Grande Grotta.

Below is me deep inside the cave ready to shoot Jack climbing an incredibly hard climb called DNA.

Just climbing straight up the steep loose rocky hillside then through the cave to find the best angle was climbing enough for me yesterday.

Jack rock climbing in the Grande Grotta.


Today my Daughter and I are sailing from Masouri to Telendos for lunch. On our return we will collect Jack and go back to the Grande Grotto, for him to once more climb the DNA climb but with the sunset as his backdrop. If those shots turn out I will show them to you tomorrow.

Have a lovely day.



  1. Good grief! He looks as if he’s just gaily skipping up that slope. Did I somehow miss the winged climbing shoes…? Anyway, it’ll be lovely to see Spiderman doing his stuff at sunset.

  2. Absolutely love your photography from the modern Vespa to the age-old building, the on-line deliveries which would not last the next rainstorm . . . but Jack absolutely . . . whom I actually had to ‘find’ in the first few pics . . . hmm! almost but not quite as good as that of his beloved . . . hope you had a memorable lunch Milady . . .

    • Agree. One is so graceful (yet strong) and the other is just brute strength (and joy).

  3. Oh God, Please tell me DNA doesn’t = Do Not Attempt. One picture looks like he is striding up not using his hands, wonderful shot. Wonderful photos of villages, loving the paving carpet 🙂 Laura

  4. I’m amazed at how empty the streets seem. Heaven. If you were in ITALY those places would be packed like sardines with people.

  5. It looks idyllic. I hope you have a delicious lunch and that you get some good sunset shots.

  6. Great shots of those ancient streets – if only they could talk!!! And Jack gives me a heart attack!! Have fun for lunch today!!! Oh so envious of you in Greece!!! Enjoy – enjoy!!!

  7. A picture speaks a thousand words and with pictures like these words are not needed…

    That Mr Jack must be superman..up he goes ..up .. Up. And then flies free…blooming heck! I do hope you enjoyed your lunch… Stay cool Miss C..stay cool!

    • That was a controlled fall. In fact he fell so far he lifted my daughter who was belaying from below – right off the ground. She was anchored to the wall too just in case this happened. So they were both swinging in mid air

  8. Thanks for these amazing and beautiful photos. There is so much beauty in the world. My palms start sweating looking at Jack climbing like that. Extraordinary!
    Hope you sail is cooling and lunch is worth the trip.

  9. That muscle definition on your climbers!! What a sport! Just amazing, the courage. This is their reward for what must be hard training for their bodies and minds. Impressive!

  10. I just look & look at your photographs. I am drawn into them as if i were there too. (Just glad I don’t hear the motorcycles revving up in those narrow streets. My next door neighbor is a big yard, wooden fence & tree line away, yet he wakes the dead with his when he decides to ride his little boy round & round their house.) Greece is as ever in books & films & photos completely enticing. I’m so glad you are there to share your trip with us. I’ve been posting your blogs on my facebook page to share your Greece with my friends. Also, I have a question for you Celi, or anyone else. Sometimes some of you “like” my comments. I would like to “like” some comments too but cannot find a button or symbol to do that on the comments page. WordPress tells me the feature should be there below the comment. Where do you all find it? Thank you, & thank you, Celi, for the fabulous photos!

  11. I love all your photos. They really give an insight into the daily life on this island. Looks like you’re having fun.

  12. WOWIE again! As the others have said ‘ Phantastic Photos’! The added touch of our special narrator, puts the gouda on the pita! Jack, now that’s another story! Would I, ME, MYSELF do what he’s doing? Only if there were no other way to escape a peril worse than the climb! SO clear and beautiful are your pictures! Nat Geo has wondrous photos, but they are printed on glossy paper and are often in the folds of two pages – hard to see. Yours are so lifelike you can feel the heat, hear the surrounding sounds, and smell the glorious aromas. Thank you so much, Ceci!

  13. Such gorgeous photos C. I can feel the dry heat radiating off the cobblestones and rock cliffs! And the color of that water! Wow! Is it quite warm also? Do you know what those boats are fishing for? Hopefully whatever it is, it is still plentiful!
    Did you ever see the movie The Black Stallion…I believe alot of it was filmed in Greece. Stunning cinematography, very little dialogue…

  14. Ooops, filmed in Sardinia but similar landscape. Beautiful!

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