Right here in the middle of a Californian city. It has worse internet than we have in the country. 

Supposedly there is a technician coming tomorrow but this has been an ongoing problem. 

So I am not holding  my breath. Constructing posts using the app is not as fun as using my computer. Plus where is the sidebar? Sighed- bar. 

Interesting California things. The school my mini friend atttends is a closed campus. No parents allowed on the grounds. The school is surrounded in high stone walls and chain link gates. To enter or exit the children walk though Two tall chain link gates. With a gap – like an open air airlock in between.

 Each gate is operated by a warden who welcomes or says goodbye to each child. But no parents go through those gates. The children are delivered to the first gate by the teacher. And no child is released until her or his parent is present to sign the child out. 

If you are late or need to sign the child out early there is an office door in the wall. 

Smoking dope ( marijuana ) is legal  if you are 21 and over and in the privacy of your own home. I know this because I had to close  the windows in our lounge – the smoke coming from the neighbors windows was so strong I swear our mob of kids were getting high just watching  television. The house was full of it. 

The picture above was fixed after I loaded the one below as a trial- now I cannot work out how to remove my trial picture. 

Once I have posted this to you I will explore this WordPress app and see what’s what. I miss my clunky letter- less laptop keyboard. Hopefully the internet man can fix this today. 

I hope you have a lovely day . 

Love Celi.


The Farm South of Chicago: a high of 34F.

Fresno California: a high of 68F. 

36 Comments on “NO INTERNET

  1. I can’t help feeling that while there’s a liberalisation of dope going on, there seems to be a whiff of puritanism in the western world too. We will see. I’d rather have a drink myself, but I’m not against legalisation of marijuana and the war on drugs seems to have no effect, other than to get people killed or locked up.

    • It is true that legalization should dump the gangs and drug lords out if the equation. And the prisons here are overloaded with ordinary people caught with a couple of joints. So legally it makes sense- plus keeps your population nice and sleepy. I don’t know either – there are pros and cons. I also prefer a glass of wine.

  2. A drop of the old weed is just what you need..maybe thats why the internet is bad..its on a high!!! It is surprising that such a modern country has even one area of crappy internet. Like you..we are miles from nearest town and although internet is not perfect 100% of the time is usually quite good on my laptop but not so good on the tv…… I hope the man will soon come to put it right…. Love as always…me in BG

  3. Perhaps the gun control laws should be revised as well. Hope your internet is fixed soon. Enjoy the warmth. Laura

  4. yet California bans/ taxes food, drink and tobacco that aren’t “good” for us. Builds HOV-only and bike-only lanes l on roads that carry 175% of traffic they were designed to. Maybe that’s why the school has no-adults policy. Keep dopes (people) out…

    • I am not sure? But usually if something is legal then it is able to be taxed. Mind you if you can grow it in your garden that would make it difficult to monitor. Like many discussions it has many sides

  5. So what happens the day the state decides to keep the kids and not give them back? Interesting how parents continue to be cut out of the equation. It’s scary what “normal” is these days.
    I’m back to reading your blog after a long break. It’s nice to be here. Luckily you have had snow this winter. Here in Kansas we’ve just had a long cold drought. I was just thinking this morning how happy I am to find we are finally at the end of winter.
    Enjoy your break. We are headed to Oklahoma tomorrow for an overnight stay. Will be nice to go to some of our favorite haunts. I liked your Walnut Room.

  6. Just fyi, the description of California and California schools posted is not indicative of ALL of California, and I would imagine the school described is set up like that for the protection of the kids because of so many school shootings…

  7. Glad you arrived safely and interesting reading about the school and the smoking. I am saddened at the idea that they have gotten to the point that you can’t have parents allowed n and such but on the flip side I was quite worried when it came to light last week that a local school yard at a small town about a hour and half from the farm found that on a early Monday morning that a pack of wolves had taken down, killed and mostly eaten a deer INSIDE the chain link fenced area for the Grade 1-6 school yard.

    Scary to have that happen in town where the little wee ones play.. N.A. Counties are so big that many people can live totally different lives that barely touch each other and have little understanding of how each other live day to day.

  8. An interesting glimpse into another world. As far as I know, in Australia, people freely come & go from schools, and marijuana is still illegal. Alcohol & tobacco consumption is legal if you are over 18. But there are myriad laws for when, where and how you can drink & smoke, such as laws no-smoking laws for strata apartments, at least, that do not allow smoke drift that affects neighbours. Enjoy your internet-lite holiday ♡

  9. As with so many things, it’s the overflow of other people’s pleasures that causes problems. If people quietly get drunk or high without affecting someone else, either with noise, violence or smoke, that’s their business, I feel. That school does sound a bit prison-like, but it would keep out human predators, distractions and maniacs with weapons, I suppose. And if the children enjoy it, then they’re doing a good job.

  10. I fully agree with Kate: if one quietly uses drugs (alcohol also is a drug!) the pros/cons are yours to judge: unfortunately it is not as simple as that . . . Am certain the school rules have entirely to do with the criminal and totally backward gun law in the US . . . since some of the strictest in the world came here after our Port Arthur massacre in Tasmania we have not had one mass shooting in some 15 years : back when both my daughters went for 14 years each to Ascham , Edgecliff in Sydney, teachers would supervise the girls’ departure every afternoon – only when a parent arrived, could the girl leave the outgoing Q- if a parent could not come s’one with a signed letter had to approach staff. OK: it was appreciated: Ascham was probably the wealthiest school about and full of diplomats’ daughters and the children of the top businessmen in town – fair game for abduction . . .

    • I think most schools have the little ones only released to a named person. The preschoolers in California have to be physically signed in and out. We also had fencing in New Zealand mainly to limit wagging!!

  11. Wow, Ceci! If you’re giving Fresno’s weather report, you’re really in my neck of the woods. I’m straight up HWY 41 from Fresno to 12 miles shy of the entrance to the southern entrance to Yosemite. Also, the closed campus is to protect the children from kidnappers. School buses do the same – wait for the students to be met by their parents. Enjoy your time here – it’s been lovely weather for you!

  12. I hope it is at least the pleasant smelling weed. I had a neighbor who smoked stuff that smelled like skunk! I had to have the situation explained to me – I always thought there was just the one smell of pot, but I guess not. I kept thinking we had a cranky skunk in the yard.

  13. Wow the internet must be bad if it’s worse than the country if it’s that bad. Good luck with your internet.

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