Warm enough to walk


Look at this sky!prairie sky

Yesterday was almost 40F (4C) and the sun was shining like a wide open smile so I walked between the barns, my stride lengthening with every step until each of my winter bones had settled down and warmed up into that hot liquid streaming canter. The dogs and I were in heaven, after a while our feet barely touched the ground going faster and faster as we took the long way home.



Alex is not as short as she is pretending to be. I hope she is pregnant though – she will have such a tiny baby.

Poor old darling Tane with his underbite and bad hips. Such a lovely boar though.
dog, chickens and pig

Yesterday was a great discussion. And you outstripped me with all your comments. Thank you for all your comments. The Lounge of Comments is my favourite place to pop into during the day.

I hope you have a lovely day.

love celi


52 Comments on “Warm enough to walk

  1. we must be in the similar sort of weather system because our snow has melted, the sky is blue and the sun is out again. It makes you glad to be alive xxxx


  2. You mentioned the other day that Poppy had come into heat again …. but has Tima? For a minute there I was wondering what Alex was doing under Lady A. Hope your weekend remains warm (choke, splutter), sunny and calm. Laura

  3. Beautiful days like this are what we all long for in the midst of winter. Warms up your soul as well as your bones.

  4. Yes! I agree with BethAnn, these days get you outside into the warmth and sunshine getting ready for Spring!!! And lets you know that indeed, Spring is on it’s way!!! 🙂

  5. The weather was lovely yesterday, and promises to be better today. Even the sunrise in my post this morning shows it. I love when the sky is so clear and blue.

  6. Tane’s under bite is what makes him so wonderful. I always have a laugh when you post those full-on face shots of him, little teeth all apparent and his wonky little face hair and whiskers… in other news, we had hail here so heavy and deep it truly settled like snow on the ground and roofs. The two neighboring cats that enjoy sleeping on my back porch had to scramble at top speed for cover, tails down and ears flat.

  7. What bright and happy photos! It was 72 degrees here yesterday but the wind blasted from the south at 20 to 30 mph most of the day. Many areas of the state struggled to control wildfires. Still, I luxuriated outdoors in the warmth with blind Zoe at my side. We rode in the electric buggy, checking fences and picking up downed limbs in the pasture and along paths in the woods. The weather will turn cold on us again on Monday… and wouldn’t you know, yesterday I noticed a steady trickle of water coming out of the north hydrant. That will have to be replaced today before the cold weather returns. 😦 At least we have a couple of days to get that job done.

  8. This winter is lovely and quite warm. We will pay for it with bugs this summer. We need a deep freeze here and have had not enough of it. Have a lovely weekend yourself. I’ll get out for a walk today as well. We all feel better after moving. 🙂

    • A good freeze is a good thing for the trees too at the right time – it will be an interesting spring – but winter is only half way through, we still have February and March yet. c

  9. The bones know what the weather is doing. Mine announce it to me before I even get out of bed. I love your description of getting warmed up and loosened by your work, and going faster and faster, like those cartoons where Superman slows the world down by zooming round it the wrong way. This has been a busy weekend for my hands, and I will need to give them a little rest for a day or two or I will be unable to hold my coffee cup – disaster!

  10. I know what you mean about mild winter weather. While 4 degrees C seems so cold when it strikes in fall or spring, at this time of year it’s a balmy promise of warmer weather to come. And even though I know we will have more snowy, much colder days here in Southern Ontario before winter is out, it’s just such a treat, especially with the added bonus of sunshine, when we are lucky enough to have that. I’m visiting a friend’s farm today, and hope to get out for a walk (although, what’s that? I just saw some snow blow past the window! — we need to enjoy these balmy temps when they happen because they won’t last long in January and February!).

