Work in Mud

While the pigs get to play in mud and Boo lies by the fire (with incredibly ill grace) Ton and I are shifting fences and working on the West Barn Poppy broke out last night forcing gates and breaking through the electric fences then when she saw my truck coming up the lane she ran all the way back to her food bowl in her new quarters breaking through everything all over again  to get back in time for dinner.

Plus the electric fence is just not chargng right over there and the water thingy is leaking. So there is even more mud over there.

Lots to do. But first I gave myself an extra hours sleep until 6.30 – I am on my break now (no second breakfast in the winter) and back out the door the moment I send this to you wonderful people.

Talk tomorrow!

Love celi

20 Comments on “Work in Mud

  1. That Poppy is a stinker!!! Gonna have to punish her!! A spanking like us Kids got!!
    Have a good day!

  2. Gotta love the livestock 😄 I’ve never figured out why they can’t cause trouble in broad daylight – always seems the most inconvenient time, like when we have to get to work.

  3. Poppy is a real character just like Sheila but Sheila does not do naughty em to pieces  

    Sent: Friday, November 25, 2016 at 4:23 PM

  4. Goodness… just when you had a plan and things were rocking along nicely. I usually say that the weather is what sets the precedent for the day but today Poppy took the reins. Ha ha! Never a dull moment, eh?

  5. Frustrating when you can see things happening and nothing to do about it until it’s over. Hope everything calms down. I hope the rest helps Boo. Good luck with your day.

  6. Poppy! It looks like she thought she was just going for afternoon tea at the West Barn and not to stay. 🙂 Laura

  7. Good luck on the rest of your day. That Poppy is a pip and a half. It’s always something. I hated it when the pigs went through the electric fence, I didn’t want them to learn that they could stand the pain for a little freedom!

  8. I certainly want to wish you and all the readers of this blog, a Happy Thanksgiving! I also hope that my girl Sheila had a little extra to eat yesterday. I put Sheila up as the Star of the Farm. I am thankful for this blog that I read daily. And, Celi, you never shared a photo of your new truck! God Bless all of you.

  9. Oh I hope Boo heals. Worrisome about his hips and limp. Can’t believe anything Ill-graced about Boo! Yes that Poppy needs a good old-fashion spanking over the knee if at all possible!

  10. Just what you need, a pig that goes through fences like a bulldozer – and then back again!. I’m glad you gave yourself the extra sleep, it sounds as if you have a lot on your plate today

  11. Naughty Poppy making extra work. It would do no good to sit her down for a talking to, she wouldn’t listen. I think Boo will eventually settle into the quieter routine, dogs are very adaptable. No mud here, just lots of wet concrete, asphalt and gravel, but Smoky doesn’t like wet paws.

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