… on a Friday

At last. A warm Friday night.  Cold cuts. A jug of wine. Fresh cheese. Fresh Labneh.  Chimi churri with kale from the green house.  Home made sour dough bread.
kune kune

And those good,  good friends – the kiwi builder, (back for a visit) Jake, The Matriarch.

And thou.


That lovely ‘tired from a late night out on the dark verandah’ – out under the stars, talking about nothing much          (and everything) ‘et al’.  Cats swarming. Dogs on their backs. A pigs occasional sleepy grunt. Peacocks soft calling. Pigs in their wallows.


What a day. My life as a pig.

I hope this wee video works –  if it does  – so sorry for the abrupt end  – I was ambushed by Poppy.


64 Comments on “… on a Friday

  1. Love those warm nights with good food & good company. That’s my plan for this evening!

  2. Loved the video. What was that sound I heard in the background – one of the peacocks?

  3. Sheila has such a good life. Who ever knew I would envy the life of a pig? Was that Aunty Del in the background?

  4. Great video, thanks. Mr Flowers is loud. Enjoy your verandah evenings – we are hunkering down inside behind drawn curtains and under fleecy blankets this weekend. It is ‘freezing’. Laura

  5. Oh what riot watching Sheila “sow around” in the mud!! – as we used to say!! Friday was gorgeous day – 79 degrees warm and NO wind for once! I bet the whole Farmy had a great time! Cute picture of the kunes!! But I’m really glad that You and a few others enjoyed the evening with some wine and cheese!! We sat out by the fire pit enjoying our Paisano red wine listening to the birds sing and build their nests! G’day!!

  6. Blooming ‘eck! what a life Poppy has..all in a wallow, relaxed and very well fed…..Can I come to liveon your farmy? We havenot got to the warm nights yet..we have to be content with warm days and no rain but chilly nights

  7. Ahhh, stretching out in her “still needs work, but she’s dedicated to it” wallow. Sheila looks very happy. Of COURSE Ton bombed it and Poppy had to inquire, rather rudely, as is her way. 🙂 Wonderful and even better that the Kiwi is in for a visit. Enjoy.

    • Oh, Naomi is all legs! She looks quite chic in her new red collar and all black attire, ready for anything.

  8. My Life As A Pig:
    O my life as a pig
    May seem somewhat lowly
    But with Ton at my back
    I’ll never be lonely

    heh heh — And my experience has been just that, with a Border Collie one will never be lonely. I do so miss my best pal, Santa, who was with me for 17 years of constant ‘by my side’ companionship. To wallow at the Farmy is the ultimate goal of us all, and your video brings us just that much closer to our dearest wish each morning — thank you!
    I am curious though… what is Labneh and Chimi Churri, please? Have a great day! Mame

    • Labneh is when you make the yoghurt then strain it so it is very thick, then I add chillies and green onions finely chopped and a little lemon zest. Or what ever takes my fancy. Chimchurri is made with whatever fresh herbs you have around, garlic, olive oil. Maybe a little AC vinegar. chop finely in my mini food processor. Once again I have no real recipe but I will try and blog them for you in the next week? Morning mame.. c

      • One of my stepdaughters makes chimichuri to put on steaks. Her husband is a chef and can tell how done the steaks are by touch, amazes me every time! The chimi is really good on a juicy steak!

        • Ahhhh Greek style yoghurt is very thick and very good too. Wonder if that’s how it gets that way, just straining. Well, you can keep your peppers and chillies, not my thing… but onions and garlic I drool just thinking about… lol Your Chimchurri sounds kind of fun and, yes, would be good rubbed into meat before it goes on the grill… yummmmmmm

  9. Sheila is a doll, but those kune kunes are just adorable!!!!! So happy you can sit outdoors now and not be cold!!! Me too!!! Isn’t it wonderful!!!!!! xo

  10. Loved the video. Your food sounds great and it’s making me hungry x

  11. I wish I were there with you, sharing the idyll. I lost most of today feeling woosy or asleep! (We were supposedto be going out for lunch) The ultimate annoyance was spilling (and breaking) a best china mug of tea.

