My local store gives me all their left over out of date vegetables. Also they make fruit and vegetable platters for parties so at this time of year they have lots of left over watermelon and melon rinds. The pigs LOVE watermelon.


While molly was distracted with her pile of potatoes, tomatoes and melon rinds I gave the babies a watermelon rind to play with.


They chewed on it and pulled their mouths into wide grimaces as they experienced the new taste then went back for more.


Soon the watermelon was totally covered with jostling piglets like ants on a puddle of honey.


Except for Number Eight of course. There is always one who is elsewhere. She is right here with mama.


Nosing through Mum’s leftovers.

I have awoken again to rain. It is 6am. and dark. When did the sun rise so late?  The dogs – all three of them as I have my mother-in-law’s dog too  – are curled up pretend sleeping  by the open bedroom door, waiting for me to open the screen door so they can wander outside for their morning constitutionals but I can smell a skunk slowly making her way back to her hidey hole so no one is going out until it is full light.

There is a morning bird that sounds just like a piglet in trouble. Such a scream. It gets me every time.

OK. Lots to do today but at a gentler pace than yesterday I hope.

I hope you have a lovely day.

Love celi

WEATHER: Wet and a little cooler and 56F overnight. Much cooler. Nice.  I might have to get a blanket out.   I have cotton ones. I miss woolen blankets. I gave all my good family inherited heavy woolen blankets to my kids when I left New Zealand.  I love the weight of a blanket and you can layer them on and off. And they last for generations. And you never get sweaty under wool. I am going to look on ebay. You never know.

Friday 09/07 50% / 0.75 in
Considerable cloudiness with occasional rain showers. High 71F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 50%.

Friday Night 09/07 70% / 0.2 in
Light rain early…then remaining cloudy with showers overnight. Low 56F. Winds NE at 10 to 15 mph. Chance of rain 70%.

6:25 AM 7:15 PM


Waning Crescent, 7% visible 3:39 AM 6:15 P



  1. I was thinking the same thing..suddenly it gets cooler. Not exactly cold but enough for a warmer covering. I have had a light blanket and a cotton tablecloth for covering at night but l think that soon the duvet will soon surface again… Watermelons are strange but quite nice..l dont like all the pips but l am sure tgat piglets are nit worried by them.. Lots of love BG

    • Oh I am like you! I will use anything to cover myself in bed. When it was just me and my children – they got the blankets and I slept under beautifully soft cotton curtain lining material that I had sewed together by hand in my awful stitching and a big black wooly mans coat from the op shop. I was warm as toast. My bed had no legs or headboard and all my clothes were folded into a very big antique suitcase of my grandfathers. That was one of my favourite bedrooms – ever.

  2. So the watermelon rinds are okay for pigs? I just recently saw they are not good for dogs. The babies look so small next to Molly…. We are getting lots of rain in North Texas too. It is all so green and lush again! But on the flip side, I also feel that the day light hours are getting shorter. It is still dark at 6:45 and by 7:30 the sun is very low. I am not a winter person in the least.

  3. As usual, I have stealthily slid some of your photos into my “THINGS I LIKE” folder, as if, by having the photo of pigs playing with a rind of watermelon, I could somehow change the course of my life. Let’s say I’m living vicariously, and loving it. THANK YOU so much for sharing all these beautiful moments which have absolutely nothing in common with my life. That’s why, I suppose, they do so much to lift my spirits. (No pressure.)

    • Yes! The bags this week were full of good stuff. Most of it I put in buckets and chopped up small this morning – using my good sharp spade to do the chopping. Then in went the sprouts and eggs and soaked oats and corn. You think the pigs would be a little more grateful!

  4. Real rain, with huge bolts of lightening and growls of thunder here today- what a blessed relief at last. Love the piglet and watermelon pics too. Laura

      • Wonderful, but while looking forward to spring and summer here, I really am not wishing that horrible winter on you one day earlier than necessary – promise. Laura

  5. We’ve had a long stretch of cloudy days. It’s always a surprise, this time of year, to discover that the days have shortened so when the sunrise and sunset suddenly are visible again. Still, 78 at night hardly is a low, but autumn’s coming.

  6. I feel a relaxed note in your writing… gentle rain and a change of season, little mouths exploring and grazing on melons. Does it really get any better? Good morning to you C.

  7. My brother is here for a month with my sister-in-law, getting ready for their 50th wedding anniversary big bash at the Biltmore Estate later this month. All is a whirlwind, but he & I take time for watermelon snacking, which reminds us of childhood summers. Then the rinds go out to the banquet wall & are nibbled by squirrels, chipmunks, the possum & pecked to pieces by four crows & two pigeons who come around to dine. When we had geese in the country, they chomped the rinds till they were transparent strips of green leather. Who doesn’t love watermelon? (My sister-in-law! More my “Bro” & me & our backyard friends.) Watermelon – one of summer’s great treats!

  8. I always miss the early morning light in autumn and winter. When you have to be up and out to feed animals in the dark, I’m sure it’s even more difficult. I LOVE watermelon too. Just a little piggy, me. 🙂 I ate a whole one by myself when pregnant with my son. It’s his favorite food to this day at age 50. 😉 We just polished one off that my sister bought me for my birthday. It was sooo good. I’m just not as cute as your little piglets. ;(

  9. We’re going the other way. Just a little lighter every day, and the blanket off the bed, down to just a quilt and a cotton sheet. Your darker morning reminds me of stumping down the back yard with socks and gumboots and a big warm coat over my pyjamas, going to feed the chooks and the sheep in the cold darkness at 5.30am before heading out for an hour’s drive to work. I’m glad those days are over… Watermelon season isn’t here yet, we’re enjoying a strawberry glut at the moment! Oh, the hardship….

  10. There is a nip in the air here now but I love the seasons. Funny how the babie pigs make a face when trying a new taste, just like my daughters babies! Ha ha .

  11. My spouse brought home a lovely, sweet, seedless watermelon and we’ve been enjoying it greatly. Smoky gets his share too and actually chews it instead of wolfing it down (silly old dog). I’m sure the piglets just went nuts over it.

  12. Watermelon for the piggie population ? Sugar, I would have thought they would get the trots . . . great the overflow from the local store does not end up in the bin . . . . the pork you raise deserves a few laboratory tests: wonder how it differs from the oft rubbish sold in the supermarkets . . . smiling at Kate: live in a far cooler area but found my summer doona (never got to the winter one this year 🙂 !) down around my legs this morning . . . . can’t wait to be able to sleep nude: my heaven on earth !!!!

  13. Good luck on finding some good wooden blankets! Your comment about the screaming bird “sounding like piglets in trouble” made me think of Mama Fox’s communications with her kits… In spite of knowing what the sound is (a kind of coughing/scream/sigh) it still creeps me out every time:/ These babies are so precious; so glossy, healthy and beautiful: )

  14. Piggies and watermelon….what a delight! Our deer are gorging themselves on the acorn laden Oak branches the tree climber removed- too close to our house and becoming a fire hazard. The branches are in several burn piles away from the house and resemble a buffet bar with the deer alongside! Send some rain our way please- the wildfires are awful this year.

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