How to dry Parsley

Brown bag it.parsley

The best way to dry parsley is to pick it when it is at its best,   put it into a brown paper bag, tape the bag closed and leave in the back of your fridge for a few months. When it is dry, place in a sealed jar and store in the pantry. It will remain green and fragrant for the whole winter. pigs

I have closed the piglet creep because the Plonkers (and Tahiti and Molly the two gilts) are now too big for their baby rumpus room. So now their food has come out to the main room in the barn but they spent the whole afternoon staring at the little closed door to their creep, wondering why that seemed so important. mrs flowers

Mrs Flowers with her little chick. She has started to lay again so I am collecting those eggs to hatch myself. Although she hatched four of her own chicks three died during their first few weeks. This little one is a good strong bird though. But from now on I will be doing the hatching. I have a wee waiting list for pea chicks! Lady Astor

Lady Astor consistently milks beautifully now. She  and Aunty Del are  always waiting at the gate by 6.30pm.  Lady walks in and out  of the milking shed nicely and stands to be milked as long as John is standing beside her. A lot of this has to do with training but being pregnant again helps. Pregnant cows are often much calmer.  I never shut the door to the barn and often Aunty just stands there and watches, hoping John has another tomato in his pocket. but even the tomatoes are few and far between this season.

Don’t you just love that pigs bottom in the header – their tails are so sweet.

It seems the warmer weather has abandoned us. We have had a lovely cool summer but now it is dipping even colder – even down into the 40’s overnight this coming week.  It won’t be long and the boys will be clammering for the fire to be lit. Boys are such babies when it comes to the cold.  Josh has been hard at work planting the fall garden so I am hoping some of the warmer temperatures come back.

I think we are going to have a long winter.

Not to worry though as I am going to take you all to Melbourne, Australia with me in February. We have a birthday dinner to attend!

I hope you have a lovely day,

Love your friend on the farm


39 Comments on “How to dry Parsley

    • I left my first comment quickly before anyone else could. I am excited about the trip to Melbourne! Is it your daughter who is having a birthday? I just LOVE birthdays and have a special song that no one else sings. I collaborated with Handel. He’s just a sweetie to work with. Snickering, Gayle

  1. Miss C, Miss C, you’re coming to Australia!! What days will you be in Melbourne? We have to go down to Sydney for a family birthday 10-14 February, and it would be very easy to jump on a plane to Melbourne if there was any chance at all of saying hello to you in person… Assuming you have time, and are willing, of course?

  2. Some of us will already be suffering through a very hot summer come February…it’s good you’ll have a chance to thaw out and warm up for a wee while.

  3. I could never imagine before to sow in the beginning of september. And now you tell us, that temp has dropped to a rather cold rate for that time. Here too. Temp has fallen to 10 to 14 C (50 to 55 F) in daytime (don’t know the night’s temp). It’s unusually cold. How can there sprout and grow seedlings? What if winter comes earlier than expected? I want to watch the outcome at your garden and will try it next year too. Please keep us informed. – Or do you use the glass house for your fall garden cultivation and plant breeding? – Have a nice day, Celi!

    • The garden wil be planted also – much of the fall garden is sown with a lot of optimism, and if the temperatures continue to drop then we will fail but sometimes it works! c

      • Super! So you’re just courageous! Fine! Good luck then with your fall garden! I’m curious how it works anyway…

  4. That Josh sure is camera shy! I’m looking forward to Melbourne, the most I have seen of Australia is the inside of Sydney airport 😦 Do you poke holes in the brown bag for the parsley or completely sealed? Laura

  5. The brown bag method has never worked for me. I simply freeze a few stalksful, give them a bit of a bash whem they come out of the freezer, crumbling to parsley flakes, which means you don’t have to chop!
    As your summer is dwindling, we are having some of the best summer weather we’ve had all year.

    Thhat pig’s bum looks as thought the tail has been pinned on. It’s great for you to have something to look forward to in February. I hope you and Kate are able to meet up.

    love, Vivxox

  6. Celi, do you put row covers over your fall garden rows as the temperatures drop? We had much success doing that last winter and had veggies through most of the winter. But we do have milder temperatures down here than you do. xo

  7. I was nice and calm when I was pregnant too. Funny how that works. I always said I wished I could bottle it. And yes that is a splendid bottom. And yes I will be following your advice about bagging and drying parsley!