  12. Farmyvision! I could watch Sheila all day, lounging around and applying her sunscreen, with the “Mao, Mao” sound of the peacocks in the background. I love the idea that as the weather gets more moderate here (ie, cooler), your weather’s getting more moderate there (ie, warmer). Eating outside is one of the great joys of life, surrounded by friends and the land and creatures that produced your meal. More videos, please?
    The Husband and I are working slowly away at building Chookonia from recycled materials we’ve found lying around the house and yard. One day soon, I’ll have my Girls back, hurrah! Lavishly delicious eggs, huge entertainment value, the busy song of scratching chooks, and someone to take care of the grasshoppers and green ants!

    • Jake and i were talking last night about how deeply satisfying it is to be able to offer someone a dozen fresh eggs. they are a lovely gift. Dyinng to see the chookonia finished.. exciting indeed .. c

  13. As a kid, I was squeamish about dirt (as in, not wanting to get my hands in it). That’s not so much the case as an adult. But that video makes me want to run water in the backyard and go wallow in some dirt and mud! It just looks so very satisfying.

  14. When my son was 2, he’d run the hose for a while in the back yard and then wallow in it. He said, “I’m a fwog.” When he was 8 I saw him in the horse pasture during a rain storm, wallowing in the mud by the trough, then running in his underwear out to a puddle in the pasture, where he’d roll around and get clean. I wouldn’t have minded that (he DID take off his clothes first) except I got a call from the woman across the pasture (who had successfully raised 8 immaculate children) asking if I KNEW my son was out in a storm in his underwear. He’s 29 now and hasn’t been sick a day in his life.

  15. Oh Cinders! I loved the video of Sheila…she looks so happy and content…she must know a thing about mud! I’m running out right now to get the hose in the dirt! 🙂 And what a lovely evening you had with your dears…I love nothing better than to sit out on a warm, lovely evening…bliss!

  16. Oh this video is a goodie. I love it, especially Sheila speaking and best of all TonTon zipping through. Cinema verite!

  17. oh, soooo loved the video and all the background sounds – thank you

  18. Wonderful way to spend a Friday night. Enjoy your weekend. I’ll be away next week but will catch up with you when I get back to see what’s going on the farm.

  19. Such a great video! Just loved it. Love the call of the peacock too. Thanks for sharing your daily enjoyment of your farm for a city girl.

  20. A Farmy Moment. Too good 🙂 I’m thinking Ton saw Poppy heading for you and ran across to be close at hand. I love how Sheila indulges her senses, laying in and tasting the cool mud. Life for a pig is indeed good. Your alfresco dinner sounded wonderful too, a lovely reward for your efforts and the months of winter. A marker I hope of the start of lmonths of the same.

  21. Love the video! Now, for the first time, I really understand that wonderful word, to ‘wallow’. Nice to hear the sounds too.

  22. I really think pigs know how to enjoy life! You give a dog a treat, one gulp and it’s gone, a pig savors it’s food. You can see Sheila is totally in the moment enjoying her mud. I think some of the most pleasant times I can think of are those spent parked on the porch with friends and a couple of brews.

  23. What an appetizing yum meal . . . have never made chimmichuri from kale but my fridge sports a big bunch: guess what! Love the ‘Sheila – look how comfortable I am!!’ video and hope you will make a few more in the future perchance without assistant directors rushing in to help! That wallow does look so, so comfortable!!

  24. Looks like Sheila is getting that wallow squared away and the way she wants it. Nice to see and hear (got the sound on this). Was nice and warm here Friday, not today though, oh well, it is spring. Thanks for the video.

  25. I love the mud scene… and there is something magical about mud. I can see why a wallow is serious business. I played mud volley ball at a festival in Nebraska one time. After the game, and as the mud dried, it was an amazing feeling – tightening of the skin and almost a “pull” of toxin from within. I always longed to have that experience again, though I think a spa would be a much more pleasant experience. Then again, maybe not! 🙂

  26. I am finally getting caught up on life on the Farmy. Naomi is so beautiful and I love the video and the peacock calls and your voice. Thank you. This blog gives me such joy. xoxo

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