To coincide with the arrival of your Lurch T shirts I asked Lori from the Pig Rescue House in Indiana to send us a few photos of Lurch whose name is now Maggie.  Lurch was one of a group of piglets whose mother violently rejected them.  She and Winnie the tiniest of the piglets went to live with Lori at her rescue home for pigs.  Winnie spends most of her time out on a neighbouring farm with goats but Lurch whose name is Maggie cannot get around at all without her wheelchair so she sticks close to Lori.

Here she is in her wheelchair –  like all piglets she will not stay still for her photos to be taken!

piglet in wheelchair

piglet outside

She has her head up and is looking vital Good little Lurchy.

Lori says she is putting on weight and is off the bottle now and eating regular pig food. Though she does have a worrying overbite but she says Maggie is finding ways to eat and is doing well. Her back legs are growing faster than the rest of her which means they will never work in sinc with her front ones. Luckily her front legs are strong and she can pull herself along with these.lurch

Also she is finally able to hold her head up now without it shaking. Getting some control.

She gets on well with the other pigs at the home and the dog as well and Lori said all the children who visit just love her.

She goes outside in her wheelchair every day and moves at speed around the yard. When she is not driving off to attend fundraisers that is.

Lori thanks you all for raising almost 400 dollars this will help her with the ongoing expense of her wheelchairs. Being a registered rescue home she gets free vet care which is a wonderful bonus.

Here is a flashback shot of Nick, who took turns with me and Pat holding Lurch with her head up so she would be able to center herself. nick-and-piglet1

Today I am working on the bread page – I am excited to share the tips I collected from Zack who trained for four years in culinary school and is passionate about food and bread making.  But making a page that is in linear and correct is quite different from my usual free flow writing!

Have a lovely day. Talk to you tomorrow





31 Comments on “Lurch

  1. Thanks for the update! It’s good to know Lurch is progressing! Working on the bread page sounds like a good activity! Have a wonderful day!

  2. That is so sweet, it just made my day. I am looking forward to your bread page, as I am just starting my first ever sourdough starter! I have wanted to for years, but have been a chicken. Really what is the worst that can happen. It doesn’t work and I throw it out.

  3. Such wonderful news.. I had forgotten about the T shirt..sonl hope mine will arrive. It was one of the very first orders. Maggie is. Looking great

  4. So glad Lurch/Maggie has found such a loving home, nature sure stacked the odds against the little one. I too am looking forward to the bread page. Laura

  5. Bless! I’ve seen cats and dogs on skateboards, but never expected a pig on a similar contraption. Maggie looks very happy – she’s definitely a fighter 🙂

  6. Thank you for the update on Lurch Maggie , she is getting big . I’m looking forward to the bread tips. I do love a slice of fresh homemade bread with butter or peanut butter. I hope you all have a wonderful day.

  7. When Lurch is in her contraption, is she pushing with her hind legs or pulling herself with her front? She looks great! Thanks for the update.

  8. Thank you, Celi & Lori, for the L. Maggie pix & report. Her’s is a sweet & touching story & she is a lucky, plucky Marvel Pig! Judith

  9. So glad to see little Lurch is doing so well. I’m looking forward to your bread tips, too. I’m not baking much lately but I am always happy to learn new things!

  10. So nice to see our cutie safe and sound. She looks fine but still fragile. Not long ago I saw a cute little doogie with a wheel chair similar like that (with two wheels only) accompanying a lady for her part sitting in a wheel chair too. That looked so great, they were a nice couple moving along. Thanks for your report, Celi. All my best wishes to our Lurchy – please don’t forget to supply us with some photos from her from time to time… And I am looking forward to the bread page, too… – Beautiful Sunday to all of you!

  11. So glad to hear good stuff for Lurch. I love this little one & my tee shirt that I sleep in. Lurch is in my heart & thoughts.😄

  12. Maggie would be proud to know she’s the poster piglet for a fundraising campaign. She was born in adversity but rose above, thanks to your help and Lori’s. Well done, Miss C and Miss Maggie. Just love the photo of her scooting about in her wheelchair, she’s going great guns.

  13. Maggie (aka Lurch) is a triumph born of love and perseverance. Thank you so much for sharing the photos. What a turnaround, she is now the star of the show!

  14. I am filled with such hope and faith when I hear positive stories of animal rescues. I am so excited for Maggie and the adventures she will take plus all the joy she gives. Wonderful! There truely are kind people all around us.

    I’m excited to explore your Bread page.

  15. From Lori today: She is getting stronger daily. She has a rather large overbite and had a hard time keeping her head steady which made eating anything difficult other than drinking from the bottle. Now she is eating pellets just fine and chewing because she has control of her head. Her front legs are quite shorter than the backs and one front leg is shorter than the other. We have modified her chair for her legs. Walking would have been difficult for her even without the brain swelling I think. Cognitively she is perfect. She will come to you in her chair when you call her name. She ate her first cookie yesterday and loved it! She is inspiring many children with physical disabilities to not give up and loves to be held and loved on so the children really connect with her. Still sleeps in the bassinet right beside my bed. We all love her !!

  16. I love Lurch – Maggie. Thank you for the update, dear Miss C. I have a strange and morbid fear of yeast, so I have never made bread, though I’d like to take myself in hand and get over it. I’ve missed the discussion of the bread page, so please do share a link if it is to be found elsewhere when it is all baked. Sending love from Colorado.

  17. Good to see that Lurch is in such a great place and is offering our disadvantaged little ones encouragement.

  18. Yes, well done everyone! Maggie seems to fit, but she’s always be Lovely Lurch to us. How intersting about her differing leg growth. Happy to hear she’s mentally alert/strong and is sharing her determination and outlook of life with great and small.
    I bet she feels like Queen of the World in her scooter. Eating a cookie! YEA! Sleep well, little one, your fans have your back

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