Black and White. But not by design. For days now we have been under this heavy lid of pale gray cloud. Under the threat of snow. Below freezing. A frozen solid white bread sandwich. Colour has fled our world. The beasties seem to do well in the cold. Cows have this great fermenting compost heap in their bellies like an inside giant hot water bottle. As long as they get enough plant matter into those stomachs they are OK. Due to the endless cold days I have increased their intake of hay to keep them vital and healthy.

Consequently, I have ordered more winter hay  – one lot John will drive out to pick up the other lot will be delivered in a few weeks.  Soon we will be stocked up again.


And as I am selling most of these animals as beef now, I need to keep the feed up to them. They don’t have grain at all. So the hay has to be high in protein and plentiful.


We dodged the snow yesterday and there was no precipitation in the night. Just three more days of this weather pattern then it is possible the sun might shine again.


Though as you know once this blanket of cloud starts its motor and moves off any clear skies will ensure it gets even colder.

John has put a heater in the little glass room attached to the south side of the house and has begun to sow seeds for the vegetable garden. I have told him we are only having a little garden this year, but there is no stopping him. I think it is actually a coping mechanism. It helps him deal with the bleakness of winter by beginning the spring garden.  But everything is leggy already due to lack of sunlight – even my little greens garden in there has struggled along, with very little edible growth.  The cold and lack of sunshine.  Hopefully he will be called back to work in a month or so. When the ground unfreezes.  The winters are hard in more ways than one.

Once more – cold light is slowly rising behind our lid of chilled white cloud.  Dawn.

Time for me to get to work. The roosters have been crowing for a while already!

Have a lovely day.

Love celi

Friday 02/09 70% / 1-3 in
Snow during the morning will give way to lingering snow showers during the afternoon. High 29F/-1C. W winds shifting to NNE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of snow 70%. Snow accumulating 1 to 3 inches.

Friday Night 02/09 60% / ~ 1 in
Occasional snow showers. Low 18F/-7C. Winds NNE at 5 to 10 mph. Chance of snow 60%. Snowfall around one inch.

6:54 am 5:20 pm

Waning Crescent, 27% visible 2:10 am 12:21 pm



25 Comments on “BLACK AND WHITE

  1. It’s wonderful that cows have furnaces to keep them warm in your very cold winters. You all just shovel the fuel into those furnaces & that warms you up too. When I lived in the Chicago area, I preferred the close cloud cover because it meant the temperature was higher than when the brilliant winter sun sparkled the snow. Then it was usually below zero. Bbbrrrrrrr. You all keep warm too & I hope the sun shines on your new little plants.

  2. I am with John … the smell of soil and the zen of planting seeds … can do wonders to heat up our human hearts in February! 😉

  3. Whoa, just checked the weather in your neck of the woods and it looks like lots of snow coming your way! Chicago schools closed and expecting up to 14 inches of snow in the area! Sending warm vibrations your way! On a positive note…it will be in the low 60’s here!!! Now that’s exciting!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂

  4. Planting seeds is a deliberate act of hope for warmth and sun. Nothing better to lift spirits. Of course when they don’t thrive it’s a bit depressing… But still. I’m with John. Planting feels like it helps push the winter away.

  5. If the furnace goes out, bring a cow into the house and cuddle up to her 🙂 I was looking at the two photos of cows against the snow, and if you greatly increased the contrast, you’d have a cow whose middle blends into the background. It would make an interesting graphic for an apron… or is that just me? Stay warm, Miss C, since you lack a hay-fed furnace and must rely on clown-suit layers.

      • Ha ha – they say Staten Island Chuck (Punxsutawney Phil’s cousin) didn’t see his shadow and predicted an early spring – how confusing! It’s coldish here, but I can see green leaves on the elderflower tree and sticky buds on the apple…

  6. Lady A’s Bobby/Steer is a beautiful specimen. 6 weeks – oh no I hate winter! but I am sure you will be excited to see the back of yours. Laura

  7. It’s funny how a cow can look black and white in full sunlight. And in snow light, it looks black and tan. Tell the roosters I said, “Ciao.”

  8. Beautiful colours and tones. We planted some Lily bulbs today that our neighbour gave us…who knows if they’ll survive the cold but fingers crossed!

  9. O yes, the critters have been getting lots of extra hay in this deeper cold we have been having, we had a grey morning or two with the snow coming in.. we have been getting so much snow but otherwise we have at least been getting bright sunshine.. still I hear you on the starting of plants, I am so far behind, I have moment with no one home and I am going to be reading backwards to do some catch up read on your as always excellent blog

  10. It’s the slog time now. And I agree about March, it just never ends. The mud and the damp. Ah well, spring will bring the new life. Gotta keep my eye on that ball!

  11. Beautiful black and white photos, but one sweetheart is missing–you-know-who!

  12. I feel exactly as John does. Things feel so bleak and cooped up in the winter. Planting things helps me look forward to spring and fight off SAD. It gets me moving in the right direction.
    Here in the northern hemisphere the sun and seasons control every aspect of our lives, even with all our houses and cars and lights. It messes with our brains, no matter how we try to stop it.
    Of course, I will have a very large garden (for me) this year. 😛 There’s a lot to be done.

  13. Stunningly lovely photographs! The cows seem to glow against their white world. Thank you from my bit of England, where the birds only had to hide from one snow flurry which slid into sun… Very warm wishes! Alison Brackenbury

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