  8. Good Morning Celi,
    Thank god flying for 24 hours doesn’t bother you. How do keep from going a little crazy. If I have to fly over 6 hours I really have to prepare mentally. I know I will be flying alone, my husband doesn’t talk & sleeps the whole time. I basically say have a nice flight darling see you when we land.
    Anyway, there is something so sweet about pea chicks, love the pic of the mama and her baby. How is Geraldine? I hope you get an Indian summer for your winter garden. Have a good day.

    • I was able to find a very good seat on Air New Zealand – it was a special – but my favourite. Premier Economy. IN fact these seats are so comfortable and the service so divine that ANZ has realised that they are not economical , so the new planes won’t have this class. Hopefully they do not refit the planes that still have this class as this very big comfortable seat is the only way I can travel those distances. It is only four hours past New Zealand so – not so bad.. c

      • Oh that’s nice, a little more room is definitely worth it. 🙂 let’s hope they keep it.

  9. I think it is going to be an early, long winter too. Our pet bunny has suddenly started eating like he has a deadline to meet, the spiders seemed to be out with the big webs earlier this year, the squirrels are checking multiple times a day now to see if I am putting corn out for them, the birds also seemed to have amassed up earlier. I’ve noticed fall colors in the trees since late July, some smaller/younger trees were completely turned by the end of August. I was thinking/hoping that maybe our excessive rain and cooler summer had something to do with but I wonder if it is not a sign that winter will arrive early.
    I am planning on a another planting of spinach and mixed lettuce after the rain moves through today. I have beets, peas, spinach, radishes, lettuce and carrots growing from an early August planting. Hopefully they amount to something even if it is just bunny treats (my bunny not the wild ones).
    That plonker looks as though he is growing an excellent slab of bacon and lovely hams. Which means if he was my pig he would probably be named Bacon Bits or Ham Hock. I like end results based names for pigs. lol

    • Interesting what you say abut young trees I have a willow that has turned which I thought was weird. i will leave it and see if it buds back up next year maybe it is just the early cold. and I have also noticed more spiders than usual.. hmm.. I had better get the boys onto the firewood!

  10. It was so good to see you again and a pleasure to meet Hugo. I hope he is enjoying his time on the farmy. I haven’t tried drying parsley yet but I will certainly do so this year. I’ve tried growing it inside over the winter but it really doesn’t work out…it just knows! It’s still on the warm side here in Toronto but the humidity has broken and it’s only 23% today! I don’t mind the heat but the humidity kills me. Chicago was brutal!

  11. That pigs bottom in the header looks like it has been cleaned and brushed for a prize at a show! A holiday in February, how wonderful!

  12. I’ve never tried that method of preserving parsley. I use a method similar to Viv’s but I’m going to try your technique with some of my surplus. I love experimenting!

  13. I saw the first gossamer of the season this morning… a big, long strand of spider web floating right past the front of the house. Autumn has arrived and our days of Indian Summer are fading fast in the South. It looked to me like y’all were getting some rain lately too. February will be a wonderful time to slip away from the brutal winter and find a cozy spot of warmth in your homeland!

  14. I’m not a frequent flyer but Air NZ definitely the best. United , the worst. Melbourne in Feb is likely to be HOT! We have a trip loosely scheduled but for March at this stage. Great tip re the parsley, how I have a bigger fridge I’ll try it . I hope the coming seasons show restraint, to us all.

  15. Had never heard of this tip for parsley – would have thought it would rot instead of drying out! Have heaps of coriander in pots which will soon seed – that should work the same! Hmm . . . . will see closer to February: would so love to meet for a coffee if you can find half an hour and am quite willing to build an overdue Canberra/Melbourne ‘shortie’ around that! If possible for you, we’ll talk later . . . . luv and good night!!

  16. Woohoo!! Field trip! I love field trips especially to Australia. My auntie lives in Queensland. Never had the chance to go. I love our cold nights but we still have a few hot days in the forecast. I’m ready for fire weather but I don’t have to run a farm. I had no idea cows liked tomatoes. I’ll keep that in mind next time I see one. What a treat. I love cows, pigs, chickens, the whole shebang. Maybe I was a farmer once. 🙂 it feels so right. Your photos make me happy everyday. Thank you.

  17. Hi Celi, I have a few questions about your parsley drying method. Do you pick it dry and not wash it? Or let it air dry first if you do before putting it in the paper bag. Also, do you think this would work with cilantro? (Sorry for all the questions, I am always looking for a way to preserve my herbs!) I am sure you will totally enjoy a break from February winter “cabin fever.” Much love. ~ Kathryn

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