The Duke of Kupa gets all tied up

The day dawned windy and cold yesterday.


So on with the clown suit and out I went.  Yes that is a piggie on the wrong side of the electric fence.all-tied-up-034

It should have been here.all-tied-up-010

During the morning chores I saw this.

all-tied-up-013 all-tied-up-017

Not good. Not good at all.  The wind must have blown this unbreakable nylon thread out of my rubbish bin and it immediately snagged on the bird. Bad news Kupa, I told him.  You are in a bit of trouble buddy.all-tied-up-021

This happened with a chook a few years ago and she had to be caught and the nylon cut off before it cut her feet off, since then I have been fastidious in disposing of  the nylon that I rip out to open the feed bags. It is a danger to all birds, domestic and wild. I am very careful, but this one got away and look what happened.

Catching a peacock is nothing like catching a chicken. These birds are big and strong. The legs are long and dangerous.  This was one thing I could not do this by myself and of course being a Saturday John was at work. I went back inside and I called my neighbour  to come and then the postmistress (who lives further away) who I asked to go on call should I need any extra help.


Then I sat down to work out the best way to go about the rescue. Farming has trained me to have a good think before commencing.  You have to think like the animal or bird you are going to try an capture. Often you only have one chance to get the job done. A spooked animal or bird makes the job a hundred times harder. Luckily I am pretty good at thinking like a bird!


I put on my leather  gloves, (peacocks legs have sharp spurs) locked Ton in the house, tied Boo up,  pulled down one of my carrying cages and stood it upright so the lid was open at the top, took some cat food (the peahens are always trying to steal the cats food) and sprinkled it along the rail close to where Kupa was standing, watching.  Then I stood still and waited. Slowly, with his legs shackled, he crept along the rail pecking at the feed, until he was right in front of me, at eye level. I reached up and grabbed both his feet in one movement. It was a flappy mess for a moment, but once I had both feet in one hand I was able to guide him and all his feathers head first into the cage. Kupa hissed at me on the way down. And clocked at me when I turned him right side up. I have never heard a Peacock hiss before but he hissed. A jaw clenched, narrowed eyed hiss.

Then I called in the troops.  We had one extra helper so I gave him my camera. all-tied-up-050 all-tied-up-054 all-tied-up-057 all-tied-up-073

Much to my surprise Kupa sat quietly on my knee through the whole procedure. I held his body with one arm and his feet with my other hand and my neigbour slowly and carefully snipped  and peeled each of the threads away and at last The Duke of Kupa was free again.

What a relief for all involved.

Pity I did not think to at least do my hair!! But now you have seen the clown suit. I wear it all the time. If you think the screen adds 10 pounds? The clown suit adds a hundred!!

Have a lovely day.

your friend on the farm,


ps .. and since I am what I eat – I am now officially a pear! True. Sheila and I were picking pears yesterday. One for me, one for the basket, one for the pig. She stood at the bottom of the ladder and pleaded. Looking pointedly at the rickety ladder with her hard sharp snout.


75 Comments on “The Duke of Kupa gets all tied up

  1. If that “clown” suit adds a hundred pounds, you are one scrawny, pretty little clown. Love how sweetly he ended up sitting on your knees. Dear birdie. I guess he knew, in the end, what was good for him. And you can’t say that for everyone, can you? Have a lovely Sunday.

    • I was terrified of having a wriggling flapping mess and then trying to cut off the threads, we did not want to cut him.. but it all worked out pretty well.. c

      • Luring him with food! 😀 That is one huge bird!!!! Lovely…still huge! Quick thinking! Alls well that ends well!

  2. Never a dull moment .. clocked by a cow the one day and a peacock the next 🙂 I have read plenty of horror stories where our water birds have become entangled in those plastic 6pack carriers – neck in one loop and foot/feet in another – completely hobbled. Glad you could free Kupa relatively easily. Happy Sunday. Laura

    • This happens with the dolphins in the sea too, horrible, without even thinking I still pull those 6 pack plastic holders into shreds before putting them in the recycling.. not that we are close to the sea out here.. c

  3. Always something to keep you on your toes C. Your hair looks fabulous and you must be even skinnier than I thought outside of your clown suit.
    Have a beautiful happy Sunday.
    🙂 Mandy xo

  4. Bird out of place and clown suit..its not what you wear or how you look which is important. It is what is inside that counts..and you show that you care ..which in my way of thinking makes you No. 1 person and Queen of the Farmy….

  5. And now I’m thinking I may just need a clownsuit for working outside too! Although thankfully, it doesn’t get as cold where we are! 🙂

    • it save a lot of washing of clothes though, often I am too filthy to even come inside, but once i take the overalls off I am fit for the kitchen without changing.. c

      • I know….I drop the jeans and jacket at the laundry room door, don my pj pants (short or long) which is my house wear when I work outside! Nice and comfy! In the winter I walk around in my fleece tights and top! What I truly hate is tying and untying boots!!! Repeat repeat repeat!!! LOL No shoes or boots allowed in the house! EVER!

