At last – back in business! After three months of writing on either a tablet or my phone (which was in itself an exercise in patience) at last I have a laptop again. The Matriarch discovered my plight and bought me a new laptop asap. It is orange – of course – and has a big screen and a normal sized board of keys and after months on tiny screens with tiny keyboards my fingers are getting used to spreading out and moving fast again!

I got out my precious CD of Photoshop 7, an oldie but a goodie ( who knew that would become precious but buying these programs online is exorbitant – I am so glad I have carefully stored this CD. It has loaded onto a number of laptops now)  – and we are off again!


Yesterday was fencing day – I raised one new fence and reconnected the cows fence down by the ditch. This is where the wild garden was last year and there is plenty of really good feed coming back.july-18

If things get bad I will temporarily fence the field beside it as well but this ditch land has never been amended so it is pretty lean. I am letting it grow wild in the meantime.


There is a lot of lovely alfalfa in the old wild garden so the cows have plenty of dry hay to eat at the same time to avoid any belly problems.


Mr Flowers  (below) looks like he forgot to put his pants on. The wild trees along that fence-line are getting thick but I don’t care. The planet needs more trees and my feed shed needs the shade. We need to plant as many trees as we can for the future. The heat is coming and that heat will bring rains and for this we need trees for drainage and shade. Maybe it is worse in other areas of the world but what I do here in my little corner does have an impact on world air  and the soil so I shall persevere. I am a butterfly wing.

As I have said before there is no point in lamenting the damage done to our environment, it is done, now we must plan to combat and mitigate the results and protect our grandchildren and great grandchildren. Everyone’s little children.

Every corner counts. My weapon of choice is trees.




I hope you have a lovely day.


WEATHER: Cloudy and cool.

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Thursday Night 07/26 10% / 0 in
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62 Comments on “BE THE BUTTERFLY

  1. Trees are a good defense & an offense against the ravaging of our planet. Everyone’s children will be glad you planted trees & let the wild trees grow as you brightened your corner. Wonder what Boo is pondering as he watches the sun go down. (Another day in his earthly paradise?)

  2. I’m so glad your fingers are flying once more, and an orange laptop is hard to mislay. I have 6 or 7 young trees in pots, waiting to go into the ground while we are still in the cooler weather. I just need some help with the holes…

  3. Glory Hallelujah!! A new laptop!!! I’m gonna tell her a few more things you need!!
    ‘Morning BooBoo!! Let’s go for a walk!!! Have a good day!!

  4. Love that last picture of Boo. My beloved 15 year old dog, a.k.a my fearless protector, passed mid-June and I miss him so much. It has been a tough go. I always love seeing Boo and Ton working and playing. Mr. Flowers put on some pants!

    • My heart feels with you ♡ Some years ago I had a dog, Bo, who a cattle dog also, looked a lot like Boo, and when she died age 14 I missed her so much, couldn’t think of another dog but kept her belongings, she came in my dreams for 13 years until our dog Diesel, a rescue Koolie found us not quite 2 years ago. Very different dogs, just as people who come into our lives are. I still love seeing Boo, he reminds me so much of Bo, it is bittersweet but that is love.

    • An orange laptop is a perfect colour for a Sagi… although it isn’t my favourite colour it seeks me out. We have no room for more trees in our little space but we value and nurture those we have, and keep as much natural corridor as possible around us. It pays us back in shade, flowers, birds, bees and butterflies.

    • It is always so sad to lose a beloved companion- dogs and humans make such strong connections. I feel for you – I hope the sadness gets more manageable soon.

  5. Mr Flowers is a beautiful boy. And yes, he needed pants. 🙂
    Boo – oh I just want to rub his ears and whisper some loving words to him. Silly boy that he is. You can be a butter flies wings, I want to be a still dog who lives on your farm…..

  6. Congratulations on the laptop! How wonderful that you have such a generosity in your family. I’m so grateful for the trees you plant. In our little corner of our city my neighbors and family are guardians of a green space that lost almost a thousand trees (out of 3500) to the drought in the past 10 years. We are replanting, though. With climate appropriate, native, drought resistant ones. The folks who planted the originals in the 1940s planted for the short term and not necessarily native. Interesting to see how quickly (or slowly)we can learn in 75 years.
    On another topic, I do love your dogs so. On my month home in New England with family I have enjoyed some wonderful dogs. My children long for a dog. Another tough thing about living in the city. Hope the cooler weather is being enjoyed by all!

  7. Too many people do not realize this truth… “Maybe it is worse in other areas of the world but what I do here in my little corner does have an impact on world air and the soil so I shall persevere.”

  8. I have heard it said my part of the country can be seen from space because of the many trees! I hate seeing trees being chopped down, now we need to do something about diesel fuel and fracking. Laura.

