Back in Auckland.






And then back to my bro’s for a bubbly.


Lots of Love.

Tomorrow I am back on the plane – aimed straight for Illinois.

Lots of Love


and Kempton:


Tomorrow 01/05 10% / 0 mm
Sunny. High -13C. Winds NW at 15 to 25 km/h.

Tomorrow 01/05 10% / 0 mm
A mostly clear sky. Low -24C. Winds NW at 10 to 15 km/h.

7:17 am 4:39 pm

Waning Gibbous, 86% visible 9:10 pm 9:59






44 Comments on “BEACHES AND BANSKY

  1. What a shock to your system it will be to go from summer to the terrible cold winter they are having. That camera makes gorgeous black and white photos. Safe travels.

  2. Stopped off at a local farmstall a couple of days ago and there I spotted a bag of dried apples from Cecilias Farm, naturally I bought some 🙂 Safe travels and happy landings, Keep warm until we see you again. Laura

  3. You Brut, you…what with your bubbly and effervescent personality. The pictures are stunning. I am in deep love with black and white pic no. 7…the heavy clouds closing in on the beach as it all points toward a distant horizon. That is my kinda place, my kinda day. Yum. The safest of travels. See you on the other side.

  4. Oh, I have to laugh with Dale: methinks Banksy has been ‘mainstream’ for a few years now both in England and Down Under !! Yes, sigh indeed, but am glad you saw something happening in the outside world of the Shaky Isles as well as your beloved family. But it was over too soon, far, far too soon . . . . a good flight, a landing in Chicago and not a stop somewhere West because of weather and a warm welcome from both the two- and four-leggeds . . . . bestest . . .

  5. love this mix of photo memories, best of luck in chicago weather, i live in michgian, very much the same weather right now )

  6. Wonderful pictures! Wishes for a great flight home with no delays or any other strange happenings. xo

  7. That looks like a wonderful family time. Relaxed and yet with adventure.

    Poor Banksy Cows. I wonder how they liked being painted. with spray paint, I assume. At least he didn’t tattoo them. Delvoye did that to some pigs. I thought that was cruel. It’s not the like the pig could opt out. Struck me as hypocritical. He’s a vegetarian, but opted to tattoo some pigs to decorate them. Although, maybe he’s a vegetarian because he doesn’t enjoy the taste of meat, rather than for the sake of animals. Sorry that whole thing was off topic. The cow reminded me.

  8. Seems the warmer your shots the colder the air outside my windows! Brrrrr! Prepare yourself for bitter cold. Thanks for sharing summer with us!

  9. Safe travels. Bundle up when you land, it’s cold in Chicago. Love the black and white photos, so nice when you know how to use the light. The very last one is my favorite.

  10. Gems these photos. Wishing you a safe trip home. Cold here today and tomorrow. Snow Sunday but next week a warm-up!

  11. Great images to tuck away safely as memories once you’re back at the Farmy. Can I offer you some of our excess (37.6°C) heat to take home with you?

  12. YAY! We’re getting our Ceci back! Missed you, dear lady and, as everyone else already has wished you, have a safe and pleasant trip back. If you don’t, please box the pilot’s ears for me!

  13. Beautiful b&w photos. The beach scapes especially. Brace yourself for these temps. Brutal. Maybe you will bring some warm back with you.

  14. Oh travel well Celi. It was a brief visit and we didn’t turn on the best of weather, but still, anything will be better than the cold that awaits you. Wishing you strength to meet it, and I hope you’ve been refreshed by your holiday. I’m just back from the bach, or I would have commented some more.

  15. Yes, your black and whites were so expressive. I was shocked to see your photos in Instagram earlier today showing us your return to the north; doesn’t seem enough time has passed for your holiday to be completed. If your return happens on schedule it will be still very cold but a warming trend begins Monday that will take our temps up, in southern Ontario, to just above freezing — tropical, after what we’ve just experienced. Have a safe trip home. — Mame 🙃

  16. You were in Auckland and I didn’t see you? Oh no, I can’t believe it. I would have dropped everything … Blast! Safe journeys home Miss Celi, love your b&w pics

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