  6. Funny I was think the same – about buying a clown suit! Yesterday morning it was 24 and now everything is dead in the garden. However today it will hit 60 and by Thursday even 70! Go figure.
    Think you look funny, you should see me in the winter when I take the dogs to the park, have a big down filled coat that makes me look like the Mitchilen Man, scarf, gloves, boots and ski mask! Some days I can’t hardly move for clothes (HATE the cold!)

    • I am not built for cold either, I also wear many many layers, It is easier to take them off than have to go back inside and find more!! c

      • Layering is the only way to survive the cold where we live…for sure! I start layering as soon as fall hits. I can always add more or less as spring arrives. Be wary of the “chimney effect” caused by an open neck, head and shoulder area through which all this heated air escapes and in turn chills your body. When the work becomes more strenuous your body will produce more heat, requiring you to open up these areas for better ventilation and closing them up when you slow down. I have suffered the beginning stages of hypothermia before…very careful now. The wind chill here in the open areas are deadly for us all, animals as well. Frost bite is no joke.

        • I suffer from something called “Chilblains” which no one in the USA has ever heard of! I have to get my Mum to send me cream from the UK. It is a kind of frost bite, but happens when your feet (and sometimes hands, nose etc.) goes from cold to warm repeatedly. These past couple of night I have woken at 3am with my feet on fire and itching like crazy, with blisters forming!
          They say “Keep your feet warm at all times. Keep moving to improve circulation” well I do all of that and I still get them every winter sigh!

          • Ouch! Yes, I have read about chilblains. It sounds so very painful! (((hugs)))

          • I used to get them as a child, my great grandma would tell me to pee on them….apart from grossing me out, I could never work out exactly how! Nasty things, poor you.

  7. Holey Buckets! What a project! Good thing you were able to get help!!! So glad Kupa survived the ordeal! You made him feel safe! Must have been so miserable for him hobbling around.
    Carhartts! I was wondering about this clown suit you speak of! LOL I don’t own any, but Kevin does. They are very warm! I have a dear lady friend who for religious reasons wears long dresses or skirts and has long hair that is always up! I went to visit one day and she called to me and I wondered who on earth that man was calling me!!! …”Mere it’s me!” Oh shocker! LOL
    It was my little lady friend!!! 😉 I had never seen her in pants, let alone Carhartts!
    You have lovely hair! Not to worry! On a farm you have to be warm and covered! Some guy one time saw me in my hunting get up and later told Kevin that I was a portly little thing! Of all the nerve that blankty blank! Portly…I’ll give him portly!!!! 😉
    Making breakfast! I will be baaaaaccccckkkk! 😀
    So good to see you! Muah on the cheek!

  8. i have net, bought in fishing department, like u see on the tv fishing shows to bring fish into boat.
    i added broom handel to extend my reach
    it is handy catching chickens, and guineas now that i am old,slow and reflexes not what they used to be
    seems to cause less stress on the poultry
    am sure it could be used on peacocks

    • I have a poultry hook made especially for that. When you have 50 to 100 chickens it is the only way to get birds that have escaped, need to be relocated or need special attention quickly! Also, I have these really cool pens that I load them into for butchering. They have slats so they aren’t too crowded and can breathe comfortably. Opens from the top on either end. Handy!

  9. Having hauled rubbish to landfills for so many years I often saw gulls in troble this way a few I got to help others were just in a panic they got into trouble with the plastic 6-pack holders which from that point on I have always cut up. Great work!

  10. Your peacock is so beautiful. Your blog was the first time I learned that normal people could own a peacock; I always thought they were just aviary or zoo birds. How silly of me! It’s a good thing you saw the string. You have an excellent eye for the details of all the living things in your care. I don’t think any of them could get away with mischief.

  11. Not even going to touch that “Thinking like a bird” comment…but it’s SO tempting! 😉
    My own clown suit is now, remarkably, 2 sizes too big…have to replace it, I guess. Anyone need a ladies size 16 insulated coverall?

  12. A hundred pounds? You appear to be the tiniest thing ever in those shots. If the coveralls add a hundred pounds you must be an outright waif!

  13. I was hoping, as I started reading this,that The Duke would realize you wanted to help and would cooperate and so he did……………well, after the hissing but hey, who wouldn’t hiss when being put head first into a crate!

        • Swaddling our kitties and rabbit in a towel to get them into the crate (without the legs akimbo) works for me! I found this out when I had to do dental work on my rabbit! Had to cut his teeth with a porcelain bit on my drexel drill. Once a month! I just love to read what what everyone does here! Great ideas!!! 😀

  14. Such a delicate operation! You were so sharp to see poor Kupa’s dilemma before he could be seriously injured by that nylon. Very observant and thoughtful too. You have to be so canny as a farmer, so ready for any and all emergencies that crop up. And humble enough to know when you need help.