  11. It feels like spring here. 40* at 9:30 in the morning. They are predicting rain this afternoon or evening.


  12. We are in the 70’s here today!

    So short update – last night – about 10 pm the hospital called and said Mom’s oncologist looked at the endoscope and PET scan that were done yesterday. The cancer is about the same size as it was in December and that it was less active. So they were taking her back down to endoscope and going to place a feed tube so that we can get some nourishment into her weak body. It was the first glimmer of hope we have had in 10 days in this place of angels. And the staff are all angels here to help.

    So – by 11 pm – Mom had a feeding tube in her stomach. They can not use it until 24 hours later – so tonight around midnight – she will get her first food in 3 weeks into her stomach. The oncologist who is so wonderful was here – and did tell us we are talking more months vs fewer days. But MORE DAYS has been our motto in all of this.

    I truly believe all the prayers helped fate/karma/tides to get the Doctor to take another look at the complete picture to make this decision. Thank you all so very much for your support, love, candles and prayers.

    • Pat, I think, you and your mom are such strong women and I wish you further on to get through all in the very best way. Hope the nourishment / port will strengthen your mom’s body so that she’ll be well soon.

    • Your mother still has something she needs or wants to do, and Someone is making that possible. Perhaps it’s just a little more time to let you know how much she loves you… I’m so happy for you that there’s a little reprieve. I have been in your position, and every extra day is gold, to be treasured.

    • I tried to post to reply to your comments yesterday and I was not allowed. So Pat, I would be honored to hear your stories. Love, Gayle

  13. Your walk sounded wonderful. We had promised snow, well I call it white rain. The ground is utterly sodden so the snow melted as it hit the ground. I stayed indoors and baked cake. Apricot and almond, the mixture was enough for two 2lb loaf tins. One for eating and the other for the freezer. I am struggling to wait until they cool down to taste a slice.

    Alex looks like a real miniature cow. I hope your prediction is correct and she produces little healthy babies. I love the community meeting with Tane, Ton, and the chooks. I wonder what they are planning?

  14. There’s nothing more welcoming than winter sunshine. So lovely! I hope your weekend continues to be a joy.

  15. The comments on yesterday’s post were so interesting. I’ve read them all and it took me quite a long time. So I was wondering whether you would have the time to read all our thoughts on the subject you brought up, Celi. And I was wondering whether there’s a tradition in US to do the de-cluttering especially in January, as so many of the Fellowship said that they were about doing it right now. This caused me to revisit that “Apartment Therapy”-Site again and there it was: The January cure 2016. Loved it. January is gone now, but I think one can start that cure whenever one wants, no? – If somebody is interested in, here’s the link (forgot to add it yesterday): http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/collection/january-cure-2016-895
    With love to you all, Irmi

  16. Wouldn’t it be a godsend to have a mild winter altogether! We deserve one considering last year!

  17. These past 2 days have been incredible! Hard to believe that we’re in what should be the very worst of winter. I can almost see your cavalcade traveling between the barns. This would have been impossible in the recent winters. Now, though, with the sun now setting after 5:00 pm, spring seems to be closer than ever. I hope you get a chance to enjoy Sunday, too, Celi.

  18. Although I live in Sacramento, California now, there was a time I spent 13 years in New England, so know from snow. And when you were describing your steps I remembered the “winter walk” and how careful one has to be to avoid slipping. I’m so bone-deep happy you are having a respite. You, of all folks, deserve it!!! Lots of love to the fellowship and the head, Celi.

  19. It was beautiful here today too, dripping all over the place but we still have quite the snow cover. It gives a chance to scurry around and do the extra stuff that gets shunted aside or hastily done when it’s so cold. I am steadfastly ignoring the weather guys who are blathering about and BIG STORM with MUCH SNOW that’s going to hit Tuesday and Wednesday.

  20. Good weather for loading a big truck with household goods to go to storage. Good friends to help and uphold. I just hope I can move tomorrow. It would help if the rain holds off tomorrow too, at least until we’ve unloaded. Glad you got out for a good walk, it’d be nice to be able to do that again.

  21. That sky is so much bigger than mine.! but I’m not complaining – – just saying. And happy to be here as well as there.

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