To get this post out and me into the shower. We roll Aunty Del and Tia over to visit the bull this morning. So here is yesterday.

The hay is down. The skies are clear so far.

Remind me to tell you about that gate tomorrow.

Have a good one.


weather – Clear and fine – high of 84. Light winds

17 Comments on “FIFTEEN MINUTES

  1. Today, I wish you wings on your heels. Love that shot of Ton tell tales of his adventures to an enthralled audience. Do you think he’s making the noises and doing the sound effects?

  2. I do hope that wasn’t Sheila’s wallow about to be commandeered by the Duckies. Good luck Aunty Del and Tia. The hay looks long but will dry and be baled quite soon. Laura

  3. Ducks are so funny – a dog bowl is just as exciting to sit in as a pond. Beautiful sunflowers and the bull will be happy with his two new brides!

  4. It looks hot. The shade looks welcoming…
    “The kindliest thing God ever made, His hand of very healing laid/ Upon a fevered world, is shade. His glorious company of trees/ Throw out their mantles, and on these/ The dust-stained wanderer finds ease. Green temples, closed against the beat /Of noontime’s blinding glare and heat…” Theodosia Garrison 🌳

  5. “Maud Muller, on a summer’s day, / Raked the meadows sweet with hay./ …. Then talked of the haying and wondered whether/ The cloud in the west would bring foul weather./….. – John Greenleaf Whittier We hope for sunny, drying conditions for you.

  6. What a glorious sunflower and the first photo to greet my sleepy, as yet un-coffeed, eyes! That’s a visual wake-up call! The gate looks elegant and functional. Did you make it? Had to laugh at the duckies all being one color – totally – and all the same shade of mud-brown! The mown hay looks happy, too. Have a wonderful day, y’all! Again, thanks for the sunflower!

  7. Fingers crossed for no rain for you and rain for us. Love that gate! I’m guessing John made it, so modern! Train the dogs to jump through the circles.

  8. Wow! What a beautiful sunflower to greet my sleepy, and as yet, uncoffeed eyes. A real visual wake-up call. Had to laugh at all the duckies being exactly the same shade of mud brown – what a mess! The gate is country elegant! Did you make it? Your hay looks happy just out there sunbathing at its leisure. Again, thank you so much for the beautiful sunflower! Have a wonderful day, y’all!

  9. Love the gate! I hope all goes well with the anticipated visit. 😀

  10. Chuckle! Are those duckies in the wallow what you might call ‘mud hens’?

  11. The second to last picture looks like the morning before a warm day, with everyone lounging in the shade, but not yet hot enough for the dogs to hang their tongues out too far. They must be getting ready. The peeling paint makes it look like that is the side of the building that gets the sun during the warm part of the day, when everyone has migrated to the other side.

  12. Had no idea your grass areas were quite so large: a lot to mow, a lot to gather and bale! Good luck with the weather!! And aren’t the now so much friendlier duckies clever in finding every bit ow water available to cool their bottoms 🙂 ! Oh, Instagram did not know me by name this morning: last I saw my comment was anonymous . . .

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