A woman was bringing her son out to visit the animals the other day and I said to her just txt when you are close by and I will meet you in the barn.

“I don’t txt.” she said.

I was suddenly at a loss for words which does not happen often.

“Ever?” I managed.

“Never,” she said. “I am a non-texter”.

I gave her clear directions.

I am going to try again to get off the property today for a few hours of lunch and lazy Christmas shopping. After delivering the eggs. The ducks gave me 21 eggs yesterday – so I will make my quota. No more escapes.

I like txting. They are nice short letters read at ones leisure. I even leave sound messages via txt sometimes- even faster and no pressure.

This is a classic Jude photo.

At last the weather is straightening out for a few days. I am deeply sick of mud now. And we are swimming in it.

Have a great day.



  1. I don’t text, either. My customers and friends know that if they text to me, I’ll respond, but it will be by email or phone. For one thing, I still use a flip phone, and those keyboards aren’t meant for texting.

    • Oh I completely understand. I found my reaction the funniest thing really. I was flabbergasted by the choice. Txts are just tiny emails after all. But I fully support ones choice not to txt. We were fine without them when I was young. Though we did not have email then either!

    • I too just have a flip phone-and do not text. I even have texting and photos blocked on my wee little phone! I prefer phoning or email.
      I also know I’d have the problem of possibly becoming too addicted to the smart phone and would have my head firmly planted in it!
      Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Nice pictures, love the 3 cats lying together. I had 3 (all unrelated) who slept all together all their long lives. I didn’t see Jude was he hiding or is it just that its hard to get his picture. He is the cutest pig.

    • No need to have one if you don’t need one. Out here in the country when I am working alone in freezing temps it is a good idea the cell in my pocket is a security/ not to mention I take all these pictures plus post the blog from my phone –

  3. I’m with you, I love texting! I resisted but it was my kids who forced me into it years ago. It is such an efficient, fast way to communicate without getting side-tracked. But I have a son-in-law who doesn’t text, so I get it.

  4. The image of Jude comes through as a broken image. But I think his is the only one I can’t see. Enjoy your day of Christmas shopping. I think I am going to do the same. I am home with a contagious yuck, so I am going to let my fingers do the walking!

    Until a couple of years ago, I didn’t even have a cell phone. They are incredibly convenient, though, so now I text a LOT!

  5. Have a great day out. I love all the photos especially those snug kitties. Sorry, but I cannot get the Jude picture to open,

  6. love the three kitties all in a lovely fur hug! I too cannot open Jude’s photo- ah well gotta love technology!

  7. Great!!!! Sun’s out!!:go have lunch and shop!!! Kitties are cute this morning!!!

  8. I whatsapp a lot especially with my daughters as it’s easy to share photos. I love this technology. Have a lovely lunch out.

  9. Your photo of Jude didn’t show up here but all the rest did and I love everyone. I’m glad things are drying out a bit for you. I hate mud too and we are now coming into our rainy season. No complaints though, we need the rain. At 70, I don’t know what I would do without my smartphone. It makes life so much easier for me and I’m not glued to it nor play games. It’s a tool like any other. I know a lot of people my age and younger that want to stay with the simpler way of life but to me, these tools, computer included, open my world while my physical body creates contraction. My daughter talks all day at work. If I want to communicate with her, it’s by text. 😉 Unless it’s urgent which is rare. Have a lovely day and I hope you make it to lunch today. I’m off to run a whole series of errands on our last dry day. 😉

  10. Great pics today of Pania and the kitties. I use whatsapp all the time. Enjoy your day out. Laura

  11. I prefer the written word too. But it does have it’s downside. So much of the tone of our message is in sound. Anything with any emotion is hard to convey in txt. Which is also I think why I prefer it. 🙂

  12. I do text, but it’s not my preferred method. I never even come close to using my call/text/data allowance so I mainly call people I want to have a conversation with, and if it’s something that needs it, I’ll email. The Husband’s a truck driver and can’t text while he’s working, although he does have hands-free for phone calls, so I suppose that’s what has set my preferences. Love the photos today, they have a colour-rich vintage Kodachrome look – the cats are wonderful! Maybe we’ll get to see the Jude shot tomorrow?

  13. I hope you have a lovely lunch out and enjoy your shopping. I too could not see the photo of Jude, but sometimes the photos just don’t load properly. A small glitch while uploading is enough to damage the image on the server so I’ve been told, a lost packet or something like that. Good to have a sunny day after the last severaly cloudy, flurrying ones..

  14. No texting here either, in fact, no mobile-ing either. I do have one, not a smart phone, just a little thing it sits in the car in case of emergencies, or comes inside if there’s storms and flooding, in case of a power out, but I don’t use it. I make calls on my landline, or email or whatsapp. I get the same reaction when people/businesses ask for my mobi number….speechless for a second. Love the snuggled kitties today.

  15. I gasped at the richness in the colors of the rooster and his lady against the colors of the old, rusted vehicle. Spectacular! And I would never have guessed that was Mr. Feathers sitting up there if he hadn’t stretched his neck and head up. “Sprize! Tis I !” They all look like they are waiting for the ‘big one’ to hit! There seems to be an air of anticipation about them. On a note – I don’t have caller ID so I have to guess who is calling, unless the caller lends the courtesy of identifying themselves And I sure wouldn’t know how to text – I’m still wrestling with my new microwave and it’s gadgets, trying to figure it out!

    • Totally flummoxed too when Mr. Feathers turned around! I was thinking that was a uniquely coloured rooster tail – tucked in against the cold. Although … you have mentioned mud and more mud. Warm and more warm? It is a strange mix of mild and humid here (north of you by a day’s traveling). I believe our weather is coming from your neck of the woods. We didn’t have a smartphone until a year ago. When my wife was having surgery we wanted to be able to keep in touch with the kids on short notice. Now we find it quite useful! Our son sends us daily texted pictures of our new grandson. And my sister, currently traveling in Nepal (!) also sends quick texts at night to let us know all is well. I have to admit sometimes I wonder how we’d now do without those!

  16. We’re making up for cold, with rain in Spain (3 days of of it), but the forecast tomorrow is reasonably warm and lots of sun, so it’s going to be a group outing by train to Barcelona.

  17. Hmm! Have a smartphone, often not charged, in my bedroom drawer for emergencies, correct time, news headlines and local weather as I surface in the mornings . . . have never been a ‘phone person’ except for business and email and face-to-face suit me just fine . . . in your case, oft working alone amongst animals or driving along lone country roads, where accidents may happen, naturally make it a necessity . . .horses for courses . . .

  18. Lovely images. Over here, I think children are born with a mobile phone. Everyone has a mobile phone and boy do they text. I’ve seen a group of people at a table in a restaurant texting each other. I text very little, but have no aversion to it. Why being a non-texter would have been like being a non-phoner in the 70’s. Well, I guess there were a few of them around then too.

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