Another day of shifting hay ahead of us. Us being Boo and I as poor old John is swamped in work so cannot help me this time. He is even working Saturday! It is all tractor work anyway.

Boo and I manage. And this afternoon I am taking some time off to go over and help Jake with a wedding dinner in his not quite finished restaurant.

I am really looking forward to that. The animals will be fed early. I will clean up, put on my blacks and take my pinny. It will be fun! I love feeding people. And Jake grows and makes good food.

I am still working/ blogging on my phone. My new tablet gets mad if I ask too much of it and keeps crashing but the techs cannot find anything wrong other than it is just a tablet. The laptop is totally dead now and the property taxes are due so you know what that means. But the phone is ok.

You and I don’t mind – right? I lose a few features by using the phone app but never mind.

At least I am on schedule today!

And tomorrow I have a trip to the airport to pick up friends come to stay. The farm is a great place to stay in the summer.

Have a lovely day!

Love celi

Weather: Sunny with a high of 90!

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  1. You and your phone did a dandy job! Those pictures are lovely and the sunflowers want to steal the show no matter what technology you use. Have a lovely time with Jake. x

  2. I would be proud to have pictures as good as yours on my phone … But alas not. Love the Sun rays on the duck pond. Hope we get to see some of Jake’s restaurant too. Enjoy your weekend. Laura

  3. Your post is full of sunshine! Those sunflowers have turned smiling faces to the sun. A good omen for the wedding dinner.

  4. Those pigs are getting a beautiful crop of sunflowers. I saw some in London this morning, looking a bit droopy, but it’s been so hot and dry here (for weeks), that the water companies are asking people to conserve water, so as not to have a major shortage later in the summer.
    I’m sure you could hold back some sunflower seeds for a home made pesto 😉

  5. Not sure what blacks and pinnies are. Taking a guess—shoes and apron?

  6. GEEZ! I couldn’t imagine having to use a phone to blog. I am definitely not a cell phone savy guy but you certainly have the hang of it. Hope you get a new laptop soon! Your sunflowers look AWESOME!

  7. Sunshine, Sunflowers…….something magical about the color and splendor of the sunflower

  8. The sunflowers are amazing! Are they in the pig pasture or being grown separately to be harvested?
    The farm looks just wonderful. 🙂 Enjoy the weekend and the friends.

  9. Oh I miss sunflowers. I wrote about ethnic gardening a few times. Yes, I happen to grow nasturtiums, rhubarb, oleander, grapes, Italian cypress and citrus, but it was not all planned that way. Anyway, when I was a kid, sunflowers were very popular in the communities where the influx of Okies had settled decades earlier. I now think of them as traditional for Californian culture too, even though they are rare now.

      • Ethnic gardening is the cultivation of particular specie that are stereotypical of a particular ethnicity. For example I grow nasturtiums, figs, oleanders, grapes, Italian cypress, dahlias and pelargoniums because they are the familiar plants that many of us of Italian descent grew up with. If I could grow olives and Astroturf, I would. Such traditions need not be recently introduced, but could have been maintained for generations. Also, such traditions need not be from one’s own ethnicity. Much of the horticulture that I learned is from Southern California, Vietnam, Greece, Pennsylvania . . . and all over. Okies immigrated to California from Oklahoma during the Dust Bowl in the first half of the 1930s. (Back then, the term ‘Okie’ was used disparagingly.) Many settled in the Salinas Valley, as well as the Santa Clara Valley, and made the Salinas Valley even more famously productive that it had already been. Much of what we think of as distinctly Californian was derived from Okie culture. Some might say that okies popularized what is now known as California ranch architecture, and the suburban parcels that were just big enough for vegetable gardens.
        You might find this to be amusing:

  10. The sunflowers are SO beautiful!!! I wish I had space for so many. Be sure you save lots of seed heads. I have really enjoyed snacking on the seeds raw…not roasted. And it was so fun this spring putting out seed heads for the birds. The cardinals and blue jays just loved them and I think they were a much appreciated food source while they raised their babies.
    It has been fun growing my own sunflowers. I remember my grandfather drying out huge sunflower heads on newspaper covered tables beside his garage.
    I am also loving the duck pond…what a great option for them. When we find land I will definitely do this for mine. For now the little pools will have to do. Isn’t it hilarious how they will happily float in a little tub?
    I loved the Okie story.

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