The sky spent the day in the same heavy dirty white of the earth. The horizon defined by barely melting snow soil.  It was eerie with stillness. ice-on-snow-004

I took the little camera for a walk to check the fences with Boo at the end of the work day.


We saw nothing much.


The humidity was high. The temperatures a whisper below freezing by then. The trees were frozen with icy fog.


The wild garden is riddled with footsteps in the snow. From rabbits and deer and pheasants. Munching on the free feed.  I feel happy about that.  Though when I was down there I realised I have not put the protective covers around the Fellowship Forest.  I must do that today or the rabbits will nibble those little ttrees down to nothing after the wild food runs out.




The fences are still sound so we headed home.


The temperatures have risen even more so the snow that was forecast is now going to be rain. And all the white will be gone. Rain = Mud. So all the cows will be brought up to their concrete pads for the duration.

Love celi

PS  In the frozen winters I work wearing these boots.


Boggs. When they wear out, after a few winters, I cut the insulated sleeve off and wear the remaining short boots for the summer. Like cutting jeans into shorts.


Wednesday 01/10 40% / 0.01 inAreas of dense morning fog. Foggy during the morning hours followed by occasional showers in the afternoon. High around 50F/10C. Winds S at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 40%.

Wednesday Night 01/10 60% / 0.05 inCloudy skies early with showers later at night. Low 48F/8C. Winds S at 15 to 25 mph. Chance of rain 60%.

7:17 am 4:44 pm
Waning Crescent, 30% visible1:25 am 12:38 pm

24 Comments on “A-WALL-KY

  1. The photos are still beautiful even though it’s a mostly grey and white world! I love my Boggs boots too. Can’t do without them!

  2. That is a great idea to cut the boots .have you found any use for the part that you cut off? Just curious .I like to try to find a use for everthing.

  3. That looks rather gloomy and would make me want to go home and turn on every light in the house. It feels very much like that here today with nothing but rain and more rain until Friday. Then we get sun for 3 days. I wish I could share the sunshine with you. Love the photos of the fog and ice.

  4. we have a bit of frozen fog and a trace of snow- looks a lot like your photos! Boo is such a great dog- of course it helps that you are such a great human! And I willhave to investigate Bogg boots. Cheers and have a lovely day.

  5. It looks very cold, that sound-deadening, sensory-deprivation dome of whiteness over everything. We’ve got a heatwave to look forward to next week, days of temperatures in the 40s – Celsius, that is – so I suspect there’ll be some power outages due to everyone’s aircon being cranked up to maximum…

  6. It looks very cold. I love the look of winter trees against the sky. Have a great day!

  7. Not much to see – it is pure beauty in my eyes. I don’t get to see snow and white like that often. And the frozen tree limbs I love. So – one person’s ‘eh is anothers Ohhhh. Funny Boo! Now if you could train him to shovel – that would be something.

    • I’m like you Pat, love that mono-colour look …everything here is always so brightly green in every shade it can hurt your eyes sometimes, it’s lovely to rest them on the whiteness.

  8. Frost/ice-covered trees – gorgeous! Thank you! Does Boo wear doggie boots in this cold weather?

  9. I smile at Kate’s comment. Well over a thousand kms south we are also threatened with temps of over 110 F in a few days . . . and I do not have AC !!!! But am glorying in a new state-of-the-art fan which drops temps by about a degree every ten minutes . . . will hate to see the next power bill rho’ at Australian prices! Actually enjoyed your ‘walky’ . . . . to me it was quiet and private and friendly and not too cold . . . . haven’t seen proper snow since I was in my early twenties 🙂 !!

  10. When we have ice and frost like that it’s called a hoar frost. It is a beautiful sight but kind of strange feeling too…..welcome back.

  11. Well I, for one, am really glad you took photos of the “nothing much” you saw on your wall-kabout today. Perhaps some could even become winter/Christmas note cards? So much nothing but the Lovely Golden Grasses, your Secret Garden on a crook in the tractor path; Fox Grass turned to bottle brush, frosted Spruce tips, contemplative calf and ecstatic Boo cavorting in the subdued light… Thank you C: )

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