Boo’s Babies Bed-Time – Just Beautiful.

First the little orphan kitties need a wash.

Boos-babies-008 Boos-babies-009

Then the lesson in how to drink from a saucer.

Boos-babies-016 Boos-babies-019

Boo tries to look stern…





Bed Time.



But I don’t want to go to bed.


But it’s still light out!


Good morning.

Love your friend on the farmy, celi

ps The little one is still not doing so well, he is drinking and so forth but he is very sluggish, he is still not sucking the teat and still not walking. Though he does purr Β – he does not miaow like the others. We will see.

82 Comments on “Boo’s Babies Bed-Time – Just Beautiful.

  1. Let’s hope the little one makes it, but in the meantime Boo is doing a grand job of being mum. I remember having a kitten who couldn’t lap water/milk and the way I got her to do so was dabbing my finger in the milk and letting her lick that off and then gradually working my way nearer to the saucer of milk and bit by bit she got the idea. Mind you she was a few weeks older than these kitties. Just an idea.

  2. Ever heard of nutridrench? Vitamins and minerals in a molasses base only a little mixed in with the milk can give a good boost. we saved a wee piglet this way. She was so bad she was having convulsions, etc. She grew up quite fine and was over 400 hanging weight.

    • Yes! I used something like this called Nutrical! They have it for kittens! Wonderful! Gave it to my pups and sick adult kitties. Must be tasty stuff! πŸ™‚

    • Sounds like good stuff, i will order some .. It sounds like something I should have on hand..though it usually takes about a week for things to reach us, and driving all the way into town and back is out of the question this week, c

  3. Is it me or did you change the look of the site? I love it. I love the dark background and how it makes the photos more important to me. Or, it’s just me because I haven’t slept well and the photos are just too darn cute. πŸ™‚ Lovely thing to see at my sleepless 4:30am. Oh well, so long as I’m up…good morning Celi.

    • No it is still the same, you must be tired, what are you doing awake in a hotel room at 4.30 in the morning, are you catching another plane?.. c

    • I noticed the black background, too, and if nothing has changed I’m thinking it might be the computer I’m using here at home. Usually I look from work πŸ™‚ It does look spiffy!!

  4. Isn’t Boo wonderful… between the two of you those kittens are getting the best care and attention possible. Hope the little one makes some progress soon, he has folk all over the world wishing the best for him.

  5. This just makes me smile. You captured Boo so well with your camera and his love of those kitties. I am hoping the weak one gets stronger and stronger. Thanks for sharing such a lovely photo story.

  6. Just a note that many people don’t know – cats purr when they are in pain as well as pleasure! I found this out years ago when my then cat was in a difficult labor and I had to call the vet in – she was purring like crazy and that’s when he told me it was because she was in pain. Long story cut short, first kitten was blocking the way out, and once removed by the vet everything else went smoothly and she had 4 kittens.
    Is the little one pooping yet? He may have a blockage, which will make him feel full and not want to drink. Trouble when they are so small, there could be a million and one reasons for his slow start, and of course they can’t even tell you their symptoms so it is all guess work. Still I think you and Boo are doing a marvels job!

    • Yes he is both pooping and peeing. Interesting about the purring. Sad too. That we cannot trust the purring as a good sign. c

  7. aaww – how adorable my friend. I hope the little fellow perks up. I was a runt when I was little. It can be hard. Extra love coming his way. XOXO – Bacon

    • I think that bacon you have the right idea, he was a long time very cold and consequently he is the runt, slower on the uptake initially but will get up to speed in his own time I think.. c

      • I’m pulling for the little guy. I’ve been there and mommy helped pull me through just like I know you will pull out my little friend. He just needs extra love. Give him a snout kiss for me. XOXO – Bacon

  8. You know, as frequently happens with abandoned kittens, there may be something wrong with all of them. At least, with you, they will know love and care for however long they live.

  9. Oh Celi! I love these photos! They truly cheer me up! Been so sad for such a long time now…I really needed this! Thank you so very much for sharing. πŸ™‚ I just love Boo…he is so gentle and loving to those little pusses! Especially to the feisty one! LOL He is that “one” dog I believe! πŸ˜€
    I am sorry about the little one. I worry about distemper. Maybe a call to your vet. Distemper is a virus that is highly contagious! Like Parvo in dogs you can carry it on your shoes etc…common in barn kitties who have lots of exposure. Kittens can contract the virus from an infected mother while still in the womb. Symptoms are sudden and begin within 4 to 5 days of exposure to the virus. Even after recovery from the virus, cats can still transmit the disease to other cats for several months. I pray the little one survives….sigh…I think that you can give a vaccine from a dead virus and that takes a few days to fight it and require two shots at two week intervals…I believe to help. The main thing is to keep the kitty hydrated. In any event they all need to be vaccinated.
    I haven’t had to do this in about 8 years. So my memory about this is shaky. (((hugs)))

    • Massage his little butt hole under a warm warm trickle of water. This will help! Pooping is very important! Guess work is right! Good point about the pooping!!! Lynn is spot on about that!

      • Don’t worry Mere, I am doing ok. They are all pooing and peeing. Not to worry. I have raised orphans before.I am doing everything that needs to be done. And sorry to say I do not have a spare hundred dollars to spend on a vet for one kitten visit. The kittens are isolated from the other cats and two of them are very active and growing fast. This one is slowly coming back but may not ever be strong enough to deal with the life of a farm cat. He may need to find a home in town. There is an order to allowing nature to become a player in the life of an animal. So don’t worry. c

        • Sorry…I am such a worry wart! Comes with the territory of being a Virgo! Too much mothering is one of my flaws sometimes! 😦 Just ask the kids! LOL I know too well about vet bills. Out here I can just call our vet and pick up the vaccines. All but the rabies which is controlled and numbered. You are doing a bang up job!!! Forgive the worry wart? πŸ™‚

  10. Beautiful shots of Boo with the kittens, he is so good with them.
    I so hope and pray that the little one pulls through.

