IN-elegant Rain


I was trying hard to find colour within the rainy misty muddy day yesterday. The piglets are filthy!
dsc_0674 rooster

Even Molly would not jump up onto her fence like normal, preferring to peer out through the boards at the drippy day yesterday.



This coming week I hope to have a blog posts on how Lurchy is doing with pictures. Her name is  Maggie now and I hope to get her keeper to take a good shot of her in her wheelchair so I can show you.  I have sent her the money you raised from the T shirt campaign and she was very pleased and and says thank you and hopefully this will go towards her next wheelchair as Maggie will keep on growing as pigs are want to do.

Basically her back legs are longer than her front ones which means she will never walk but she scoots about in her chair very quickly (except on the wooden floors) and is already entertaining visiting children and attending fund raisers. She also sleeps in bed with her new Mama. She is absolutely doted on and very well looked after.

Internet problems today. But all is well – today I am documenting my new bread making process  for you – hopefully i can show you tomorrow. Zack gave me a few very interesting tips that have worked marvels. And I want to share them with you. But it is a thick heavy  cloudy day and I am struggling with lack of light in the kitchen.

Time to turn the dough again.

See you tomorrow.






30 Comments on “IN-elegant Rain

  1. even the cockerel looks bedraggled.

    it will be lovely to see and read how Lurch is getting on

  2. Dreary, wet days are hard on everyone and everything. We are at the beginning of Portland’s rainy season. At least our rain is sporadic so we get things done between showers. The mud outside will make it hard to dig in for getting winter ready so I do feel for you. Hope you get a lift from the rising dough. 🙂

  3. Sounds like Lurch is very loved ,I am happy that she is having a happy and active life. Your rooster is so colorful nice pictures.cant wait for the bread making tips. Have a nice day☺

  4. You found us some wonderful colour despite the weather. I’m very much enjoying the mental vision of Maggie zooming around in her chair, so photos would be fun 🙂

  5. A bit of a surprise to have a pig sleep in a bed. Lottery pig we should call her! The rooster photo provides some nice colour on a soggy day. Keep dry and have a calm day.

  6. Oh I am so thrilled for Maggie zest for life! Curious on any bread secrets you can share. Enjoy this rainy day.

  7. And you found us some beautiful colour in that rooster; he’s outstanding (out standing in the car’s trunk… yuk yuk yuk) Well, you and Lurch’s new family have every right to call Lurch what seems appropriate but if the name isn’t Lurch then it’s a pseudonym … and I have a T-shirt to prove it! While it does seem very odd to have a pig in bed with you, it also does seem logistically impossible. How in the world would a pig get up and down from a bed? Well, I suppose she could be picked up at this point but give her another few months and no one will be able to pick her up… and then there will be hell to pay when she can’t climb into bed… lol Hope you’re having a great day! ~ Mame 🙂

  8. You did such a great job with Maggie. Where would she be without you? Big hugs from the Medoc today where I am on a Bordeaux wine tasting trip.

  9. I suppose they will build her a ramp to wheel up on to the bed when she too heavy to pick up! 🙂
    We have been making no knead bread for years and sub beer for the water, so that’s my tip! Can’t wait to hear yours!

  10. Oh I’m so happy for little Maggie.I’m wondering how in the world you ever found her guardian. There can’t be many shelters for pigs in this world. And one who cares for disabled pigs!! Rare! I can’t wait to see the pictures of her. And thank you for the colorful rooster in the car trunk. Very funny and beautiful. I can’t remember his name–does he have one?

  11. What a wonderful outcome that you and Lucy have created from Maggie’s awful start to life. We cannot ever think the world is all bad. You did well finding colour, our travels this week have been accompanied by similar dreary [sometimes wild] weather, making it difficult to take happy snaps. But South Australia is a great food & wine region so there is an upside. When we arrive home in about a fortnight breadbaking will resume so tips would be good.

  12. Very much looking forward to your tips on bread baking and the photos of Maggie! It is a grey day here and I love it. Grey days are a bit like melancholy, we need them to more fully appreciate the light in our lives. xx

  13. Gloomy, clammy, drippty day here today too. Hard on the ambition level! One day many years ago when I was suffering a bout of some bug I crawled into the daybed after chores. I immediately had two little rat terriers, one against my stomach and one behind my knees. Suddenly the bed shuddered and shook and there was Roosevelt the pot belly snugging up tight against my back. It was rather nice, like a giant bolster pillow!

    • I know this feeling well of the support of a large animal against your back when you are in bed. I once visited a friend who had four large dogs and just one king sized bed. One or the other of the dogs would lie against my back and the feeling of support was wonderful. I am so glad that another human being shared that feeling of support. Thank you so much for your comments which sparked that wonderful memory of mine.
      Love, Gayle

  14. Aah Peghorn the Leghorn Rooster 🙂 Good news about Maggie. I hope Zacks tips include sourdough bread? Laura

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