  9. I have planted as many trees as possible on my little spot. and done the same everywhere I have lived. You are 100% correct. We need more trees, not more concrete. Hooray for new laptops even if they are orange! That was a kind gesture. I love seeing your corner of the world including the half naked Mr. Flowers. You are doing good work in this world.

  10. Trees, a very sad topic for me right now. My oldest lives in an area that was once forest- beautiful dense forest, but is now an up and coming huge new development where on any given week old growth is literally being ripped out for new homes. Massive scissor like machines travel up and down taking tree after tree with great chomps. If that wasn’t devastating enough then the dozers and other beasts enter and flatten the land into dry hardpacked unusable soil. All in all things end up looking like a dry hot wasteland…then new roads go in and the houses begin appearing stacked just feet apart.

  11. Isn’t that wonderful! She must read and appreciate your blog : ) Enjoy your new laptop. I look forward to future posts . Always a treat and I’m now following your son’s adventure as he transforms his property I imagine he has you on speed dial!

  12. Oh how I love Butterflies! Such delicate beautiful creatures that just flit gracefully around the flowers…and come in all shapes, colours and sizes Congratulations on the new laptop..I have never seen an orange one..but what difference does colour make to the quality and quantity …none…except in your beautiful pictures! I had to laugh about Mr Flowers forgetting to put his pants on…as soon as I read that I had to scroll down for a look…a very special bird…. I do so agree with you about the enviroment and doing what we can to improve the world…if everyone did their little bit like planting a tree or a hedge the whole system would improve…This has shown the detriment in the areas of South America and Borneo where trees have been removed and chopped …The rain forest was made for rain so its logical that if trees are removed it unbalances the plan and so you get swollen rivers that overflow and cause damage…will the world ever learn to stop being greedy..just to make more money. Thats me jumping off my soap box!!

    Have a great day…and thank you Mrs Matriach for the are very nice lady!

  13. Your pictures and posts are getting me excited about our upcoming trip. I love that it looks cloudy and cool there, and beautifully familiar.

  14. I think you have chosen a very good weapon!
    I occasionally use an iPad when I’m in Barcelona, but I’d far rather bring my laptop (like now), the keys on a tablet and phone are good, but no match for a proper keyboard. Just been out exploring old markets and cheap lunches 😉

  15. Congratulations on your new laptop, Ceci! A cook always needs the proper utensils in her kitchen! Photos are beautiful! And no, that is NOT the gate I was asking about – giggle! Even though we live in a forest, I’m always planting shrubs, flowers, and my latest will be a pepper tree. They are so pretty, graceful, and are fast growers. Keep up your happy works! BTW, how do I find the blog for your son’s reclamation of land around his house. The first episode – on your blog – really piqued my interest, and I want to see more!.

  16. When we moved here, the backyard was empty save for one cedar tree. The ground is very rocky with limestone and requires a pick axe to dig holes, but we planted several small trees which have grown house high. Now the backyard is very shady to the point that some of my sun loving plants are not doing well. I’ll plant other things tho and take the shade. Very helpful in the summertime. Also, birds are everywhere which is good too. Mr Flowers has very shapely legs. He looks like he is doing a high wire act. Congrats on the new laptop.

  17. Bless the Matriarch. There are some things you just need a laptop for! Blogging is one of them. We have planted as many trees and native plants as can comfortably fit on our urban plot of land. The native fauna love it. xo

  18. Congrats on the new laptop!!! Thank you, Matriarch!!!. Mr. Flowers must have been very distracted to be out and about without his pants, looks very drafty. I found out that all the trees I planted at the house before I lost it were destroyed. It seems a boring, water and work intensive grass lawn was put in. That was 14 trees lost. Can’t plant any here it’s all concrete and ashphalt. There are cattails in the corner where two concrete walls and the ashphalt all come together, there’s a little seep that’s constantly wet. The seeds must have drifted in on the wind.

  19. Ah, yes. When my laptop died in the middle of Arkansas, I went with an iPad/keyboard combo, which saved the day and did in that pinch. I still like it, but for writing or blogging, I need a “real” computer with a “real” keyboard. Plus, it makes the whole image business easier. I was astonished to read that it’s orange, but why not? It certainly would be easy to spot! I’m so glad you have it — enjoy!

  20. If you whisper ‘I love you’ to a butterfly it will carry your message to heaven.

  21. Orange is awesome… especially when it delivers just what you need! And orange butterflies are my favorites! They’re everywhere in the woodlands, you know. We plant trees on our place, even though we’re surrounded by the woodlands. I have been taking out the honey locust, which are an invasive species.. but taking them out allows natives to take over again, which makes me happy. Trees are important too, teaching us stillness and being open to bending in times of wind. Ah, every aspect of nature and the wild, so important in finding ourselves.

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