Due to the fact that there is no hay on the ground, all these black clouds were just that. Dark broody black clouds that growled as they passed by but delivered no rain. Unlike many other farmers in the area we are not too dry yet but I feel murmurings about a dry summer ahead. Much of the surrounding recently planted fields are already too with dust endlessly blowing in the air and roadside grass heading up into seed too early.  Other hay fields have not struck. Pastures are not growing. We have been very lucky so far.


Funny how rain from the sky is perceived so differently when there is no hay laid out to dry on the land.

The green hay we baled ahead of the rain on Saturday is still hanging in there. Anna and I rolled every single green hay bale over yesterday. Anything that is still too heavy was flagged for feeding out soon.  All the doors and windows are open in both barns but the ones drying the fastest are the ones I laid out on the hay rack and parked in the crib across the way. With both sets of big doors open (or broken) the breeze flies straight through.

Still we are feeding out as much as we can to the cows each day. Talk about feast and famine.


Yesterday Anna accompanied me on one of my rare trips to town and we stocked up on fencing supplies. Today we will extend a small field out into one of the hay fields. This will give me three good-sized fields over at the West Barn.  Then we will plant more trees along the boundary and it is ready to go.

Because of the peacocks who love to sit on new cars, my guests are offered car covers.  Funny how the birds totally ignore the cars when covered – the moment the shininess is uncovered they fly over to roost on them. That would be fine if you could deal with the peacock poop, but these big birds never dismount gracefully, instead they kind of slide off the bonnet with their claws scrabbling leaving long scratches all the way down and they LOVE clean black vehicles.  So I keep a few covers on hand.



Tuesday is harvest day. I sold a lot of rhubarb this week amongst other things.


OK! Lots to do.

Talk later.


Tuesday 0% Precip. / 0 in
Cloudy early with peeks of sunshine expected late. High near 75F. Winds NW at 10 to 15 mph.

Tuesday Night 10% Precip. / 0 in
A clear sky. Low 54F. Winds ENE at 5 to 10 mph.






15 Comments on “ALL BARK AND NO BITE

  1. I wonder if the peacocks admire themselves in the reflections of shiny cars, like budgies looking in a mirror?

  2. I will never forget the present left on the hood of my Subaru by one of the peacocks…haha.

  3. We could do with those car covers in Bexhill to protect us from the seagulls… Goodness knows what they eat but it can sometimes be very dramatic seeing the results!

  4. Ornery clouds, raining on the hay and then not on the pastures. I can just see peafowl preening etc on clean shiny cars, souvenirs for your guests 😃 Laura

  5. Positively gorgeous photos, Ceci! I love the feeling of anticipation low black clouds bring. Just a little feeling of unsettled excitement. BTW, is that a gazing platform I see in that last photo? Still in use? Have a marvelous day!

  6. Giggle! “All bark and no bite” was not, I assume, referring to the three little piggies in the first photo, right? I’ve heard of ‘when pigs fly’, but bark? Just teasing you, AGAIN!

  7. The current dry conditions are of concern. Weather patterns appear to be changing, whether it is for long term, and how long, who knows. We, on Australia’s east coast have come out of a what os considered to be a dry summer. Our autumn weather has been lovely but below average rain, and none forecast for the remainder. So we go into winter behind the rainfall eightball. It seems like our winter will be at least as dry, possibly moreso than last year when at our place we had some autumn rain beforehand but zip, zero, zilch rain from June to October.

  8. I think the Farmy may create its own little microclimate because of the trees, the different crops, etc, instead of vast plains of monoculture.
    Our birdlife loves the car too; we have to wash the driver’s side frequently because the silly buggers sit on the roof rail and poop down the window, or on the wing mirror and poop down the door. I have gone to the extent of hanging an old dog towel over that side, but lacking a scrabbling peacock, I don’t think I’ll bother with a full cover…

  9. How wonderful would it be if we could order the rain we needed—when we needed it. Of course, people would have to agree—but that’s another story. Unless we each had our own private clouds… And how funny about the peacocks and cars—I had no idea🤣

  10. The second photo down from the top, reminds me of the Gale farm, from The Wizard of Oz. Photo perfect Ms Celi.

  11. I can’t get over the lack of mountains in some regions. It seems so foreign. I know about living in the Santa Clara Valley, but have always been able to see mountains of some sort in the distance, and on most sides, even if they are just hills. Our mountains are not very impressive, but they are close.

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