Dog in Snow

I am late in posting. So my words will be few.  I know some of you are off to bed soon while some of you are having your morning coffee.  And Miss C is late!

sunshine village banff

We drove past Banff and into the ski fields and took a gondola up into Sunshine Village to the ski fields there.

gondola sunshine

The gondola ride was entrancing.  Almost futuristic.


At sunshine village  I met my son Logan who loaded me onto his chariot.

snow mobile

Then, complete with dog, we drove even further up into the mountains so I could see where he worked. His current avalanche dog Ferra rode with us up to one of her training grounds.  


ferra and handler

ferra avalanche dog

ferra avalanche dog

ferra avalanche dog

Taking photographs of Ferra was a challenge the dog is never still! I watched her find,  retrieve and return balls  from the deeper snow until my fingers stopped working and we started to lose the light.

Boo would have loved this job.

Last night, with the two big dogs asleep on the floor we ate Indian takeaways, and watched movies. Even that was a treat for me!

Today Logan my son has the day off from work so this is the day I will get him to tell me how he trains his dogs and I hope to get more shots of Ferra and Cai who visited us on the farm a few years ago some of you may remember him . Cai has been retired from work as he did not pass his medical. He is a big German Shepherd and has arthritis in his elbows (elbow dysplasia) . So Cai gets to loll about at home.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love  celi

64 Comments on “Dog in Snow

      • I lived in Vermont for three and a half years. I know snow, though now I leave all the snow-loving to those nimbler of foot. Lots of warm love by the fireplace, Gayle

  1. I think your son must have inherited his gift for training animals fromhis mother! How wonderful it is for you to have such a complete change of environment. I always feel well in the mountains, so perhaps we should move!
    ViV xox

  2. Celi ~ it’s not late for you!! Relax!! Enjoy it up there!! looks so beautiful with all the snow! love seeing the Doggies in that snow ~ I’d be out there sleeping with them!! Next time you better take Boo with you!! We rode the gondola’s this summer in Switzerland ~ from Zermatt all the way up to the Matterhorn!! And other’s people’s dogs were on there with us!!! Have a great time! It was over 60 today and this morning very warm and a bit rainy!! Cheers to you and Logan!

  3. So fascinating to read about your son and his training of the avalanche dogs! I agree with ViV, that the training of animals must run in the bloodline! I’ve got many of the training techniques I use with my dogs from you! Do share any pointers that you learn from Logan! And continue to have a fabulous time!!! 🙂

    • Logan and i were talking last night about having a competition between Boo and Ferra. Devising exercises for them both. It would be fun wouldn’t it. And I am prepared to bet that Boo and TonTon would do pretty well too!

  4. Your visit sounds fabulous! I spent some weeks in Banff many years ago, during my backpacking days. Gorgeous landscape and more stars visible at night than I’ve seen anywhere before or since. Thanks for bringing back a wonderful memory!

  5. I cannot wait to read more about how these dogs are trained. Fascinating. And, I, too, love snow but live someplace we rarely get it. I might not be quite so entranced with it if I had to deal with it day in and day out.

  6. How fantastic – that ride looks like one I’ve always wanted to take, going up into the Pyrenees and Andorra 🙂

  7. Many years ago, Peder and I camped at Lake Louse, which I believe is nearby Banff. It’s a beautiful area. Bears, too. Enjoy your visit!

    • I would love to get a shot of a bear or even an elk however I am thinking that today I might try to get some shots of wild horses, maybe. Bears and elk are a bit shy.. c

  8. Aww, give Kai a big cuddle from me, but glad he still lives with your son. I’m totally intimidated by all that snow, and did you get to ski as well? Enjoy 🙂 Laura

    • I was offered some cross country skiing but as I rarely ski – those muscle groups are rarely used together so the fall out would be me crippling about the house and moaning loudly for the rest of my visit. I chose the snow mobile instead! Much better!.. c

  9. It’s a joy to see dogs working – whatever their chosen career!

  10. So exciting! And a wonderful job Logan has. I’ve skied Sunshine and also served as part of a volunteer ski patrol team on the local Vancouver mountains for millions of years, and so really appreciate the dogs and trainers. Brilliant. Throw a snowball for me because I’m stuck here in flat, boggy, soggy, manky OXON, way far away from any mountain. 😦

  11. Those photographs look like “bone chilling” cold to me! Ferra is gorgeous… I love that last image of snow face! And I see you survived, and even enjoyed the gondola ride! You brave woman! Ha ha I feel your excitement and wonder in today’s writing. Thank you for taking us with you!

  12. My No. Three Daughter got married in the mountains at Sunshine, there were only five people at the Wedding. They were the Registrar, his Brother in law, Photorapher and theof course the Bride and Groom. My Daughter was a liitle disappointed having to have silk flowers, but after having it explained that real flowers would been black by the tie that they reahed the ßite of the Wedding it was OK. Still waiting for an invite to the Reception after nearly twelve years. The first the tribe heard about the event was when the Couple returned to Enland from Banff. My oldest Granddaughter was Christened Sunshine Ann Joy, and her sister Rainbow Skye , well you can’t have a rainbow without sunshine.

