Yesterday Fede and I climbed on a bus in Apollo Bay and it carried us to Geelong.  It was a windy road along a series of beautiful beaches.  But a windy road in a bus. Enough said.


Then we ran, laughing with relief at being off the bloody bus, through a gorgeous old train station that reminded me of London, to catch the train for Melbourne.


And  made it just in time to the idling incongruously multi-coloured train as the the conductor called “All aboard. Hurry Up you Lot!”

I love coming into a big city on the train – you get to see the bones of the town. Once we disembarked into the heat of  Melbourne we caught a tram.


Fede is a city boy.  Navigating the teaming streets is easy for him.  I followed behind him like a bemused TonTon on a string.  It is nice to put someone else in charge.  And lovely to spend a whole day with Fede again.

bus stop


Finally a very late lunch at a wonderful  Melbourne restaurant – Lupino, on Little Collins.  Try the gnocchi. Divine. Interestingly I was the only woman dining in there. The place was full of handsome well heeled men in suits drinking strong coffees and sipping limoncello.  It was right at the end of the lunch service and the chefs very kindly fed us perfect plates of food before clearing the decks and taking their breaks before dinner.

This is a hiatus period in a restaurant and if you are a diner who has timed it well, paid up, and not in a hurry (and happen to know one of the staff)   it is the perfect time to sit with two coffees, share a dessert and sit back for a good old yarn.

I am off to New Zealand today – Auckland then Wellington.  Just in time for the last few hours of my sons birthday.

Good morning. Before I fly out today I will take some photographs of my daughters perfectly tiny inner city vegetable garden.  You do not need a big space to grow food.

Have a lovely day.

Love celi

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  1. You had a very hot day in Melbourne yesterday! It is like Ohio, though, wait five minutes and it will change. Lovely and safe travels. (Beautiful photos from yesterday)

  2. Nice pictures Celi!! Fun to be on your trip with you!! Yes I know those hustling travels with 6 -7 trains in a day in Europe!! off one and tear on to the next one with the luggage!! Glad you’re having a good time with Fede! Bring him back with you!! Safe travels ~ Cheers!!

  3. Love the pictures Celi!! Fun to travel along with you!! Yes I’ve done those hustling train travels in Europe ~ 6 – 7 trains in a day AND with 2 bags of luggage and suit bag and carry on ~ by myself!!! Whoosh!! Glad Fede is with you!! Bring him back with you!! Safe travels to Wellington ~ Cheers!!

  4. I love travelling on the bus and train because you see so much of your surroundings. Glad you had Fede with you to guide you round the busy streets of Melbourne. Hope you remembered to take a photo of you daughter’s vegetable garden. Safe travels to NZ.

  5. I’ve been busy catching up on your posts today… I’ve been out of pocket most of the last week. What lovely photos – everything and everyone so happy and bright! Enjoy your days of sun, traveling gypsy girl!

  6. Lovely photos of all of your trip! I like best all shots of the Sea. These colours! So beautiful. Well done! Enjoy your further travel and NZ home coming and birthday party. – With love…

  7. Oho! I shall be standing at that very same tram stop in 6 days; it’s about 50 metres from my hotel! Giggling at the idea of you on a string like a bemused Ton Ton – get a grip, woman, you lived in London for years, which is a much more challenging and complex place… I agree totally about coming into a city by train, I’ve always thought it was like back of house, you see the actual workings of the scenery rather than the pretty stuff out the front. Safe trip, happy birthday to your son, and see you soon.

  8. You see, Celi, the Southern Ocean can be smooth and glassy and friendly: well, for all of five minutes 🙂 ! Am smiling at your first Melbourne photos: naturally, it being you, they are not the kind the Tourist Bureau sends out! And hasn’t anything changed in some 40-50 years ? . . . For decades I used to fly down at least once a week for the socalled ‘business lunches’ and I was almost always the only bird [spoilt to bits naturally] in the room! Collins, Bourke and the ‘Little’ ones twixt both of them 🙂 !! Oh what glorious fun – am glad Fede was there to ‘show and tell’ !! Have a fab NZ break and we’ll be happy to see any and all photos . . .

    • You do not know or want to know anyone by the name of ‘Winston’, do you ? Thought not!!!

  9. Those bumpy buses remind me of trips years ago between Dublin and Belfast. Thankfully they are all now updated and the trains and buses have wifi! great if one is travelling alone. Glad you had special tome with Fede, will he tag along to New Zealand with you? Enjoy trailing after the young folk. I am learning to do that too. Love Camera house’s view of this leg of your journey and look forward to photos of the tiny inner city vegetable garden.

    • Celi, why do you call it Camera House? Much love, Gayle, scratching her head in curiosity.

  10. I will be taking a few trains when I go to Germany in a month. I love them. Melbourne looks fantastic . I wish I had to visit when my niece was there.

  11. It’s awful lonely in the comments lounge today – where is everyone?

    Your journey sounds very tiring. I hope you ease up a bit when you get to NZ.
    How lovely that you were able to spend time with Fede.
    Stay safe,

  12. Melbourne looks like a nice city, and Isn’t Fede handsome I had forgot! I love the old Victorian train stations all that wrought iron. It’s really annoying as one of our local old stations Rickmansworth pulled down all the old iron work and put up modern straight posts! Arggg! Safe journey and a happy birthday to your son. 😀

  13. Hello Fede. Lovely to see you again… That old train station does remind of London station long since past when they had character, now they are escalators and glass everywhere….have a great time whatever you do and wherever you go

  14. That is exactly how I feel when I visit NYC with my son. I happily let him lead me around, slide my subway card, hustle me in and out of places and just let him take charge. It is a wonderful feeling to have someone who knows what he is doing take care of me. 🙂

  15. Wow – you’ve been one busy – and happy – girl !! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the photo of the old train station with it’s lovely old iron work.

  16. That’s a lovely water shot. What is Fede doing in Australia? Does he live there now? How nice to have the cafe and time to enjoy.

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