    • I certainly did need help for that one, we had to make very sure his legs were not cut during the operation.. do you have a lovely day up there? ours is gorgeous.. c

  15. Cecila… togged up in your waders or whatever you call them cannot add 100 lbs to any photo.. you look the proverbial part.. the farmer that you are, hair not all done up… if that had been the case I’d have worried about your future on the farmy… you look wonderful with the pea on your lap, full of concern and protection… and that I can see from photos you feel required a hair comb… you looked gorgeous and full in the way I picture you… tough and a farmer… wonderful…

  16. Wondering if you know how lovely you are. Good thing you have a bird brain er … can think like a bird, so everything went smoothly.

    That’s the interesting thing about theater people. They are always beautiful when cameras are near.

  17. Are you kidding me? You are beautiful! There is nothing sexier than a farm girl in Carhartt’s, with tousled hair, doing the work she loves! And what a gift; being able to think like the birds/animals… knowing what they need and how to minister to that. That’s what I love about reading your blog posts. Your words are genuine, compassionate and caring. It’s real life on a farm!

  18. Cinders, you are gorgeous with or without your clownsuit! And if anyone can rock carhardt overalls…YOU can! Poor Kupa, he didn’t struggle because he knew you were helping him! I hate plastic…there are huge floating rafts of it out in the oceans…:( When dave was in the coast guard, he was involved in a educational program call Sea Keepers and he would go around to schools with a bag of plastic trash to show children what ends up in the waterways when they litter and why one of the reasons, recycling is so important. He would have them tie a rubber band around their wrists behind their backs to show them what it is like for marine creatures to be caught up in our plastic trash unable to free themselves.
    Anyway, so off topic…you are lovely C. 🙂

  19. so glad you AND kupa survived the untying.

    [I am so sad….have gotten to love visiting your blog and my computer will be down a few days….
    I shall have some catching up to do!]

  20. I can’t help thinking of the Afrikaans saying, “Boer maak ‘n plan!” – a farmer makes a plan, or finds a solution. Very much applicable, here. I think Kupa grasped that the intention was to help, after the initial outrage!

  21. I’m so glad you got to Kupa before any permanent damage was inflicted. Those plastic rings are a scourge. I take a scissors to mine before I throw them into the garbage. That purple sneaker really does give some perspective to Marmalade’s size. She’s still an itty bitty thing. Hope you’re having a good Sunday, Celi. We’ve plenty of sun. Yay!

  22. The Case of the Pear, the Devious Pig, and the Shaky Ladder, and the lady author who holds things and whose readers are so mesmerized by her words and actions they see only beauty!

  23. You can now add peacock wrangler to your C.V. 🙂 Nice bit of bird thinking. Kupa was so happy to be out of the cage, he was cooperative, and grateful to have the annoying bit of string removed.
    I’m sure Sheila was only concerned for your pear picking welfare.

  24. What a CV you must have by now with so many skills. Each day we learn about another one. You are a very talented lady, Celi.

  25. Actually I love you in your ‘clown’ suit but I can see I have to lose quite an amount of weight before I come visit you on the farmy . . . 118 lbs on a 5 ft 8 or whatever frame IS skinny, Milady!! Like the hair also – why on earth would you wear it any other way 🙂 ! And that ‘Kupa Catch’ was indeed very well thought out!!

      • 🙂 ! Miss C – you are mature enough to know that we all have wants we cannot have ~ you look like a top class mannequin and most of us would LOVE that 🙂 !

  26. I just ordered myself a nice quilted “clown suit” for the coming winter! I am very excited and plan to wear it all the time. Glad Kupa is free and unharmed.

    • You will love it, I actually resent having to take it off to come inside.. ! maybe I need one just for inside! hmm.. c

  27. I’m impressed by your methodical approach. Congratulations on mission accomplished! there are so many complications to raising animals; I had no idea. Glad I’ve stuck to cabbages!

    • He felt relieved when I let him go and his legs worked, but there is not a lot of room for a brain in their tiny little heads.. this is why I find it easy to think like a bird. c

  28. I performed this very procedure on a Carolina Wren that had been caught in bird netting once. Not so dangerous for me, but just as delicate a procedure even for a peacock! So glad Cupa cooperated! And hey, it was nice to see you in the picture for a change, Celi! 🙂

  29. Sweet Celi, you look no less regal in your bib overall “clown suit” than Kupa does in his bejeweled finery. Hardly anything on earth is as beautiful as a woman in her element, whatever that is! 🙂

  30. I really don’t think you have anything to worry about with the clown suit ! it’s just clothes ! they change with our day no worries

  31. Kupa really got in a tangle there. What are the chances that string being in the wrong place at the wrong time & then getting him so wrapped up. I have to admit though, I’ve never wrestled with a peacock before & hope I never have to. What clown suit? I look 10 times crazier than that every day.

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