  13. “Taking photographs of Ferra was a challenge the dog is never still! ” hmmmm, sounds like a blogger I know ….

  14. Oh such a wonderful lively post and such amazing readers who have done such extraordinary things in their lives too.
    I have a lovely photo of Kai–and so happy he is enjoying his retirement. I imagine Logan (LOVE his name–big fan of Law&Order originals…Mr. Big to some AKA Chris Noth) has a life similar to a fireman…quiet for a while then all hell breaks loose! I’ll bet he has plenty of great rescue stories . Plus I can’t wait to read how he trains the dogs. And what about St. Bernards? Do they work the mountains any more?

  15. All I can say is ENJOY! ENJOY! ENJOY!. Squeeze that son of yours so much that your bodies remember them for a long time. You can never get enough of those hugs. The air in the high country is pure and clean. Altitude bothers many and you have to take it easy the first few days. We were at 7200 feet for 12 years and I miss that. Don’t miss shoveling though. My little bitty dog loved the snow too. She hated the rain. She would run like the wind in the snow. Just like children everywhere. 🙂 I liked it too, until I couldn’t shovel anymore. Now I just watch it rain and rain and rain. 😦 Giant hugs so you have plenty to share. 🙂

  16. What a wondrously beautiful place to live! Your pictures are fabulous. …but you are right…it is cold there and at my age I am so past that! 😊

  17. Oh C. So wonderful that you are getting to spend a “chill” y 🙂 time with your son and his beautiful dogs in that beautiful landscape! Can’t wait to hear more about their training. And hey? Can we see a photo of the snow bunny on her chariot??

  18. Lovely photos… but making me shiver with the cold! It’s a reminder of what we’re in for in about a month’s time — but so far so good. I am wondering how high you were and whether you were bothered by the altitude. I’ve not been there… in the mountains in B.C., yes, but not to Banff.
    You would have had snow in the mountains in N.Z., wouldn’t you, Miss C.?
    Seeing the dogs working is an exciting thing… to me, at least. And I know they would just love it too. In that first photo of the dog, he appears so excited in anticipation. I know you’re having a lovely day! I am in agreement with “insearchofitall”, squeeze that son of yours a lot! ~ Mame 🙂

  19. Morning Miss, what a wonderful day with your intrepid….and handsome!!….son and dog. Does Ferra ride on the ‘chariot’ or run alongside? Amazing experiences to make unforgetable memories.

  20. Love the photo with the snow capped peaks with the ski runs coming down and that beautiful, untouched, pristine snow in the foreground.

  21. Wow, I got goosebumps thinking about this. I remember one night at that big hotel in Banff looking out the big windows up to the mountains and thinking how beautiful it was and how wonderful to live there. What a wondeful job your son has – even though a bit dangerous I would imagine.

  22. Oh Celi, what a magic day! Worth having frost-nipped fingers and toes for the calm and beauty of the high country… I think we’d ALL love a photo of you and Logan and both dogs and the snow if it could be arranged? I loved that snowy landscape under the gondolas; an antidote to the killing heat we’re having here. The Husband is entranced by Ferra; he still misses his own Axel the German Shepherd.

  23. I love reading these posts, because I am imagining what it will be like one day to visit my children as they lead their independent lives. I get quite excited about the thought…I hope that we have indian take out too. That would be complete and utter bliss.

  24. Looks like fun… cold fun. The gondola looks fantastic. So good to see working dogs. And a nice change of pace for you. That’s what the best holidays are about 🙂

  25. I knew you’d love the gondola. It’s so special: Gliding softly through the air up up and away, higher and higher, hovering and enjoying the earth, the mountains from above. It’s kind of magic, isn’t it? Have a good time there with your son Logan, Celi, enjoy! Enjoy your being together! I like your excitement what I can feel through the lines… Hugs.

  26. What a joyous first mail to open this morning! Oh I remember Cai: hope he is not too envious of Ferra going to work and enjoys his ‘retirement’. Wonderful to see how Ferra’s eyes follow Logan every moment . . . . a long, cold season ahead for both hopefully with few serious mishaps. Heights: with my valve incompetencies can’t get past 2000 metres [6000 ft] but so love to be up mountain tops: enjoy, oh do enjoy 🙂 !

  27. What a different world to your usual one! Except that there’s a dog, and a son who works with animals. It must be so exciting to visit your children, with their very different lives in different countries. It will be so interesting to see how he trains them.

  28. I’m glad Cai has a good retirement program! Looking forward to reading about these specially-trained dogs.

  29. Fascinating, Celi, rewarding, too. I can only imagine the satisfaction of seeing a once untrained pup learn to be a fully functioning rescue dog. Even so, it’s a mighty long road getting from Point A to Point B. Your son must have the patience of Job.

  30. What an adventure! and the scenery is gorgeous to top it off! Enjoy the snow…our kids are just wishing for a white Christmas. Today it was cold enough for snow and we did see a few flakes but hoping to get some more for a real frolic! Happy holidays to you!

  31. What fun and how interesting to be able to learn about the rescue teams and how they train the dogs. My cousin did avalanche control for many years in Colorado but he handled the dynamite end of things. Interesting work and they get to have a lot of amazing ski days in between. Wonderful that you can spend this time with your son! 🙂

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