Rush rush

I am hurrying this morning as I have to be off the property at seven. So I am going to move swiftly through the chores. I have been a bit dawdly lately.

Molly is still taking her time with her piglets and I am not milking so I am enjoying this slow start to the summer. And yesterday was not that warm really which slows us all down.

Tane takes himself out to the drive every day now and walks ever so slowly all the way to the hay field to eat that good alfalfa down there.

Spring pasture is quite the incentive.

Though the cows are still waiting in the sacrifice paddock for some real growth in their fields. And deeply unimpressed at having to wait.

I must away. Coffee in hand.

I will catch up again later in the day.

I hope you have a lovely day.




28 Comments on “Rush rush

  1. Lovely photo of Tane and Ton, deep in conversation. One’s the rotund gourmand and port-lover and the other is the lean, active sporting gent. If Tane was a human, he’d be played by Leo McKern – Rumpole of the Bailey.

  2. Just wondering if Ton ever snaps or nips at the animals he always seems to be so intently watching/herding? When Dolly looks that intent and is that close to any animal she is nipping and jutting forward and definitely trying to herd. Sometimes she is super helpful, especially in herding goats, and errant piglets, but sometimes it can be problematic. I’m guessing though, as I write, the problem is with me, not knowing exactly how to tell her what I want her to do and when, with commands she can follow. 😦

    • Border Collies don’t nip, well Ton never has. He is a useless herd dog – running straight across in front of them. But Boo when he is that close is watching ME waiting for the command to “bring ’em up” which he interprets with a nip to the heel. I would have Dolly on a leash if you are in a field, then you and the dog follow your commands. I often have Boo a leash so he cannot do bad stuff. c

      • I will definitely try the training with the leash! It makes sense! XO

  3. Yep, I can hear Tane saying to Ton “What is the rush, I will get there!” . Enjoy your day. Laura

  4. Wicked wind in Texas last night…. I’m sitting in my office surveying our office land – and I can see three trees downed and many limbs. And of course many trees stripped of their young tender leaves. It is official SPRING in Texas as we have had horrible storms twice this week already. Ugh.

  5. I just love your kunekunes. I think it would be lovely to have one (or three) tottering around our farm. 🙂

  6. Dear Alex….I want to reach out and give her a bonafide mohawk. Tres bonvine chic!

  7. “Dawdly”……….love the word! Expresses that twilight feeling just before dawn, that holding of one’s breath just before springing into action in Spring. We’re gathering our strength and wits for the all-consuming days/weeks/months ahead. Enjoy your temporary ‘dawdle’, Ceci ! Love the baby chick, and piggies look great!

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