Two more Sleeps

Today  – come what may, I am going to get to the hairdressers. (Hopefully).


Yesterday was a good day in the barn. It was a little warmer, the ice pellets mixed with light snow did not begin to fall from the sky until later in the day and even then it was a bit of a non event really.

Tima seems to be losing some of her hair in little patches.  She is a short haired KuneKune, (unlike Tane who is long haired – if I keep any of their piglets I will be keeping long haired ones. Tane has the perfect suit for the cold) and Tima is thinly covered but I need to do come research as to why her thin coat is dropping off. Her mother also had a lot of hair missing. The man told me that this was because she was too hot in the farrowing house. Sometimes with bigger pigs worn patches on the sow are evidence of boar activity.

They are both very well and happy though. Thriving in the cold. Little seals on wheels I call them.


Elsie and Queenie do not mind this weather either. They like to go out into the frozen fields especially as that is where their hay is but also to graze on the occassional grasses.

The kittens spent the day on the verandah, thrilled to bits with themselves.


They love to play outside too.  Plus kitty litter is extraordinarily expensive..  best they learn to use the outside.


A day without a freezing wind blowing was a delightful respite.

I hope you all have a lovely day.

Your friend on the farm


36 Comments on “Two more Sleeps

  1. Bon voyage Celi, have a great trip and good luck with the hairdresser. We are going to be both above the clouds! I can’t wait to get home, it has been a tough three weeks!

  2. Good morning, darling! Did you ask the vet about Godot’s blackened leg? >

  3. Hope today is another no wind, warmer day! No doubt there is lots to do and organize before we’re off on the trip! xo

  4. That picture looking up through Godot’s tail is magnificent. I hope Tima’s hair grows back quickly – winter’s not over yet! Should I be knitting coats for pigs now? I bet you will be looking beautiful tomorrow – pic please!

  5. I love ‘seals on wheels’, I’ve always thought of the two of them as ‘the Little Engine that Could’, chugging around the yard unstoppably. Tima is such a vivid colour, she jumps out against the snow. It would be a pity if she lost lots of that lovely fluffy coat. Enjoy being tweaked at the hairdresser, and I hope you’ve nearly reached the point where you’ve stopped throwing things at the suitcase.

  6. Keeping fingers crossed you make it to the hairdresser!!!! Nothing like a good do to make you feel ready for a wedding!

  7. I love Godot’s delicate lacy tail. Farming seems to be a constant learning curve with no two days the same. I as a city girl born and bred, love learning along with you Celi. Hope the visit to the Hairdresser is a good one.

  8. I’m glad the kittens are going outside on non freezing days. They will learn the lay of the land and where “home” is. I’m glad John likes kittens as he will see to them while you are gone and maybe take them to bed with him tho they may prefer the basket by the stove. Good to see the animals out and about in the snow, stretching their little legs. Fingers crossed for the hairdresser appt!

  9. I know that The Duke of Kupa was extremely gorgeous but honestly, it’s like having your own angel around the place with Godot! I wish that I was coming to N.Z. with you – not just in a virtual sense – as our weather is atrocious; hurricane force winds every other day seemingly and extensive, lengthy power cuts throughout the Highlands and Islands. Ugh!

  10. Kitty litter: I started using layer crumbles for kitty litter about two years ago. It clumps perfectly, has no chemicals, and cost around $10 for 50 lb bag here. Get the cheapest crumbles you can find and they work great!

    • That is the BEST tip, I am going to share that with the fellowship tomorrow! I love it! I am feeding my chooks kitty litter! c

  11. I’m so looking forward to being in the warm with you for a while! Please, please give someone camera house so we can see your pretty face too. 😀

  12. I like Viv’s idea of knitting piggy coats. I am looking forward to the (virtual) trip back to NZ. My own real trip to NZ was 40 years ago, on the way to living in Australia for a year.

  13. Godot is so beautiful! Has his “dirt” cleared up yet on his leg? Hope so! Not only does it sound wonderful to be going to NZ it also sounds wonderful to be going to a hairdresser. I am in dreadful need of one this time of year! 🙂

  14. Probably people would be a lot healthier if we’d get outside when we could – even the cold makes you hardier and seems to spur the immune system.
    Wishing clearing so you ca get that hair cut.
    (I’m with you about cats outdoors – it was nice when the world was such we could have a little cat door – and big dogs to keep the raccoons, possums, and curious skunk babies out!)
    Get that packing done and pull yourself in for travel. May sleep also come to build some energy reserves!

  15. The crisp clean landscape and the animals in it looks so appealing but I know unacclimatized as I am, I’d soon become an iceblock! I’m only an occasional visitor to the hairdresser but there is something lovely about the atmosphere, as well as the feeling of coming away feeling tended & improved. I hope today is the day for you 🙂

  16. Just come in for cup of coffee! Hope you feel happy looking into the mirror!! As you do may I wish you the pleasantest of journeys with very few bumps and a happy landing into your family’s arms! And a far warmer country! And the ability to sleep in an iota: perhaps even have a cup of coffee in bed . . . hugs . . . have a wonderful time!!

  17. Percy has a heavy longish coat, much like Tane’s but I noticed a spot on his rump, right next ot his tail, where the hair was much thinner. I’m thinking he rubbed it off maybe? I have been putting Avon Skin so Soft whipped lotion on it, it’s not so terribly oily and seems to be absorbed so it doesn’t attract as much dirt. So far he hasn’t complained about smelling too ‘girly’. You’re right, they’re much like seals, I wonder if they float? All of our animals have access to the outdoors 24/7 unless it’s necessary to separate them for feeding or a medical reason. In the last 25 years I’ve only stalled my horses maybe three times over night because of ice (we are terribly hilly here). I believe everybody is much healthier in the fresh air.

    • I just spoKe with tanes breeder and she said not to worry about bare patches, they happen.. add a little olive oil to his?her feed and the hair will grow back. She said you can rub in the oil too if you like.. I will – Tima is very dry.

      • Thanks for the info. We have one more frigid night and day predicted, then a Jan. thaw but I’m sure there will be more cold ahead. Percy the pudge will need all his hair!

  18. Finally I’m back! And you are about to come this way. We are having a very hot, dry summer after a wet beginning in December. I’m off to the beach for a dip shortly, but meanwhile did want to say hello and wish you a good trip to Aotearoa. The beach is waiting for you! PS Love the shot of Godot’s tail with the light shining through.

  19. Wow! That “crumbles” idea would also be great for absorbing all sorts of spills or puddles (I was thinking in the storage building or garage). I am always learning something new here. Oh I do envy you being able to travel to a warmer climate. Have a blast!!

  20. Agree with the hairdresser appointment–hope nothing kept you from getting there.

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