Off the farm

There was rather a big family event, yesterday.  Wonderful and distracting.


So once again we will leave Nanny Boo to watch the kittens until miss c gets herself back in gear.






Sometimes it is hard to tell where one kitten starts and the other one begins isn’t it. They are such a tangle.

Soon, soon.

Love celi.


38 Comments on “Off the farm

  1. Marmalade’s kittens are simply scrumptious. I bet Boo Nanny is happy to finally get his chance to do what he does best.

  2. Wow, the cuteness quotient is off the charts! Boo will have his hands or should I say paws full when they emerge from the box.
    Have a wonderful day!

  3. Love the lighter kitty on right in last photo – I would call (her?) Pearl. Enjoy your day. Laura

  4. Ohh it’s a shame I don’t live near, I would love to drop by and see those kittens soo sweet. Nanny boo on standby! X

    • It’s a good thing I DON’T live near, I may have to accidentally bring one home in my purse and fain no knowledge of how it happened to my dear, long suffering hubby.

  5. Good golly, those babies nearly make me swoon. SOOOOoooo cute! ((chanting)) Kittens grow up to be cats, kittens grow up to be cats, kittens grow up to be cats…….. Thank you for sharing!

  6. in few weeks when they are bouncing off walls, i wonder how boo will cope with that many babies

  7. I would like an orange one too….ok, I’ll take one of the blond ones too!! 🙂

  8. Love love love these shots and especially the back of Boo’s head observing all. Charming and hilarious too.

  9. Is Nanny Boo good at curtailing trouble?? Keeping little ones in order? I need help with the orphaned squirrels, Punkin and Mr. Gambini. Things are coming undone on the back porch. I could use some advice from Nanny Boo!! Sweet photos, Celi… puffs of love in the brutal winter!

  10. ‘Let’s start at the very beginning, it is a very good place to start’ – will we be allowed to know what the obviously happy ‘family event’ was . . . something to do with the Matriarch? If you are able, may we know 🙂 ! Hope it went well . . . Oh, the littlies are absolutely gorgeous and Boo is obviously reedy and wafting!!!!

  11. They are all such beautiful kittens. If only cyberspace allowed a cuddle. Such lovely golden tan coats of fur & 2 mini-Marmalade ginger cats. They will be starting to explore & run around anytime now & then you & Boo will have your hands full for a few weeks. All those kittens leaping, climbing & chasing may be too much even for an experienced nanny like Boo. He has been very patient since they were born, but I imagine Marmalade has demanded patience as a fierce 1st time mama. She will be tiring of confinement soon & will likely appreciate having a built-in nanny so she can get some more time away from her brood. Thank you for such good photos of Marmalade’s sweet babes. She & whoever the father is sure make beautiful kittens.

  12. The kitties are bright-eyed! Nanny Boo must have been in kitten heaven, being left in charge.

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