoes. The end.”
    Not sure how that all fit, since she began by telling us about a prince named Alexander…but it was fun.
    On another note – Rufus ‘holds hands’ but it’s always very gentle. There’s so much skin around that mouth, you never feel his teeth at all…

    • Lovely angel .. i should write her a children’s story, maybe we can do a limited edition! As kids we had a lab who would grab our arms if she thought we were in danger, or not paying attention, no teeth at all … like Rufus, just wet gums, saying Stop. c

  7. What is the Rat House, a second barn? Your piglets are looking so big today, they have shot up again, they look just lovely.

    • No the rat house is a shed full of old car carcasses, (John’s art!) though I managed to clear one out for the chook house. I want it though, for a calf shed and it would be perfect for pigs, but no go so far! I am patient though. c

  8. Beautiful farm. Thank you so much for the pictures. I can now place everything on your farm. I’ve often wondered where you keep everyone 🙂 XOXO – Bacon

  9. You could also go to the Farm Service Agency (FSA) a division of the US dept of Agriculture and get an aerial photo of your farm. It will be much farther away view as most shots are set to be of a whole section. Then individual farm shots are taken from the poster sized section photo (I think they were 30″x30″ or 36×36 I don’t remember) for each farm unit that is reported. If you have cropland that you are renting to someone, your farm should have a number and it may have a number anyways. As long as you have your township name, section number and quarter section (ex. southwest quarter of Section 00, ? township) the staff should be able to easily find it on the big map and get a 8×10 copy for you. There may be a small fee or you may be able to get it as the land owner for free, depends on the office and how they follow the rules and if they are due to get new photos soon. I use to work at the one in my county. If nothing else they could photocopy the farmy from the large map. Quality will depend on how good of photocopier they have. The FSA is usually located in the town that is the county seat. If you are in a small county you could be combined with another county and the office could be in that county seat. There should also be a Soil and Water Conservation office there too. They often have tree seedling sales, fish (for ponds) sales. prairie grasses sales during the year and can help you design ways to correct drainage problems and much more.
    The piglets are looking very mature and sassy. When my husband and I had a couple of feeder pigs that we would raise over the summer, they would always head straight for the tomato patch every time they would stage a pen break. Darn pigs. Was sorry to read that Charlotte is not calming down, sadly I think your solution is the only option. Congrats on the bale elevator, it will be such a help for you. In our big old barn we used an old corn dump to get the bales to the hayloft door and then 2 elevators to get the bales to the other end of the loft. Dad made a diverter that could be slid on to an elevator to drop the bales off where he wanted them. That way we didn’t have to pull the elevators as we filled the loft or drag the bales so far.
    Have a great day and keep cool.

  10. I buy a lot of my trees from the Soil and Water guys, though i noticed that this year they have cut back on what they are offering.. I don’t really mind not having a big map, this one is an interim gesture. i will get out pen and ink and make a proper drawing for you.. much more romantic!! if you are like me the visuals help! Great comment Jeanne I always learn good stuff when you write.. c

  11. I had no problem finding your farmy on Google Maps. But perhaps I have an advantage since I live two miles north. I found our farm on Google Maps and then moved the map two miles south. There it was, showing your farm from a southerly angle. I don’t know how old the image is but your round pool shows up nicely. (I guess no one can hide in this world if you have an Internet presence.)

    • Morning Carol, that moving around with the map seems to be the trick. What I love is when you put in a NZ address and it zooms out and races across land and sea then zooms back in on a familiar back yard.. Amazing!

  12. I loved seeing your farm. We usually buy those prints. Then I frame them and hang them in the LIVING ROOM!!! We have Terry’s family farm back to 1950 and one in 1980. We have the house where Misty and Kelly live (we own it) back to 1970 and our place off and on from 1970 to 2011. I find them really neat. I also like to see the changes. Maybe I’ll try to photograph the last one so you (and my followers) can see us also!

    Good post, Cecilia!


    • I would love that and maybe one of the old ones too see we can see the progression as well. Excellent idea! c

  13. Regardless of the quality of the photograph, I think it is wonderful to see your Farmy! It really looks very large, Celi, and quite lovely too! Thank you so much for sharing with us, and I look forward to your drawing. 🙂

  14. Cinders, I got dizzy reading where everything is on the Farmy and scrolling up and down to find this building, or that field, etc. You must walk 50 miles everyday! What a spread! Isn’t it amazing when you are looking at an aerial view of a homestead or farm…you can never see any people or animals but you just know and can imagine where everyone is and how busy and alive the place really is…Especially the Farmy! 🙂 Thank-you for giving us a glimpse of the WHOLE Farmy!
    Wait….who is that down there, waving at us??

  15. I think I’m a little more confused now. I need Miss C with a laser pointing at each part, or superimposed words. I will try again later when I’m not trying to recover from a virus.

  16. Great idea, Celi, of giving us a picture for reference. I really had no idea where everything was, other than the coupe, of course. Too bad Google Earth can’t find you. I had the same problem with Zia’s area but eventually found it. I’ll check it out. A hot day in store for tomorrow. Stay cool, Celi! 🙂

  17. I know the aerial pic may look a little iffy to you but it’s wonderful to see it, like an oasis. it’s great to put a cohesive face to the names 🙂
    Sometimes it’s the search-name programming I think is a little askew with Google. Initially I had to get inventive, and do the follow the road thing to find our place. It’s sorted now. Sometimes when I am homesick for our house in the little village, I Google Earth it to reassure myself it’s still there… which of course is crazy as the images were taken ages ago but incredibly on one of the few days we there as the G.O.s ute is parked up the back.

  18. Well, Mr. Google got it wrong! You have proof! And I’m so glad to see this photo. It really is lovely to put all the wonderful parts of your delightful farm into a whole new context. I’m so glad you shared! 🙂

  19. The picture does serve to show us the various parts of the farmy you tell us about. I find it a bit funny the army couldn’t find you. 🙂 That and Hairy’s behavior–and your reaction!

  20. thanks so much for the overview! it helps a lot. how many acres or m² does the farmy have? sorry for all the questions but we are trying to figure out what size we should be looking for when we buy our farmy =) we were thinking 4000m² for the beginning.

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