  11. So sorry to hear about that little one, Celi. I tried everything with one of my four (years ago). I even took it to the vet, but nothing helped. It is so hard sometimes. Yet, we continue to do what we can and at least feel better for having tried.

  12. What an extraordinary group of men and women the Fellowship is. They are so warm and wise. It does my heart good to know all of these far-flung people across the world are pulling and praying for the sweet three and especially the littlest one. And Celi, I hope you realize it is you with YOUR extraordinary warmth and wisdom that brings out the very best in others.

  13. A phrase just came to me; maybe I heard it somewhere, but I don’t think so: “the serendipity of the find.” How often good things come into our lives by chance. How these kittens “found” you.

    • I love that word serendipity, this phrase makes perfect sense. And now I need coffee. Morning gerry, i hope you are having a productive day.. c

      • Serendipity is when you find things you weren’t
        looking for because finding what you are looking for is so damned difficult.!! Love that word!

  14. I haven’t commented for the last three posts because I really don’t know what to say. I and my children are entranced and holding our breath. Boo’s love and instinct are astonishing to us, even humbling…and give us optimism on many levels. The beauty of this unfolding tale is extreme. My “favorite” shots are many…but the one that I stole and am using as my desktop image (please forgive me, Celi, but it is the highest form of flatter in this digital world) is the kitten sticking his head out of the box stamped “COMMON.” That image, that scrappy little existence, and that very word speak to me. I won’t go into detail about the weak and the strong and the haves and the have-nots and those that are almost left behind…. Let’s just say, this whole story has universal significance for me. It is both extraordinary and common (a. Belonging equally to or shared equally by two or more; joint: common interests. b. Of or relating to the community as a whole; public: for the common good.), and I love it. Thank you so much.

    • I was also struck by the common, on the box, but at the time i was just grateful the image was sharp! Your discussion on the image as a symbol is startling and completely good and true .. It makes perfect sense to me. I am thrilled that he is on your screen saver (I say he, but i have a sneaking suspicion this he is a she which would be most unusual for a marmalade cat) Plus you have collected the image of the loudest and most vigorous of the kittens, which is good. Where are you now? Are you back in Italy? c

      • Yes, back in my own common box with good, rowdy, healthy litter all around me. Happy. (The airplanes did their job–carried me home safely–and back home again.) x

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  16. Lucky kittens to have a human and a canine parent. Extra good wishes for the little one. As you say he/she will take longer to catch up after a rough start. Hope you have a sunny day.

  17. Every farmyard needs a Boo : ) Sure hope the little one isn’t shutting down on the inside. We’re all pulling for him! Enjoy your day

  18. Adorable. I wonder what makes some dogs so protective of, and loving towards, some small creatures? It isn’t only the could-be-puppies, like kittens – I have known them be the same way towards pet birds.

    • If anyone wants to have one they can, but I do have room, though if the little one survives he may be better in town, country life is pretty ruthless for cats.. c

  19. What a great foster mum Boo makes…..bless her.
    It sounds as though weakest kittie might not be able to make it..l hope that it will survive snd l know that you are doinb everything bless you too. Xxxxx

  20. Maybe the littlest kitten has trouble regulating its temperature and needs a coat like big dog. You so wish they could talk at times. Boo is taking very good care of his little herd of kittens. The little orange one reminds me of a lion cub. Good luck.

  21. The next thing you know, Boo will be picking them up by the scruff and moving them around. I do hope the little one makes it…he certainly has had all the TLC that you and Boo could possibly give him. πŸ™‚

  22. My heart is filled with joy more than you can know, except the only worrying bit is the wee little one purring. Cats purr or pleasure and when they are sickly! Oh my, I do hope he is okay Celi. Please give him extra TLC, just from me.
    πŸ™‚ Mandy xo

  23. WordPress just announced a new WPrightnow tag, and although I doubt this content is what they have in mind maybe it should be news… a busy busy woman and a dog go all out to save a trio of kittens. Good news doesn’t erase or detract from bad news but it gives us hope, perspective about things that matter too, and joy πŸ™‚

  24. Good morning from Oz, the pictures of Boo and his babies are entrancing. My 14 month old heeler/border collie cross takes care of a very old and frail bantam hen I have, I often find hen tucked into Mirrhi’s side napping in the shade, while Mirrhi has a bone. This kind of peaceful gentle co-existence gives hope for all the earth’s creatures.
    On a practical note, do you have any Rescue Remedy, just a drop on your finger then rubbed gently on kitty’s mouth and ears will allow her to absorb it. They could all have some, and Boo too, to keep his big heart strong.

  25. This was certainly a bright spot in my day. Love those little paws IN the milk–going for osmosis, I suppose? Boo gets extra credit for being a surrogate parent.

  26. What a weekend bonus of photos: love the actors [Boo and the kitties] and the playwright [you] writing down the script after the happening . . . may they all strive . . .

  27. Aren’t these creatures absolutely amazing? Makes one wonder how anyone can deny a greater power. A local outdoor writer has a golden retriever who is constantly stealing his cat’s kittens to the point where the dog is producing milk! Truly hope they all thrive.

  28. Well, you won’t be wondering where Boo is for the next few weeks. You really picked out a good pup, Celi. I hope that littlest one shows more signs of improvement but if anyone can get it to turn around, you can… well, with a little help from Boo. πŸ™‚

  29. Times like these make the rest worthwhile? Someone told me the kittens need the licking grooming to get all their systems working. What a great dog, Boo. Defender of littles! (or little-ers)

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